Wild Child Living Free

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This is the story about the life of a very rambunctious little girl. Set in her ways, Ashley’s parents’ knew they were going to have their hands full. After a fun filled day of tying her cousin’s up in trees and throwing rotten eggs untop of her grandparent’s roof, Ashley is still complaining about bored and never having anything fun to do. Now that she’s got a new golf club, things have been a little more quiet around the house. What could possibly go wrong?

Humor / Adventure
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Chapter 1

The Rude Awakening

BANG!!!! BANG!!!! BANG!!!! “Woooooooooooooooo”.

Probably the most annoying alarm clock you ever heard, right? Yea, that is the sound of my mother intentionally slamming the vaccum cleaner into my bedroom door to wake me up.

I roll over onto my stomach, burying my head under all my pillows trying to muffle the sound. Why cant I sleep until noon like everyone else? Its summer break. School is out and yet my mother still has me on a schedule. Im 10 years old now. I think its time to cut me some slack by now?

I cant wait until I turn 18. I can move out and do whatever I want. No rules, no more stupid chores. I will be free to do as I please.

My bedroom door slings open. “Woooooooooooooooo”. BANG!!!! BANG!!!! BANG!!!! My whole bed starts shaking and jerking around as she vaccums under my bed.

I jump up out of bed and scream, “Get out of my room!!!”

My mom FINALLY shuts off the vaccum cleaner. “Lose your attitude, little girl. Its time to get up and no I am not leaving your room. Until you start cleaning it yourself, it is my room.”

“I hate you!” I shout as I storm off into the living room. How could she not expect me to have an attitude after being woken up like that? Why am I even awake right now anyhow? Let me guess, she wants me to do something around the house, right?

I slam myself into the recliner and look over at the clock. Its 10 AM. Of course it is because im not aloud to sleep until noon like all my other friends are. Some of them even get to sleep until 1 PM. Why cant my mom be cool like all the other moms?

Mom follows me into the living room. I scowl at her as she walks by the chair Im sitting in.

“Stayed up too late last night, huu?” She asks with a half smirk on her face. If this her way of trying to be funny or cute right now, its definitely not working. Especially after she just commited that monsterous act of slamming that ‘burnt carpet’ smelling vaccum cleaner into my bed while I was sleeping.

I gave no response to her question. Why does it matter how late I stayed up? Im 10 years old. Fully capable of taking care of myself.

“Well, you need to atleast brush your teeth and hair before you do anything.” Mom says as she walks by again, going back into my bedroom. Probably to snoop around but whatever. If she finds anything in there she doesnt like, that’s her fault, not mine. She’s the one being nosey.

I get up and go into the bathroom. Not really feeling like brushing my teeth, but I already know my mom is going to wanna smell my breath to make sure I actually did it. So I just squeeze some toothpaste into my mouth and swish it around. I then wet my toothbrush before setting it back down. She might check that too, who knows?

I put a little more effort into my hair. There’s not much I can do to hide that one. Ever since I talked my parents into letting me get a super short hair cut, i wake up with a rats nest. Its kindof annoying but its so nice not having my hair sticking my shoulders everytime I sweat. Plus I look so much cooler with it.

I set the brush back down and go into the kitchen. As Im digging through the refrigerator to find something to eat, my mom walks up to me and taps me on the shoulder. “Um, excuse me!”. There’s a brief moment of silence as I refuse to pull my head out of the refrigerator to look at her.

“Your toothbrush IS wet. Ill give you that credit. However, it does NOT smell like toothpaste.”

I whip around, slamming the refrigerator door. “You smelled my toothbrush!! Thats disgusting!!”

“Not as digusting as you not brushing your teeth. Now go brush them. For real.”

I storm back into the bathroom, putting a mental note in my head to rinse my toothbrush with toothpaste next time. As I pick up my toothbrush, I look into the mirror at the corner to see if she was watching me. And of course, there she is. Watching me. Like a stalker. I roll my eyes, put an ungodly amount of toothpaste on it. Making sure she could see the toothpaste from where she was standing. As I start brushing my teeth FOR REAL, I flinch at the overly powerful taste of toothpaste. Instantly regretting my decision to be a smarty pants. I hear my mom start to laugh. I knew what she was laughing at. My misfortune.

“Maybe next time, use a little less toothpaste.” She says. I glance over at her. She is leaning against the wall, with one hand covering her mouth to hide the fact that she’s struggling not to laugh at me again. Her other hand her hip. My dad calls that her “tea-cup stance”. He always starts singing the “Im a little tea cup, short and stout” song when she does it. She is kindof short to be honest.

“It wasnt that much.” I lied. But she was right. That was way too much. I suffered through every minute of it because I didnt want her to know that she was.

She walks out of the bathroom and starts her way back into my bedroom. I start rinsing my mouth out the best I can to try to save what taste buds I had left. I accidently splashed water all over the counter, the mirror, and my shirt was now soaked. But I didnt care. I was ready to go play outside. I wiped down the counter real quick with a pink hand towel my mom had hanging on the towel rack. I wasnt too worried about the mirror, Im too short to reach it anyhow. And my shirt will eventually dry.


“Ashley! Could you please answer the phone for me?” My mom hollered. Of course, she’s done vaccuming now that Im awake.

