Our First Hello

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It all starts with the first hello.

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Chapter One

My best friend, Laura, and I were walking to our next class when all of a sudden she stopped me. I was confused, “Why are we-.”

She cuts me off. “Look who it is, Rose.” she says, pointing. I look where she’s pointing and I feel my face heat up instantly. She was pointing to the boy I had a crush on since the first week of school.

I was about to say something but she grabs my arm and says, “Come on.” We were a few feet away from him, Laura turns toward me and says: “Alright Rose, here is your chance to finally say hello to that boy you like. And I know you like him because whenever he’s around you start to blush instantly when you see him.” She turns back and he was gone. For a moment, I was safe from me going up and saying hello to him, but then Laura saw him. He was walking into his next class.

Laura turns toward me so quickly her bright red ponytail almost hits me in the face and whispers, “Did you see what class he went into?” She smiles. I look at the number next to the classroom door. Laura continues talking, “He just walked into our 2nd hour.”

We walked in the classroom. Laura sees two empty seats on either side of him. She walks me over to one of the seats and sits me down. She sits in the seat on the other side of him. He looks over at me and smiles, then looks back down at the blank piece of paper lying in front of him.

About three or four minutes pass and he picks up his pencil and scribbles something on the piece of paper. After a few seconds of scribbling he sets down his pencil and slowly passes the note to me.

“Hi,” it said. I was a little confused as to why he was passing notes to me. I unzip my backpack and grab out a pencil. I turn back to the piece of paper in front of me.

“Hello.” I write. I passed the paper back. He moves the paper in front of him and picks up his pencil again. After a few seconds he passes the paper back to me.

“My name is Carter.” the note had said.

I look up at Laura, who was staring off into space. I look back at the piece of paper and write, “My name is Rose.” I passed it back to him.

We pass notes until class was over.

After the bell rings, I get up and start making my way toward the door. Carter runs up next to me. “Uhh, hey. Can I walk with you?” I stop and look over at him.

He had blonde hair that fell over his forehead, just above his eyes. His eyes were hazelnut brown. He had a red jersey with a white t-shirt underneath. He was perfect. I couldn’t believe it. The boy I like was talking to me, like actually saying words to me. I opened my mouth to say something but no words came out. I was speechless.

When I find my voice again, I reply, “Umm, sure.”

Carter and I walked out of the classroom and started walking to our next class.

We had only walked a few steps when he asks me, “What’s your next class?”

I respond, “My next class is Miss. Polly.”

He smiles and says, “What a coincidence, I have the same class.” We stop walking and he takes his schedule out of his backpack. Apparently, out of all the 6 periods we have, Carter and I have four classes together(second, third, fourth, and fifth). Which meant we had the same lunch time. Laura and I had all the same classes. She talked with the front office and had her classes the same as mine.

I get butterflies. I had no idea we had this many classes together. We put our schedules away and he says, “Rose, Can I ask you something?”

I freeze for a second and then reply, “Sure.”

He smiles and says, “Well, first of all I wanted to say that I…I…Uhhhh...” he cuts himself off. He looks at the ground. I start to smile. But when he looks back up at me I stop smiling and instantly go back to a straight face.

“You don’t have to say if you’re afraid to.” I say. He goes to object but decides against it. We started walking again and headed to our next class, chatting on the way.

As we walked into our 3rd hour, Laura was already there, her legs were lying across two open seats next to her.

“Saved you some seats.” She says as she moves her legs off the chairs. I go and sit next to Laura and Carter sits next to me. Laura turns toward me, her royal blue eyes a little wide with excitement and says, “You two were almost late.” She pauses for a few seconds then continues talking. “What were you two chatting about?” she asks me.

I hesitated, I looked over at Carter, he was reading. I look back at Laura.

I took a deep breath and whisper, “Well, nothing much. We just chatted about how we... ”

I was interrupted by Mrs. Polly. She was average height, kinda big, she is wearing a reddish skirt with a white blouse, tucked in. “Alright everyone get out your workbooks and turn to page 300 and begin reading.” she says.

When she finished talking I get out my workbook and turned it to page 300. After I did that I continue chatting to Laura. “Where was I? Oh right. We were chatting about how many of the same classes we had.”

Laura grabs her notebook from her bag and opens it to a clean page. She scribbles something on it and passes it to me.

“Hey, I didn’t want to say this out loud because I didn’t want him to hear me.” she wrote, “I wanted to tell you that I think you and him would make a cute couple. I've been thinking about that all day.”

I stop reading and look up at her like, “Really.”

She started giggling and I continued reading. “You two would be so adorable.”

I write, “Ok. I know, but I don’t know if that would ever happen.” I push the paper back toward Laura and I start reading page 300 in my workbook. Laura reads the page and pouts. She starts reading her workbook too.


We had been reading for about 25 minutes when I notice Laura reach around me and tap Carter on his shoulder. He turns and Laura hands him a small piece of paper with something written on it. He looks at it and reads it.

He turns toward me and whispers, “Can I borrow your pencil for a second?” I nod and he picks up my pencil, turns over the small piece of paper, and writes something on it. He then puts my pencil back where it was and smiles. He then hands the small piece of paper back to Laura and turns back to his book and continues reading. I couldn’t help wondering what that small piece of paper said.

Ten minutes later the bell rings. I put my book and pencil back into my backpack and got up out of my seat. Laura and I start walking toward the door when Carter runs up behind us and asks, “Hey, guys. Mind if I walk with you?” Laura and I nod.

“You know.” she says, “You don’t have to ask to walk with us. If you want to walk with us, you can. We don’t mind.” Carter smiles and nods. We all start walking together.

