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Emma Rogers is a 24 year old elementary school teacher. She's very talkative and likes cakes, cookies and tons of other sweet treats. She's basically one of the weirdest people you'll ever meet. One fine fall evening, she gets involved with a very powerful man and he decides to kidnap her for ransom. Poor guy doesn't know what he signed up for. Get ready to read about this random story, it's gonna be filled with rainbows, turtle cookies, karaoke battles and a slight amount of romance.

Humor / Romance
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“Bye, Ms Rogers! See you next week!” Austin, one of my students, shouted from the door as he raced out with his friends. Class had just ended a moment ago and it was time for the kids to go home.

I pouted when I turned to my chalkboard. I have to erase this art! For today’s lesson, I taught the class about rainbows so I drew rainbows, a smiling sun and all sorts of colorful flowers. My bubble letter handwriting was neatly paragraphing along the board as well which just topped off my colorful lesson.

Why not just take a picture of it, Em?” My subconscious, Sabrina, asked sarcastically and rolled her imaginary eyes. That's right! I could always take a picture to remember my masterpiece.

I bounced around and pulled out my phone to take a quick picture. “Thanks, Brina! I don't know what I'd do without you sometimes!” I said aloud and twirled over to my bag which was hanging on my chair.

I made my satchel myself. It’s a dark green knitted bag with stitched on pink flowers. I threw it over my shoulder and left my classroom, locking the door behind me. I wondered about what I was going to eat later as I skipped to the teacher’s lounge.

“Good afternoon, everybody! Did everybody enjoy their day as much as I did?” I smiled as soon as I walked in. Looking around the room in anticipation, I noticed that everyone rolled their eyes, annoyed. I went over to the cooler where Mr Simon Finkle and Mrs Carrie Belle were mumbling to each other.

“Could she get any perkier? It's like she does this on purpose or something. We work at this low budget school and barely earn minimum wage, what is there to be so happy about.” Carrie groaned and scrunched up her face, sourly.

“Exactly. She walks around this school looking like a preschooler that dressed themselves. I can't ever get over the fact that she made that sad excuse of a bag herself. It's so obvious. How does she not feel embarrassed by that thing?” Simon chuckled, his eyes following me. I shook my head, holding my smile. They probably don’t mean anything harsh by that.

“You can tell she grew up sheltered.” Mr Conner Fitz, the gym teacher laughed mockingly as he walked past me. I collected my water, gripping my bag tighter. I took a deep breath and giggled slightly, “I’ll take your silence as a yes. Wonderful! See you all next week, Monday.” I skipped out and soon found myself in the parking lot.

I let the smile fall from my face finally allowing my true feelings to show. “You do know they were making fun of you again, right?” Sabrina inquired gently. I nodded, grimly and opened the door to my white mini cooper. I sat down quickly and stared out into that almost empty lot wondering what I was doing with myself.

I turned on my car and was about to get going until I noticed one of my older students getting pushed around by the dumpster. Is it bullying? Maybe I should intervene. I should at least check it out...

I turn my car off and heavily made my way over there. I turn the corner and see multiple teenage boys hovering the little guy. The boy is Justin Creeks, he was in my class 2 years ago. The other boys however, I don't recognize them at all.

“What is going on here?” I say with a stern smile. All of them turn to me, cursing under their breath. Justin's eyes grew wide as if he was frightened. Shouldn't her be relieved?

“Boss said, no witnesses.” I heard someone say and the next thing I knew, I was hit from behind and everything went dark.

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