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U will see

Humor / Thriller
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“Jamie, come down stairs. It is almost time to leave,” Jamie’s step mother calls.

“Coming!” Jamie yells back and she stands up. She quickly packs the rest of her toys in her backpack.

Jamie was a beautiful little girl, for only being 8. With gorgeous long, brow hair, and blue eyes. She reassembled her father more, well as far as she knew.

Her mother died while she was only an infant, and her daughter had gone missing a few months ago.

Jamie went running down the stair and straight out the door. Once her and her step mom were in the car they started the short drive.

“Are you excited to go to Brittney’s house?” Jamie’s step mom asked.

“Yes ma’am” Jamie replied. And with that the rest of the car ride was silent.

As soon as the car pulled into the drive way Brittney came running out of the house. Brittney had short blonde hair with breathtaking green eyes. Even though they were best friends, Jamie and Brittney were complete opposites.

The two of them went into house while Jamie’s step mother left for work.

Inside was only Ava, an 11th grader who babysitter for Brittney’s family. The two girls adored Ava because she always found a way to make everything more fun.

The girls played non stop, with their toys. Around 12 everyone starred to get hungry. They were all outside and Ava decided to make them lunch while letting them play since she could keep her eyes on them from the window.

While making the lunches Ava hears a loud blast of a sound come from outside. She quickly runs out to find Brittney laying on the ground with a gun shot wound in her head.

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