The Perfect Girl

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You don't have to change yourself just because others think you are not perfect enough

Bella Sonia
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The Perfect Girl

Hi I'm Bella I am what you described as overweight . I always wanted a perfect body since I was a kid just because everyone always made fun of me. I didn't have any friends back then, during the break time I always had lunch alone nobody cared to even play with me and I grew up as a lonely girl .

When I grew up I said to myself" I can't continue being like this I've got to change so people would like me. So i started working out and I starved myself to an extent that I was admitted in hospital.

During my stay at the hospital I met this old lady and we started chatting and she asked me" my dear why are you in here" ,and I told her cause I was trying to lose weight and she laughed and said to me" my dear you don't have to change yourself to meet up to what others describe as a perfect girl,if you feel you are good enough to yourself don't care what others say one day they are going to get tired of saying it eventually.

After that talk I decided to stop trying to make myself perfect cause I think am good enough.

This novel is dedicated to those girls who think they have to change cause others think they are not perfect you. You are perfect if you believe you are you don't have to change for anyone hope you enjoyed this piece of writing well more are coming

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