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Do what you can, With what you have, Where you are . Life isn't a matter of milestones is a moment

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Me ,My Self

My name is Jersey.

Iam a sixteen (16 ) years boy .

I was born in Geraldton , Australia .

My parents work at the same hospital , my mother as a nurse, my father as a doctor .

Iam at Amazon Academy it's a nice school I met these cool kids who hang out after school they liked dancing , singing and creative. They are not that much attached to studies .

Every weekend there will go in all classmates house nearby and know more about them more like learn they social life .

I joined the group because I had no other choice and they wanted me in too and never knew why .

We do the same staff all over again every weekends .

We were popular at school and I started trusting them as my hommies.

We would go to party take pictures and post to make people jelous .

I became more than friends with this guy called Alex we became best friend were even neighbors, my parents knew each other with his .

Mostly we would be at each other's place even after school ,do homework together and play games .

Life in highschool became super exciting .

Alex and I would go and do bad and good things together , get punished together we were like brothers every we will together and the rest of the group started get jelous of our close friendship we had .

As we were going out in weekends with the whole group they will tell Alex and I to buy drinks and some snacks,

but we asked our selves why others would not buy for the whole group as Alex and I did , we didn't ask ourselves much.

we left the idea as time past we saw that there are using us because of our money .

We said that we are good to leave the group Alex and I.

Things went in a way we never expected.

They said that I told Alex to leave because I was a newcomer in the group and that hurt me so bad.

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