Brunch at Phil's

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The short stories in this novella are based on conversations I've had with two of my friends over a five year period. I've found them to be funny yet insightful, revealing yet compassionate and finally, thoughtful yet honest. My wish is to tickle that funny bone of yours and perhaps help you to remember interesting, and humorous conversations you've had over the course of your lifetime and maybe, just maybe, we can together, share the gift of laughter.

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Jonnathan Strawthorne
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Have you ever had friends that are so interesting? Kind of uniquely interesting? Well, I admit I have two and when we get together the friendship lends itself to some of the most hilarious conversations I’ve ever had. Those two guys are friends I’ve had for well over forty years. Each time we got together we recounted some of the old stories and discussed new situations we’ve faced since the last time we met.

It’s the funny aspect of those situations that I’ve tried to pull together in this book to share with you, the reader. The topics range from girlfriends, parents, wives, to getting older and some of the ridiculous choices we and others have made in life. I hope you find the conversations as funny as I do and they bring back fond memories of your friends and some of the funny conversations perhaps you’ve had over your lifetime.

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