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Complete failure

Back on earth, President Trump was left shaking his head and contemplating the strange experiences he had been through in recent times. It had certainly been a funny few days! Every time he closed his eyes, some ‘blast from the past’ would pop up. He was not one for over-thinking anything really, but if it was back in the day he might think that somebody had laced his food with LSD or magic mushrooms or something. Was it possible? Of course, it was possible! Those bastards in the Secret Service and those renegade Republicans – not to mention the devious Democrats – would stop at nothing!

He was not one though to dwell too long on finding answers. He had always, he felt, fared best if he had acted first and thought about things afterwards. A man of action! He soon dismissed the whole episode because he knew exactly what he must do!

He needed to Tweet! But first he considered the advantage of finding a loyal, but easily dispensable, food taster to see that nothing again found its way into his food. Then another thought struck him! Why employ somebody else? The wife has nothing much to do these days apart from sitting there looking sullen as though she would rather be somewhere else, with somebody else! Well that could easily be arranged! I could easily make that happen right now. Perhaps not quite as she would have anticipated! But in the meantime, she can be my food taster. As long as it’s just LSD or magic mushrooms she has nothing to worry about. If it gets to be arsenic or blow fish venom, then …. Well it would save on alimony, and an attempt on my life could have a positive effect …. People sometimes rally round a victim – or potential victim. The American people would feel aggrieved and they would go into protective and ‘attacked’ mode. They would see that I am right. You do have to keep those bastards out. Get rid of them. Banish them. With a new relationship now with Cuba, perhaps we could find a new use for Guatanemo Bay? Yes, that seems to be a good plan!

But … First, I need to get out a Tweet! ….. Then I will tell her that about her new role as my food taster.

Ah well … back to sleep. Another big day tomorrow.

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