Survivor Girl

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Don't Be the Token Minority

You’ll die first, so don’t do it.

Evaluate the cast. Are they all white? Are they all straight? Are they all partiers with no limitations? Look at the cast. Are you different in any way? If you are and the location seems a little sketchy, you might want to take a hard pass.

Directors kill off People of Color first. They’re racist or all serial killers and supernatural entities are racist. I’m not really sure, but if all of your friends are white, and they want to spend the night in the abandoned schoolhouse a few blocks down, I’d advise against it.

Apparently all killers and otherworldly beings also hate The Gays™. If all of your friends are straight and want to take you to the lake where your home-grown serial killer died, I’d take a hard pass. Maybe go with some other Gays™ next time.

If you fall somewhere on the spectrum and are a PoC (person of color), I’d advise not leaving the house ever, especially in today’s society. Once again, life advice and horror movie advice.

If you’re not a partier and have common sense, its good that you babysit your friends, but maybe not if they’re going to the abandoned church to snort cocaine or something.

Be aware of your surroundings, don’t go to creepy places, and take a look at the cast of your movie before you go places.
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