He Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

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She fight.

He protect.

She is wasted.

But he stayed.

Mitch Almira Wilson is the most hated girl in Hyacinth International University, but as always, her best friend Nickolai Arche Preston never leaves her side and stayed no matter how she got bashed by other students.

Their relationship is more than friends, but less than a lover. They dig deeper to the simplicity of friendship, they never remove unnecessary feelings, nor never risk anything in exchange.

Not until one day, Michael Angelo Rodavia comes along to be part of their chaotic world. The calm and sweet but introverted guy, whose the sole purpose is to graduate peacefully.

As they collide their worlds, feelings will be unraveled, the greatest secrets will be revealed and that's when the gravity takes.

She fell.

He broke.

He fell.

She broke.

A crumpled story.

The untouched.

Will now to be told, to know the facts.

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