Survivor Girl

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Stranger Danger and the Risk of Opening Doors

I've never understood doors without peep-holes.

You hear a knock at your door, and CHECK THE PEEP-HOLE. Now, there’s either an ominous package or an injured man or simply no one outside. Under the assumption that you keep everything locked, which you should in today’s world, there is literally no reason this psychopath can get in without your permission.

We’ll talk about the ominous package thing later because it’s in so many films. It’s a cliché in itself, really. So, right now, at this point in your plotline, there’s no one outside your door. Don’t answer it. Just step away. Don’t dismiss it. Grab the gun in your house, and keep the cops on speed dial. If the problem persists, CALL THE COPS. I don’t understand people’s aversion to police, sure some are shitheads, but most aren’t, okay? Okay. Stay in your house. Call the cops. Have a strong neighbor that will throw him/herself at a supernatural being or psychopath because they have an enormous hero complex.

If there’s an injured someone outside your door, don’t let them in. They’re either a good guy who just dragged the villain into your plotline or they ARE THE VILLAIN, DUH. Call 911. There are laws in place saying that you don’t have to help people if you’re in danger or if you feel uncomfortable. Don’t let your hero complex and morals get you killed. Don’t do it. Call 911 or call up some neighbors and let them know about this battered person on your front porch. Chances are, they’ll want to help too, and when a few of them arrive, it’ll be safe for you to head out. There’s strength in numbers.
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