Flowers Or Thorns?

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The first day of school in everyone's life has to be different. I have been studying in this school for 10 years now (since 2nd) and now it's my 11th year here. I like my school very much but the little squad which I have there tempts me further to drag myself the whole way to my freking school..

We are a group of 6 people. All crazy and unique in their own way. We have been together for at least 2 years now and 2 of them have been my mates since 2nd class. We are all now in 12th standard. You might want to know how do they look like and how are their personalities...

I think I should introduce them to you now...

Amison Chandler (Amy):

He's a 16 year old boy with brown curly hair and hazel coloured eyes..sweet, kind and my best friend.. he's 17 years old, but older than me.

Rissy Sanders (Ris):

7 days older than me, Golden brown hair, brown eyes, aimable, helping, funny and a big foodie..she is stubborn and studyworm too

Ayera Manor(Ara):

She is a really cute girl. My really good friend..again foodie and helping..

Valen Crimsen (Val):

He's a tall boy..not too onyx eyes and shares cartoon interests with me..yes I watch cartoons

and Ahren Walter (Ren):

Smart and good by nature and personality best friend but we argue a lot..or just tease I dunno..but really helpful..

And then there's me... Ariona Kournikova...golden brown hair, eye colour lingering between brown and hazel, loveble kinda, most level headed person of the opposite gender(as stated by Amison)...and yes helpful..

We all have very different personalities but there's one thing in common...we all sing..and we sing with our souls...

Amy and Ris hit high notes like a god

Ara sings like a goddess..beautiful voice

Val has great taste in music and helps with mixing

Me and Ren play the keyboard and sing too..

When I entered in my 11th class's classroom, I was shocked and dumbstruck as I saw these people still in my class..only me and Ris have taken Biology..all others are engineer material. And now, we have survived one year together and entered into the final year of our high school life.

But then what happened was really a major shock to us...


Hey reader...I hope you like the first chapter of Flowers Or me it will get better...after all I'm a 15 yr old..please don't stop reading...I'll update ya❤️❤️

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