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A story of a girl and boy who falls in love and show their beautiful relationship to some lovebirds... So, let's start our story... Before that make sure to like and share as much u can. If my content is good u can also comment me... LET'S START.......

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A girl named Simran uses to live in the USA and her father is a business, man in the USA (NRI) and she has 4 brothers and 1 sister she is the last one so her father used to show much more love and care And her mother is a housewife.

She was different from any of her brother or sister. She used to spend time with her buddy's and was living in her dreams. She was against Indian wedding system and culture. She only likes freedom and all actually she loves to be with her buddy's and parents.

She was studying at a topmost university in America. And she had completed her p.g successfully. She and her buddies were planning to go somewhere else they were planning but they had no idea where to go...

Simran's mother called her to join dinner with them and said it's too late back home quickly. Then she said that I will decide the place message u all tonight so, be ready.

She had shared about her plan to her father. He smiled and said, my daughter, has covered every country but u had to visit India. India no way. I will promise you that this will be a very special tour and u will learn our tradition our taste our faithfulness our pride India is a great county JAI HIND. Sounds good. And she started typing a message on her friend's group that we will go to India this time.

Next morning they reached India they were in the airport of New Delhi. They took a taxi and was searching for rooms in hotels but all hotels were filled and they were searching for hotels up to the evening at the last taxi driver told them that I know a Street were rooms were given for rent if you don't mind I will take you there. Yes, please. Taxi Driver took them to the street and shown them a room which was not actually a room it's like a big house and they were uncomfortable but there is no way. They stood there and asked the taxi driver to call the owner of this house. The owner will come tomorrow. Okay thanks, for helping. It's okay madam it's my duty and you just enjoy the tour.

Next morning the owner came to the house and his name was Rajiv. The taxi driver was close to him taxi driver introduces Simran. Hi, I am Rajiv. Simran here sir. Okay, where are you from. I am from the USA I am an Indian actually but unfortunately, we shifted to the USA. okay, rent is 20,000 per month. Rajiv sir, please can you please arrange a guide for us. Rajiv and taxi driver started laughing he is in front of you he is the best guide in this new Delhi. So Simran let's start. Yes, sure.

Then they started they had visited and travelled different places and Rajiv used to explain everything and they had not left any State of India Simran enjoyed a lot Simran was started expressing her feelings on Rajiv but she never dares to tell. One of her friends had been understanding Simran's feelings and her love for Rajiv. She asked Simran I think that you are in love with Rajiv go and purpose him he is very good to you. Yes, but I have no dare to purpose him so I thought this is just an attraction. This is love, dear Simran you have just 2 days to say if you will not dare your story will incomplete so listen to me go and purpose him.

Next evening they were something and Rajiv was sitting alone Simran went nearby him and said. Rajiv you had not told about your family. Actually, I don't have any family. Sorry. No, it's okay every time some people from other countries come and I will see a Family in them. What you were doing here? Just started feeling bad that you will go tomorrow and I will be alone but don't worry another family will join. Okay just leave it to have you packed up your backs tomorrow morning we have to leave. Yes, done. Okay so for sleep everyone it's too late.

Next morning and Rajiv and smiran's friends came to the airport and Rajiv took tickets for Simran and her friends. Rajiv okay bye. Thank you for giving everything. It's okay now leave it's time for your flight. Okay bye. Simran shouted Rajiv and running towards Rajiv and hugged him and said I love you so much and kissed on his forehead. Rajiv was in shock.

Simran was reached at her home(USA) safely and she started following Indian tradition. She started doing puja and talking in a respectable manner and begin the discipline. Her father was impressed with her and asked how you learn all this. From India.

Her friend came to Simran's home and said did you have told everything about you and Rajiv. And how would I tell I don't have a number of Rajiv. I have, please note it down and Simran calls to Rajiv and Rajiv asked what you had seen in me have you gone lost. Yes, I am I have gone lost in your love please accept me. Okay, I will but your father never accepts me as ur boyfriend. You are right but once you come to the USA I will explain our relationship to my father. Okay.

And the next morning Rajiv was in the USA and Simran takes him to her home and introduces him that I meet Rajiv in India and said all about him and said I love him. Her elder brother slapped Simran and Simran's father slapped his elder son what happened if she loves boy is nice and an Indian I just want my daughter's happiness, that all. Come on Rajiv I will show your room. They had dinner together and tomorrow morning I will decide the date of the engagement. Simran Rajiv and everyone was happy.

All went to deep sleep Simran's father entered to Rajiv's room and woked him and explained that Simran is my daughter, please leave her alone I had planned her future very bright so please leave her if you will not I will die and my respect will not be there my respect is in your hands. Rajiv was in a shock again. But this all had listened by Simran's mother.

Next morning when the date was going to fix Rajiv said I can't marry you I am in love with another girl. Simran what are you talking? Yes, I am sorry Simran. Simran slapped Rajiv and said get out from here. Sorry, father, I had never expected this type of behaviour from Rajiv. It's ok princess don't change your mood. Father, I will marry as you wish. And his father has married Simran to another NRI'S son in the USA.

1 year later...

When Simran was pregnant and came near to her mother then her mother said you had done everything perfectly but you had scored 0 in love. Mom, please leave that topic for now. Do you know why Rajiv behave like that because and told the story of that night. Then why you had not told this to me. Because Rajiv said not to tell. But why. He said if I will marry her she had me would maybe happy but if I drop I will only be unhappy all your family members will be happy. Why you had not born in my worm your parents must be lucky to give son like you. But I am unlucky madam I don't have anyone with me.

Simran cried a lot. Don't cry, my child we are Indians we only have to obey the rules of our parents and no relation have going to work on here. Where is he I want to meet him?

And she went to India and meet Rajiv who was doing the same job. Rajiv sawed Simran and said happy married life and asked how was your life going on how is your parents I think all must be good. How can u act like this Rajiv you are not showing even your pain to me that how much you are hurting inside. Why? Leave all this are you happy. Yes, but what about you? What happens to me and my lovely girlfriend is with me I just watch her eyes and my night finishes. But this is me. So what you are my girlfriend and I am your boyfriend. But I am married so what we can't break up our relationship just continue this relationship to just friends OKAY GIRL-FRIEND. OkaY, MY BOY-FRIEND.

Relationship ARE SO MANY TYPES in the form of love.


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