I Have Always Known You

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Zoey- Her best friends, Grace and Kevin are always talking about their other best friend, Andrew. They talk so much about him that she knows almost everything about him. Except how he looks. Grace and Kevin were adamant that she will only see him in person and they blocked her from his phone on all social media platforms and for some strange reason, blocked him in her phone. Not that she was interested in seeing him, but she wanted to stay with Grace and Kevin. So when her mother finally gave her permission to go with Grace and Kevin. She couldn’t believe it at first but then she was the happiest girl in the world. Little did she know what she was in for. Andrew- His best friends, Grace and Kevin are always talking about their other best friend, Zoey. They talk so much about her that he knows almost everything about her. Except how she looks. Grace and Kevin were adamant he will only see her in person and blocked him from her phone on all social media platforms and for some strange reason, blocked her in his phone. Not that he was interested in seeing her, he wanted to just see her because she his best friends’ best friend. So when he learns that she is coming to their college after her final year. He doesn’t know what it means for him.

Humor / Romance
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Hey guys!!👋🏻👋🏻
My name is Arusha Sharma and this is the first story that I am posting here. Hope you all like it and if you do then plz leave a review behind!!

Now that we are done with my Introduction, let’s start with the characters:-
Zoey Harper
Appearance-Tall (5’8”) and has curves to die for. Straight black hair and green eyes
Birthday-10th July
Best friends-Grace and Kevin Williams (But they only visit during vacations), Rini Singh
Hobbies-Reading, singing, drawing and cooking
Relationship Status-Single

Andrew Jones
Appearance-Really tall (6’3”) and magnificently toned body, Blonde hair and brown eyes
Birthday-27 April
Best Friends-Grace and Kevin Williams (They are with him for the whole school year)
Hobbies-Playing football, Fucking girls and singing (shhhh! No one knows about it!)
Relationship Status-Single
Siblings-A little brother

These were the main protagonists, now to the other characters I mentioned:-
Grace Williams
Appearance-Petite and Short (5’1”) , Blonde hair and blue eyes
Birthday-19 June
Best Friends-Zoey Harper, Andrew Jones and Kevin Williams
Hobbies-Shopping, shopping and more shopping (It also doesn’t hurt to have filthy rich parents)
Relationship Status-Single
Siblings-Kevin Williams (They both are twins)

Kevin Williams
Appearance-Really tall (6’2”) and he also has a delicious toned body, Blonde hair and blue eyes
Birthday-19 June
Best friends-Andrew Jones, Zoey Harper and Grace Williams
Hobbies-Playing football, fucking girls and annoying the hell out of everyone
Relationship Status-Single
Siblings-Grace Williams (Twins)

Ruhi Singh
Appearance-Brown hair and moderate height(5’5”), black eyes and curvy
Birthday-29 September
Best friends-Zoey Harper
Hobbies-Reading, Shopping, partying and drawing
Relationship Status-Single

And this is the end of the introductions. I hope you liked the characters and will read the story.
Thankyou! Have a nice day!

-Arusha Sharma
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