The Snickerdudels

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Gray: Kindergarten

On Monday, when kindergarten started, I kept being excited until I figured out that we had to sit still and be quiet in school. I wasn’t very good at it. There was just so much to explore and talk about. The colorful numbers and letters and shapes on the wall, the kids at recess outside, and all the toys.

My teacher told me to focus on my work. She even moved me next to her desk where I couldn’t see the window or talk to anyone. It made me sad and lonely. Reading was really hard. There were so many words you had to know and so many sounds that looked the same that you had to know how to say and words to spell and use in sentences. When I told one of the boys reading was hard, he said, “These are the easy books.”

I went home and cried because I couldn’t do easy books. Luckily, math was easy because the teacher had us count to ten and then fifty and then one hundred, and we practiced. The numbers stayed the same every time, unlike reading.

One day at recess I decided that I wasn’t going to be left out from the other kids anymore. I wanted to have friends so badly, but no one talked to me or played with me. I went over to a boy from my class who was wearing a yellow shirt that had a face on it. The face looked more animal than human.

“Hi, I’m Gray,” I said. “What’s your name?”

“Gray’s not a name, it’s a color,” he said.

“It’s a color, and it’s my name. What’s your name?”


“What’s on your shirt?”

“It’s Pikachu.”


“No. Pee-kuh-choo. He’s a Pokémon.”

“Is Pokémon another word for ‘animal?’”

“No, it’s a Pokémon. Like the game. And the TV show.”

“It looks like a animal.”

Rocco pulled a card out of his pocket. “This is a Pokémon card. You can have it.”

I took the card and looked down at it. It sure looked like a penguin to me. “P-Pip. Piplup.” I looked up triumphantly, but Rocco was gone.

No one became my friend. But it was okay, because I had Piplup and the swings and my backyard, where I could find bugs and frogs.

After I finished kindergarten, I got another sister named Amy. She cried even more than Kiara and Mady had, but otherwise she was okay.

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