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Nakita Mason was adopted into another werewolf family at a young age. She takes care of her family because her parents are working hard for their children. With a war of all supernatural creatures coming close to her pack, she suddenly disappears. Will she return?

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Chapter 1

The dark clouds rolled in quickly. A storm was brewing. Not just the weather but our society as well. The wolves fought together. The vamps fought against us. The demons fought beside us. the witches fought with the enemy. The humans were not to be harmed. They didn’t know of the war that was coming. It wasn’t always like this. A long time ago there was peace throughout the supernatural kingdom. The wolves and vamps stayed distant. Some vamps and wolves were friends. Some were considered family. Now the world is in pieces. Everything is anarchy.

I walked to the store. I lived in the city with the humans. I was an omega to the pack. I go to school with them as well. Some of the pack warriors go there also. Well, they’re in training to be warriors. Most are men. Some are women. I didn’t get along with them. They didn’t accept my social status. Thunder boomed in the distance. I just had to get the groceries for my parents.

I was adopted when I was just a baby. I loved them but their two kids are a handful. There was Jaime who is a moody middle school boy. There’s also Amya whos is a sweet little 5 year old. Amya and I spend most of our time together. Our parents are always gone. I’m 18 but I’m not going to move out for awhile. The kids need someone to take care of them and Mom and Dad can’t afford a babysitter.

The sky is dark. It’s also... Red? Lightning flashed across the sky. I walked into the store. Grabbing a cart, I made my way down the isles. I bought our necessities. The pack gives each household money, enough to buy food. Well, sometimes it’s mostly enough. We still have to use our own money most of the time. Bills aren’t cheap. Food definitely isn’t cheap.

“Nakita, nice to see you again. Where’s the little one?” I liked Loreta she was a human but her mate is a werewolf. So she knows about us.

“Her and James are with our grandparents. They are coming back home in an hour so I need to get home soon.” Loreta nodded and proceeded to check me out. I handed her the money and started to walk home. It wasn’t raining quite yet. It will soon but hopefully I will be home by then.

The walk was long but I finally made it back home. Thunder boomed and lightning crackled across the sky. I put away the groceries and started to clean the house. Our parents work 3 jobs so we barely see much of them.

The door soon opened and little Amya came running in. I’m guessing they fed her sugar. Jamie walked in stomping. “Sorry Nakita, Amya found the candy stash and we had to take Jamie’s phone away.” My Gram was nice but James has been testing all of us. She handed me his phone. “Next time we want you to come with us.” She looked at my grandfather hesitantly.

“What is it, Gram?” She looked away. “Grampy?” He nodded to my grandmother.

“Why don’t you put the kids to bed and we’ll talk after.” I went upstairs and decided to talk to Jamie. When I knocked he mumbled something. I didn’t hear it so I just walked in.

“Hey Jamie, so can you tell me what happened?” He just groaned. “Jamie, please?”

“Fine.” He sat up and I sat down next to him. “I started dating this girl.” He knows about mates but does he care, no. “I know I should be looking for my mate but I just don’t want to. Anyway Gram and Gramps found out and they scolded me and then I defended myself and they didn’t like it so they took away my phone and I couldn’t talk to her. So of course I’m mad.” He likes her, I can tell.

“When they leave you can have your phone back and please don’t come downstairs. I need to talk to them. I’ll bring it up to you. If you don’t get it tonight it’s on top of the fridge.” I got up. “Get some sleep, I love you.” I then walked into Amya’s room. She was playing at her dollhouse. “Mya time for bed.” She got up and started to walk towards her bed. “I love how easy you are.” She was already prepared. She was in her little pj’s and everything. I tucked her in and turned on her night light. “I love you Mya.”

“Wuv you too Sissy.” She’s so cute. I walked out and made my way downstairs. My grandparents were sitting at the table and there were coffee cups out. The tea kettle was sitting in the middle. I guess this is serious if it’s over tea. They motioned for me to sit.

“Niki dear, how much do you remember of your real parents?” What?

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