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Simply Dead

By SunshineZombie7 All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Humor

A Rude Awakening

No one asks to be a Reaper, it’s not something you sign up to before you die. I remember one second I was alive and in the next I was dead. In a room that had no windows and was white; suddenly a man appeared covered by shadows and he told me I was dead, I wouldn’t be going on to Heaven or Hell because I had made mistakes and that I was to repay them on Earth again as a Reaper.

"Go collect the dead ones,” he said and handed me a folder. Then I was out of the white room standing in another room. I looked around confused and dazed.

“Hey,” he said and I turned around. “My names Death. And you’re Reaper. Let’s go your late.”

That’s when I first met Death. He’s my partner. He goes and ‘touches people’ well any physical contact works, then they die. Then I walk up and touch them and they get sent away to wherever they go. It’s been five months since I died, since I became a Reaper. Looking back on when I first met him, he seems a bit rude. Normally he is a pretty nice guy, I think he was having an off day.

“Death? Where are we?” I asked.

“L.A.” I frowned I didn’t like L.A. alive or dead. Death looked at me confused.

“Don’t you like it?” he asked. He was dressed for a day out. Casual and comfortable I had followed suit. Nobody would ever suspect us to go around killing people.

“No it’s too sunny.” I concluded after a minute of thinking. He chuckled and looked away.

“I forgot you lived with the polar bears.”

“Boy do I miss them,” I said. We both laughed a bit too hard at the lame joke. L.A. spread out before us with its bright lights and tall skyscrapers.

“Let’s go eat,” Death declared smiling. I groaned but followed him anyway as he took off.

We could still taste food, feel the weather and feel emotions. But we were immortal death didn’t come knocking twice for us. So Death filled a lot of his spare time with eating. We didn’t gain weight so I guess it was okay for him to eat what five grown men would eat for one meal.

“When do we start?” I asked as we dug into our food. Well Death devoured it like he hadn’t eaten in days. He shrugged mouth full of fries and half his burger, tapping his phone and shaking his head. Great the list was late we’d be up all night getting it done. I looked out the diner window my reflection staring back at me. I sighed and poked at my food. I never was hungry or had the urge to eat like Death, then again Death forced the food down. 

“Death do you find me beautiful?” I asked. He glanced up his mouth still full of food. Seriously did he even break from shoving it in? He swallowed hard and took a long swig of his drink to wash it down.

“Well yeah. Why do you ask?” I shrugged and looked away still poking at my food.

“It’s just I dunno. I was wondering.” Death smiled and it caught me off guard. First he had a face of a pig while he ate and now he was making me blush with his soft smile.

“You’re gorgeous Reaper. Even my dead eyes can see it.”  I blushed harder and ducked my head before looking back up.

“You use that line often?” I asked feeling the blush fade.

“Oh yeah. All the time,” he said smirking and when I looked away again out of the corner of my eye I saw him wink. God he was so immature. I turned back and started to dig into my food. At least eternity wouldn’t be boring.

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