Survivor Girl

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Pets and Animals Always Act Weird and Die First For a Reason

If your dog doesn’t like it, neither should you.

You didn’t read my book until it was too late. You live in your own version of Amityville Horror. It may not be too late. Maybe you didn’t mess up too bad. Evaluate your pet or go buy one then evaluate it.

Barking, or the equivalent of barking at only one specific part of the house is always a bad sign. Avoid that part of your house until you can sell your house and buy a new one.

If your animal died within the first week of buying the house or within a week of someone else dying, I’d consider a change of scenery.

Your very friendly pet bites a stranger that you, for some dumb reason, allowed into your house. Politely escort them out. They’re bad news.

Your sociable pet refuses to go near a stranger. Don’t let this person back into your house ever again. They’re awful people.

Your dead pet comes back to life? Please run.
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