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Gray: Another Summer

At the end of the school year, Mom and Dad got angry with me because my grade card came home and it wasn’t very good. They grounded me, which meant I couldn’t play with friends for a week. Weston came home while I was grounded, so he ran with me and I taught him how to play Pokémon.

When I was ungrounded, Mom and Dad were still upset, and they said that they signed me up for summer school in June. I got so mad that I cried, but then Rocco called and told me he was going to summer school, too.

“Did you get bad grades?” I asked.

“No,” he said. “My parents make me go every year because they have to work.”

“Oh,” I said. “My parents have work but my Grandma and Uncle Jeremy take care of us.”

“Lucky,” Rocco said. “Call me when you know who your teacher is.”

I didn’t find out who my teacher was until summer school started, but it didn’t matter because there was only one class for kids going into fourth grade.

Most of the summer school work was fun projects, like making a diorama based on a movie we watched, but some of it was reading and math. Rocco helped me when he could, but he wasn’t that much better at school than I was.

On Saturdays, Tor came over to my house and we played Lewis and Clark on the trails. We had to imagine Sacagawea and their dog, Seaman, because none of my sisters would pretend to be one of them. Dad gave us yellow ties to put on the trees when we went off the mowed trails so we could make our own trails and not get lost.

When summer school was over, Tor and Akita came over to my house more, and sometimes we went to Tor’s house to play video games. Rocco couldn’t come because he was at the summer program at school, but he always called us after they went on trips to the zoo or the water park.

Akita started liking video games a little bit more, so we all traded off, but we still mostly played Pokémon. Tor’s parents even took us to the pool a couple times, which was fun. We all pretended to be siblings even though Akita had darker skin than Tor and I. In July, Tor went on his family camping trip, but he said I couldn’t go because his parents thought it would make Rocco and Akita jealous.

Even though I was kind of sad, I spent the weekend mostly hanging out with Weston before he went back to college.

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