“How are you two doing today?” he asks after a few seconds.

“Pretty good.” Laura replies.

“Same with me.” I say.

“That’s good,” he says, still smiling.

My heart was racing, and I could feel myself starting to blush. Oh God, why do I blush so much?! I glance over at Carter, who is on my right. He looks down at me.

“So…what kind of music do you guys like?” I thought about it, but Laura answered immediately.

“I’m a rock’n’ roll kind of girl. Anything with awesome guitar and drum solos. My main man is Billie Joe Armstrong, but Bon Jovi is up there too.” Carter blinked, taking in all of the information. He now looks down at me, grinning.

“How about you Rose? What do you like?” I try to focus but the only thing I could think about is how he said my name. More blushing. Great.

“Uh…..uh….I like lots of things. Pop, country. Anything catchy or with a good beat, I guess.” Carter’s eyes lit up.

“I like country too! Gosh, it’s nice to know someone who shares my music taste!” I am secretly happier than ever. Yay! He doesn’t hate me! “What country artist?”

“Uh….uh…I like different ones. I don’t really have a favorite. Whatever’s on the radio is good.” Carter nods. “I also play guitar. I’ve always been more of an acoustic guy, so I’ve always loved country.”

Laura piped in. “I can’t relate at all. Honestly, all country just sound the same to me.” Carter looks at her.

“Oh, and rock’n’roll doesn’t?”

“No, Carter. There are different types of rock. Punk rock, classic rock, alternative rock. Have you ever heard of punk country? I don’t think so.” Carter put his hands up.

“Ok, I see your point.” We walked into the lunch room and were greeted by noise.

“Ok, I’m going over there. They have my favorite thing today.” Laura says as we walk into the lunchroom.

I smile and say, “ok.” Laura turns and runs to the salad bar.

“Does she always go to the salad bar?” Carter asks.

“Yeah.” I reply, “She’s been wanting to stay healthy ever since she was in health class last year.” Carter covers his face, trying to hide his laughter. I frown and ask, “What’s so funny?”

He uncovers his face. He was still smiling when he says, “Oh, It’s nothing.” I just shrug as I walked toward the salad bar.

While I was waiting in line someone taps me on the shoulder. I turn around and it was Carter. “Hey.” He says with a grin.

I smirk and ask, “Are you following me?”

He blushes and looks at the ground. “Umm, no.” He looks back up at me, “I just thought I would be healthy today like Laura and you.”

“Ok.” I say with a smile. I turn back in front of me. Apparently I was the next one in line.

After Carter and I got our food we went out into the back hallway. When we sat down I realized something.

“Hey, where’s Laura?” I ask Carter as he puts a forkful of salad in his mouth.

He covers his mouth with his left hand and tries to talk. “I bone doe.”

I laugh and say, “No talking with your mouth full.”

He swallows and says, “I was trying to say I don’t know where she is. Maybe in the lunchroom still.”

“Yeah, probably.” I reply. After a few seconds I realized that it was just Carter and me. Alone.

A few minutes later, Laura walks out of the lunchroom and makes her way toward us. When she gets here, she says, “Sorry I took so long guys. I changed my mind about salad and got pizza instead. You know, just this once.” She sits down with us and we all start eating our food. Laura holds the pizza up to her mouth, “So, how is life?” she asks as she takes a bite of her pizza.

“Good.” I reply.

“Same here.” Carter says after me.

Laura chews and swallows the bite of her pizza and says, “That’s good,” she pauses. She then whispers something to Carter. He shakes his head. Laura sighs.

I look at them, confused. I ask what they are talking about.

“Nothing.” says Laura. I frown. What if Laura was telling Carter I like him? I start to blush at the thought.

Carter picks up his fork and eats a forkful of salad. Some ranch escapes and ends up on his chin.

After he swallows the forkful of salad, I ask: “Carter?” He looks up. “You got some ranch on your face.” I wipe it off with the sleeve of my jacket.

“Thanks.” he says with a small grin. I turn red but I don’t realize it.

Laura starts giggling.

I look over at her and ask, “What’s so funny?”

She stops laughing and replies, “You.”

I look at her, confused. “Huh? What do you mean by ‘You’?”

She turns and looks at me and says with a grin, “You were blushing again.”

I look over at Carter then back at Laura. She took a drink from her milk carton. I look down and my face starts turning from pink to bright red. After Laura drinks all her milk she looks up at me. She starts to laugh.

“Did anyone ever tell you that you look so cute when you blush?” she asks.

“No.” I say.

“Well,” says Laura, “I’m telling you now. You look so cute when you blush.”

After she says this I blush even more. I cover my face with my hands. Both Laura and Carter start laughing. I uncovered my face, Laura and Carter had stopped laughing, but are still smiling. Carter looked over at me.

“You’re right.” he says, smiling. “She does look cute when she blushes.” Pause. “Like really cute.” Carter blushes again. He pulls his hood over his head again and says, “You heard nothing.”

Laura starts giggling.

“Oh we heard what you said.” She says, smiling. “Come on Carter, don’t hide.” a pause. “You look cute when you blush. And I’m sure Rose would agree.”

She looks over at me. “Right, Rose?”

I look down, blushing.

“Laura, Why are you always making me turn as red as a tomato.” I say.

Laura smiles, “Because you look adorable when you blush.”

I opened my mouth to reply, but no words would come out of it.

After we were all done, Laura offers to throw our stuff away for us. As she throws everything away, the bell rings.

“I guess we better get going.” I say. Carter and Laura both nod as we gather our things and head toward the double doors to cross over to the West campus.

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