With no response back, I get up and answer it. Its Dustin, my cousin. He lives right on the other side of the woods from me. He is a year younger than me but he is so much taller and stronger. We make a good team. I like to think of myself as “the brains” of the group. As im usually the one who comes up with all the cool ideas.

“Hey Dustin.”

“Hey. You wanna come play outside and finish working on our bike trail?”

“I gotta ask my mom”


I set the phone down and holler out to my mom. “Mom, can I go play with Dustin!?”

She comes out of my room, “Wait a little bit longer for the dew to dry a bit more. The grass is still wet.”

Almost instantly I snap back, “Why does it matter if the grass is still wet, if we’re going to be down by the creek anyhow!?”

“Because I said so. Also, I have something I want you to do before you go.”

And there it is. I KNEW it. She wants me to clean something. I swear, she only gave birth to me just to use me as a slave.

“There’s a couple of plates in the sink I need you to wash real quick. If you actually do it right the first time, it wont take you but 5 minutes.”

“Why? Whats the point? Its just going to get dirty again!?” I snarl.

“Would you eat off a dirty plate?” My mother asks with a half smirk.

“I would rather!”

“Just do it!”

I pick the phone back up and tell Dustin that I had to do dishes first. He says, “Ok, Ill be at the creek.”

“Ok.” I hang up the phone. I rush to the sink, ready to get this chore over with. I’ve got important stuff today. There was only 5 plates in the sink and they were already basically pre-washed. I could get away with just rinsing them. I thought to myself, the only way to get away with it though, is to make it look like I struggled a little. So I put on my best act. Clinging the plates around in sink, slushing the water enough so that it splashed on the counter, and making sure my mom heard me whining the whole time. It wasnt that bad honestly, but I had to let my mom I wasnt pleased with this unnessecary task.

As Im rinsing the plates and stacking them in the dish rack, my little sister walks into the kitchen. Dont let her cuteness fool you. She is the DEVIL! And the whole reason I got grounded for the entire day yesterday.

“Ashie, will you play with me?” She has a hard time pronouncing my name right. I understand she is only 4 years old. But she’ll be 5 next week.

“No. I got stuff to do.”

“Can I come? I wont be annoying, I promise.”

“You said that yesterday. But that didnt stop you from telling on me for throwing rocks.”

“Im sorry. I wont tell on you again.”

“Just go away.”

She then looks down at the floor, ashamed because she got in me trouble yesterday. I started to feel guilty. I am always so mean to her. I do care about her. But I cant help but be so annoyed with her. Im a big girl now, I can go to the creek and ride bikes. I can jump off the side of the club house and run faster than she can. She always slows me down. She’s too little to go down to the creek with us. So when she’s with me, I cant go to the creek either. Its like Im being punished.

“Ill make you deal.” I say to her.

Her eyes brighten up with the thought that I might play with her.

“What? Ill do it, if you play with me!” She shouts as she starts jumping up and down.

“If you let me finish my bike trail, I will play with you when I get back tonight.”

I had plans to actually finish the trail and start riding our bikes through it today. I already had my tires filled back up with air. And the shovels and rakes were already with Dustin. Knowing him, he’s probably already got most of it done.

“Ok. Deal. Ill go ahead and get the blocks and stuff ready. I have a new pen too. I want you to try it. You might like it.” She turns and starts running off into the playroom.

“Hey Sam!” I hollered out to her.

“What?!” She hollers back.

“I love you!”

“I love you too!”

I put the last plate in the dish rack and start my way out of the kitchen.

“Mom! Im done!” I hollered as I try to quickly dart outside before I could be asked to do something else.

“Wait a minute!”

I instantly flop down in the floor on my back. Closing my eyes and preparing myself to throw down my best act if she was to even dare ask me to do something else. She then walks over beside me, standing over me while doing her ‘tea-cup’ stance.

“Socks and shoes.” She says with a smirk on her face.

I feel my face starting to turn red and my blood start to boil. She already knows ‘socks and shoes’ are fighting words. I mean, i can tolerate shoes once in a while. But socks?! No! I refuse!

“Albert Einstein didnt wear socks.” I replied sarcastically. But I already knew where this was going. She wasnt going to change her mind. I look over at her. I could see the stubborness in her eyes. Why does she have to be so stubborn all the time? Geeze.

She drops a pair of socks on my stomach as I still lay in the floor sprawled out.

“They’re ugly.” I mumbled under my breath. I was hoping she didnt hear that. But I cant help but always have the last word. I feel defeated if I dont.

“Put them on and then you can go play. Be home before dark.” She stated as she walked away to go into the kitchen. Probably to see how bad of a mess I left behind. If thats the case, I better hurry up and get out of here.

I hurry up and slip my shoes on, stuffing the socks in my pockets and occasionally glancing over my shoulders to see if she’s watching. She’s almost to the sink. Panic kicks in and I quickly dart out the door. I jump over the steps from the very top. A cool technique Dustin taught me. Something that not even my parents can do.

As Im running down the sidewalk, I check behind me to see if my mom is coming back after me. Nope. All good. I make it past the gate, clipping the hook on the handle of it for good measure. Still no mom.

Excitement runs through me as I start up the driveway. The wind blowing through my hair. My little legs picking up speed as I make over the first hill. Yes! Im free!!

Let the shenanigans begin!

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