Joe the crackhead ( The Fix )

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Joe is a hard working young man and will do everything he possibly can too save the one thing he truly loves the most (CRACK) yes, seems a little Od but he went through hell of a lot too make (CRACK) LEGAL) killed a lot of people too and sum horrible deeds in some cases but also charming in a weird way, In this classic Comedy you will go through a journey with Joe as he goes from on the streets too owning a ranch extablishment Oh yah he has a ranch extablishment if y'all didn't know but you will see that in the end Jimmy Johnson

Humor / Adventure
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Chapter 1 Wake up, Joe

Its 2009 and the world is full of businesses McDonald's strip clubs Waves restraining orders and ranch, says Joe as soon as he open his eyes from waking up, He yawns really loudly then whispers in his dogs ear I'm gonna make you special tonight and walks out the room. Ammmmmmm the dog cry's.

Joe never liked anything really, he jus enjoys Pipe Tobacco and Ranch Dressing in his coffee like most people whos obsessed with Katy pary.

Joe sits down in his rusted chair that's been sticky for months from dog piss and sometimes his own, when he drinks which is every morning, He blast the song Old town road really loudly too wake up everyone who's next door to his house and then drinks about half a bottle of ranch,

FUCK Joe yelling violently ,,WHERES MY DAWM CIGGARETES. A Random person walking his dog comes by and Joe tackles him down saying ,,where's my shit i know you took my shit,, as the dog runs off barking. Awww my dog says the dude as hes on the floor Joe jus keeps shaking the dude for 10 minuits before he even says another word, but before Joe can say anything he seen the dude was passed out from all the vissous shaking

Shit well fuck what's in his pockets Joe says but when he looked he didn't find his cigarettes he found a rolled up little baggy that was in his front right pocket that had white powder all over the sides, Joe didn't really know what it was, so he went too smell it but felt a chunk go straight up his nostrils as he felt a burning sensation. He backed up shaking a lil bit, he waits about 20 seconds as he's sweating constantly then jus screams AAAAAAAAHAHAAAAAaaah

Children stop and look at him as he yells then starts walking faster toward there bus stop, Sorry you person of the people Joe says really loudly dawm I fucking love this says Joe but Joe looks onto the floor and realize he had spelt the whole bag when he was screaming in front of children

Now while all this is going on his Mom is jus taking heroin straight up the ass in the dumpster behind his house as she records and screams imma be famouse cuz of this yeeeehaaaaah and Joe is jus trippen

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