Loving Felix

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Chapter eight

His hostel was just like all the others we passed by, three-story buildings painted a light yellow. He was on the second floor and I tried my best not to pant at least not in front of him. My fat ass was not going to get the best of me! He gently knocked on his room, seconds after we heard Christian's voice permitting us to enter.

Oh I should have known we'd have a plus one.

I followed behind Felix all smiles until a female voice sounded on seeing my baby.

"Felix I was waiting for you" Lilly said leg crossed sitting on the left side of the bed. Her eyes immediately widened before a smile crept her lips

"Cleo! Wow what a surprise" I returned her smile

"Lilly, I almost forgot you reside at the same location"

"you can sit on my bed" Felix offered as I made my way to sit with Lilly. Apparently she was comfortably breathing on my baby's bed.

"hi to you too" Christian said smirking at me.

"hi, I hope you're doing well, let's hope you don't cry on some onions later today" I said as we all burst into laughter.

"yea, you should see Felix trying to fry plantain or yam" wait a minute! I froze on her sentence.

"really? I didn't know about that" I turned to Felix but he seemed unbothered about it.

"yea, the last time we did anything deep frying he went hiding to protect himself from the harsh oil, at least he's better than Christian. So where are you guys coming from?"


"Cleo wanted to visit" Felix said beating me to it.

"oh okay, then you are welcome to our humble abode, my room is on the second right in case you want to visit some other time" I nodded concealing my disappointment. We spent an hour talking about ourselves and the difficulty in acquiring a hostel on campus without passing through dubious means. Lilly excused herself some minutes later to her room and Christian left a minute after.

Felix relocated from Christian's bed to his and scouted closer to me with a knowing smile. For a second I forgot how he made me feel left out some hours ago.

"are you okay?" he asked making me infuriated.

"is Lilly aware we like each other?" I asked pointy starring at him, his beautiful well-structured face!

"not yet, baby don't frown and pout like that, it's tempting" I shook my head in hopes his words don't register and cause commotion to my body.

"Felix! I'm being serious, what's the reason behind you not telling your friends about us?"

His deep brown eyes bore into mine "I just want us to be certain of what we have first, no don't get me wrong Cleo. I do like you, in fact a lot. But-" he stopped burring his face in my chest and that movement made my senses fly out the window. He had such effect on me, for a split second I didn't know to be happy or scared.

"but what?" he gently raised his head to my face "I'm scared" he whispered. My eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Why was he scared? That I'd dare to hurt him?

"Lisa, she left me. I gave her everything. Time, money, attention, love- it wasn't enough.

She called me late night and well I thought maybe she just wanted to talk. Maybe she had missed me as I did every single minute, but then she broke us off. So there you have it Cleo, my first love left me because apparently I wasn't good enough. what makes you think I'm good enough for you Cleo."

He took my hands in his, this time we both sat like an ancient god opposite each other drowning in every word that left his mouth. My heart clenched for him because I knew how it felt to lose someone you love. I felt fortunate to witness his vulnerable side.

I threw myself at him hugging him tightly.

Only if he knew how much he meant to me, how much he affected me like no one did. Gosh he drove me crazy with a simple smile.

"you mean so much to me Felix, I can never imagine hurting you, losing you would be like letting a bigger part of myself die" he pulled back gently caressing my face.

"thank you" he whispered on lips. We stood in the position for some seconds, breathing in I willed myself away from him, quickly regretting my decision.

"hey" he pulled me to him our lips inches' way.

"I really like you okay? And I want to get to know you more"


"if he said he likes you then I think you shouldn't be worked up" Vera reasoned lying flat on her bed.

After Felix had seen me off I took a 360 at the library before heading to the hostel. Fortunately for me Vera had bought kenkey. But the uncertainty I felt drove me to pour my situation to her. I needed counsel

"Vera the same person confessed he liked Lilly! Right to my face!"

"okay, then why is he not with her if he likes her that much?"

"I don't know! What if she doesn't like him because she made it clear the other time that Felix was just a friend. I'm sure she doesn't see him beyond that"

"Cleo, whatever it is, he's with you and you are happy. I think that's what matters." I couldn't agree with her more but the nagging feeling at the back of my head won't let me see through the positives. But I guess she was right, what mattered was he was with me now.

After the social work class, I made plans with Blake to come over tonight along with his laptop. I wanted an update on Grown-ish. I went with Naa to the new sport complex on campus because I was ready to start the gym. I didn't think I was less of a person in my weight but I didn't feel comfortable in my own skin, it normally lowered my confidence level and if I didn't get something done I turned to blame my weight. It was settled and I was to start by next week- I was excited, finally I would take action and I was ready for it.

I was getting ready to watch downsizing when my phone started to vibrate beside me, taking it up Edwin's name came flashing on the screen. My heart whelmed up a new fleeing I hadn't known. I wouldn't say hate; I just wanted nothing to do with him. My fingers slide up to accept the call regretting it in the process.

"hello" I sounded feeling displeased about myself. God I wish I hadn't known him!

"hey, how are you doing, what's up?"

"I'm fine, hope you're doing good?" I responded rolling my eyes. And to think I used to swoon over his voice!

"so what's up with ya?" that's it! His fake slang even annoyed me. gosh!

"nothing, so to what do I owe this surprise call?"

"uh I just wanted to check up since you dwag me" he said making me boil of anger, but I knew him very well than to let this furry consume me, he'd use it against me making me the villain later. If there was something I learned these past two years with Edwin, then it was getting over it.

"thank you" I flatly answered.

"so when are you free?"

"maybe weekends"

"Saturday or Sunday?" he said trying to sound interesting

"both I guess"

"cool, I would like to see you"

"oh okay, time?"

"maybe Sunday after church" but I knew better, he was not one to be seen day times.

"alright, please be sure to come alone" I said later before hanging up.

One thing I couldn't understand about Edwin was his use of friends as shields. He was a different person when it was the two of us. But it seemed his friends were a sort of back-up for him and it drove me to the core. One time he's like this gentle, understanding person and in the midst of his buddies he becomes a controlling dominating stranger.

I buried my face in my soft pillow trying to cool the irritation of thinking about him. I spent the hours watching YouTube videos non-stop till my battery run down. Unfortunately for me Vera was out with James and Susan with some friends leaving Kira and I.

My eyes were sore from watching videos that much so I decided to take a nap. What if Kira's male friends bump in and you're half naked in your sleep? My inner voice reasoned switching on my uneasiness. She had a zillion male friends always trooping in and out like we actually lived in a unisex room. I really didn't have a problem with that, just her good mannered boyfriend. Note the sarcasm.

It was almost 1am and I gave up waiting for Vera and Susan, they were like my talk mates in the room. I was already in my mini night wear which was pulled up to my stomach because apparently there was no one around and besides the lights were out.

Felix and I were having fun online, he was the sweetest person ever, a gentleman and my dream come true. We switched from video calls to voice calls and now to texting each other. He made me feel whole, the feeling of being complete these past three weeks. I was lying on my back, leg crossed, phone high in my stretched arms laughing audibly at the cute emoji's Felix sent when the door suddenly swang open. I didn't bother turning to see who or potentially cover my exposed skin. Besides it was almost 2:am.

I heard hushed voices of Kira and her boyfriend, taking a swift glance she was interacting with him with her head poked outside from the room. I silently thanked God for making her keep him abbey this time, besides I was half naked. Felix's reply sent my senses rushing back to him as a giggle escaped my lips.

My concentration was lost in a world of my dream guy util my eyes traveled to the left side of my bed. Her freaking boyfriend!


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