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GIGA STACEY goes on a GIGA adventure.

Humor / Action
Greatest Lad
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The Fight

“Oh no.”, said Arousing Egg, “It’s GIGA STACEY!!” Arousing egg then ran across the field and died. GIGA STACEY strutted into the hall, where she encountered Becky. “Ugh, it’s stupid dumb lame stupid Becky. I have to get rid of her.”, said GIGA STACEY. They then engaged in a battle. GIGA STACEY rammed her knee into Becky’s stomach. A strong blow, but not enough to finish Becky. Becky grasped her purse and swung it around her head, and attempted to hit GIGA STACEY. GIGA STACEY caught the purse as it swung, and slammed her head into Becky. This was the cause for the fifteenth death in the school that week. GIGA STACEY, unfazed, strutted toward her locker.

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