Flowers Or Thorns?

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Ariona Kournikova, a 17 year old girl, has her squad of 5 crazy, goofy and stupid friends..everyone with different personalities- Amison Chandler, Rissy Sanders, Ayera Manor, Valen Crimsen and Ahren Walter. Her life seems perfect and happy, but all stories don't have a happy ending. What is her secret? How will she overcome her past? Was it flowers or thorns??

Humor / Mystery
Arshia Razdan
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Hello readers!! I am Arshia Razdan aka introveralert_07...I started this book initially on Wattpad and my readers who had Inkitt and were requesting me to publish it here too. I am glad that now I'm publishing it here too. Hope you like it and give it your love and support. So just that you know...all the characters in this book ARE real life characters. They aren't fictional and they are my friends just sit back and enjoy the story.

Lots of love,


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