The "Perfect" Family

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Young and rebellious 17-year-old Jackson Russell is going through a rough patch in his life and has no one to talk to except his younger sister Evie. When Evie invites Jackson to one of her friend's birthday parties, Jackson makes a huge decision. But how long can he keep it up? And how long will it be until Jackson finds someone he can truly talk to?

Humor / Romance
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The Invitation

(Comments from Jackson in italics)

The screaming, the yelling, the tears, it was all pretty usual in the Russell Household.

“Why do you have to be so different?!” She screamed at her son.

“Why do you all have to be the same?” Jack pointed out.

“Ugh...I wish you’d never been born!”


Wait, did my mother and I just agree on something? That’s a first.

“If I had known you’d turn out like this, I never would have brought you home from the hospital!” She screamed once more.

Gosh, don’t I have a nice mother? Can you see that she loves me SO much? No? Well, that’s because she doesn’t.

“That seems like something you’ll just have to deal with,” Jack replied with a smirk.

His mother turned away, slamming the door as she stormed out of his room. Not less than five minutes later, there was a soft knock on Jack’s door.

“Come in,” Jack said reluctantly.

The door opened and his sister, Evie walked in.

God, I love it when my sister comes in and comforts me. She’s the only one in our 7 person family that actually loves me and doesn’t pretend we aren’t related.

“I heard the fight.” She said softly.

“I’d imagine so.”

“Are you okay?” Evie said, worry laced through her voice.

“I’ll live, I always do.”

Evie sat on the bed next to Jack and hugged him.

“Why do they hate me, Evie?” He whispered into her shoulder.

“I don’t think it’s that they hate you, it’s that they hate themselves because they don’t have the ability to love anyone who’s different from their ‘perfect’ selves and their ‘perfect’ family.”

“That doesn’t make it right,” Jack replied, letting go of Evie.

“I know.” Evie thought for a moment. “Hey, I’m going to my friend, Emma’s birthday party tomorrow. Wanna come?”

Did my sister just invite me to go to a public event? Sure my sister loves me and doesn’t pretend we aren’t related but she’s never invited me out to a party or anything like that before. I wonder how that would work!

“What would I wear? I only ever wear one color and I can’t go anywhere with my hair looking like this.” Jack said, motioning to his white-blond hair that was fading back to its normal dark brown color.

My hair looked terrible with a capital T.

"Well, I need to pick up a gift for her anyway so why don't we go get your hair done and get you some new clothes."

That is her solution to all of my problems, to go shopping. I'm a guy for the love of God! I hate shopping.

"You don't have to do that for me," Jack said, joy and happiness laced through his voice.

As it seemed to be, no one, not even his own parents had given him so much as a pair of socks much less new clothes for a party.

Yes, that is pretty accurate.

"Sure, why not." Jack grabbed his black overcoat to the suit he was wearing and followed Evie out to her car."Evie, why do you do things for me?"

Yeah, aren't I smart? I basically just asked my sister why she loves me. Whoo, boy!

"Jack, no matter how different you are or un-Russell-ish you seem, you are my brother and you always will be. But mainly it's because I love you."

You got to my heart there sis'.


Here we go again, me doubting my sister's love for me. Jeesh, how much of an idiot was I?

"Of course Jack, you're family. Family always sticks together."

"Well, almost every family," Jack said, running his hands through his browning hair.

Okay, honestly, what is up with me and my hair? Was I really that obsessed with my hair? Come to think of it... I was. Never mind then. Continue.

"They'll come around Jack. I'm not saying that it'll be easy or that it's just going to happen out of the blue. But eventually, they'll come around."

"Thanks, sis'."


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