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8 Years ago....

Jemma POV


"jemma go open the door" "sure mom" i quickly walk to the door with my phone in one hand and i open the door with the other,the person at the door is quite tall so i find myself looking up, and when i do my breath hitches but only one word escapes my lips "Dad" my entire body goes numb from shock and it feels as if my nervous system has competely shut down.

"jemma what wr-"her reply was cut short and i'm pretty sure its because of the same fate i'm suffering *shock*

"Hello jacquelin" "hello Elimo,come in" i move aside and shut the door."girls please excuse us " i look up to find jenna coming down the stairs and scurry off with jenna behind me."jemmy what's going who looked as if you knew him" it seems i can never get used to that nickname cause it just makes jenna look like the younger one and she's four years older than me "i do..i know him" "jemmy explain-i will after mom's done right now i need to go use the bathroom" i run to the bathroom and when i'm in i shut the door and lock it behind me,then it actually dawns on me ,i actually have to go,i have to leave the people i've spent the last ten years with ,people who have been with me through thick and thin.........,thev'e basically helped me be me .

"jemma you done in there you been there for like fifteen minutes already" "i'm coming" 15 minutes really been in here for that long guess i just spaced out again"jemma!!" "i'm coming i'm coming!" i say while shutting the door i quickly walk to the parlour "jemma sit down,it's time to go ,your leaving next tomorrow " i look at mom trying to see through that perfect poker face and i can't see anthing, her face is just blank while jemma's wearing a shocked face with a mix of confusion in it" " mom what's going o-jemma explain it to her would you ,i need somethime to myself" mom says before walking out of the parlour.

I gulp loudly silently waiting for jenna's questions,we sit for what seems to be minutes maybe and then jenna breaks the silence"jemmy explain" i sigh inwardly while trying to find a way to make this less complicated ."i'm not an orphan i never was, my parents are still alive..." "go on" "my real name is melanie.. melanie lequiore and well i need to go back home" "what do you mean you need to go back, where exacly are you going to " "home" "jemmy i really don't think that explanation was enough "

"i'm the greatgrand-daughter of Alcott lequiore...he was in a gang called the black strip, it was known as the most dangerous gang in london and ther were involved in alot of criminal activities like drug trafficking ,gambling ,stealing and all those kind of stuff,my great grandfather after being in the gang for 20 years, decided to leave the gang,but it wasn't that easy to leave.The gang had rules and one of those rules was that anyone who left the gang could leave but they would be tortued for ninety-five years".

"wait wouldn't he be dead by that time?" " yeah but it's passed to the generations to come until that time is exhausted" i inhale deeply mostly because jenna seems a little to calm for my liking ,then i continue "the gang has hunted and tortured my family for so long but the 95 years duration ends this year" i stop talking and look up to the ceiling cause im starting to get scared due to jenna's reaction but with jenna you really don't know what to expect once again i continue " my parents wanted me safe ,but they also didn't want me in the wrong hands so-so they handed you over to mum and told her to take care of you until it was safe enough for you to come back"
I was a little bit shocked after jenna cut me off but still summarised the story and got it right."yeah" i replied " mom was a family friend" "wait if mum was a family friend , how come i didn't know you guys" " maybe she wanted you to be safe, my dad told me they where childhood friends and she knew how dangerous being around him was so i guess she just wanted you to not get into this mess,and like i said she knew my dad since they were young and i'm sure she saw how guarded he was all the time .

"When my dad suggested the idea of me staying with someone else she volunteered and she understood the weight she was lifting from my parents shoulders...so here i am"

"so your actually leaving" "yeah" " im gonna miss you , but were exactly are you going" " london" i didn't want to go into detail,a lot had happened under 30 minutes and that drama is enough for one day. I stood up to leave but jenna beat me to it "Goodnight jemimah,melanie or whoever you are" knowing jenna she never called me by my full name unless she was pissed and i didn't miss the hurt in her harsh tone as she stormed off leaving me in my own imperfect solitude.

"Bye bye jemimah north , hello melanie lequiore" i muttered before falling asleep.
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