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This book is a series of inspirational true short stories which have taken place in different parts of the world. Each story is complete different from the other and will give you the complete confidence and inspiration that you need in the world. I assure you that you won't regret reading it! With loads of love, Helsa....

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Rescue Hug

It was the the city of Massachusetts, United States in 1995. Two little twins were born in the city’s hospital. One weighted 650 grams while the other weighted 750 grams.They were so tiny that they will fit right into your palm. You might have guessed by now that those two little twins were "premature babies” which means that they have been born before the original time of 9 months. They were only 12 weeks in their mother’s womb.

The doctors immediately understood that these babies needed the life supporting incubator. The incubator is a machine which has the same temperature as that of a mother’s womb. Incubators helped the children to regain their composure. The two were separated and kept in their respective incubator.

The two sisters were- Kyrie and Brielle. When the time came for the doctors to check the condition of the children, Kyrie responded fantastically to the environment. She was growing up and taking hold of herself while
Brielle’s condition deteriorated. The doctors confirmed to their parents that Kyrie will be healthy and can be discharged while Brielle will be almost dying by the next morning. Their parents wept for Brielle. It was their last night to see her.

However, a nurse called Gayle Kasparian felt that they should be kept in the same incubator. The doctor disagreed for this because the same incubator meant cross- infection.
Gayle persuaded and finally the doctor agreed that they will be put only for that night.

When the staff came next morning to find out their condition, they were dumb-struck. Kyrie the healthier one wrapped her arm around Brielle, and surprisingly, Brielle responded it to it. In matter of time Brielle who struggling hard, got stabilized with her heart rate.
Her condition became better at the time she spent with her sister.
Their act was called “Rescue Hug.”
What do you think about this amazing movement? They were little children, probably who don’t even know about feelings
and love. Yet, that small act in turn, changed the life of Brielle. I am sure that Brielle will forever be debted to the hug of her loving sister. This was a true incident that happened in the States that amazed a number of people.
An amazing act of these two sisters and their most passionate love towards each other.

What a Love!
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