Loving Felix

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Chapter eleven

It had been a week and Felix had not called for his random checkups. Our communication was on the low no matter how hard I tried to revive it, and the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach was not helping either.

Sociology class was in a bit and I was hoping to catch him after class. I really hope he makes it to class today. Naa, Vera and I made our way to the LT taking our usual seat, a wave of relief washed over when I saw Felix seated at the left upper side.

"he came in today" I said excited to no one in particular. The class begun no longer but my unsettled mind wavered to his end every time I got the chance, stealing glances at him. He looked super handsome today with a fresh haircut. Damn he looked like he was ready to devour in a sexy devilish way and thinking about it made my heart flip.

"stop starring, write your notes I'll take it from you later" Naa whispered to me. Taking one last glance I let my mind focus on the lecture.


"Hey Christian, long time no see" Christian was in a white shirt and jeans.

"Hey Cleo, what's good?"

"You tell me" I said looking at Felix who had a guilty look.

"I'll leave you two" he excused himself leaving the two of us.

"So, what's going on? you don't return my calls and the rest" I didn't want to nag already.

"Yeah, about that- I'm sorry, it's my fault"

"Okay, did I do something?"

"No, not you baby girl" a smile immediately crept my face, it had been a while since he last called me that and hearing it again made everything feel normal.

"Aright, then who's making my beloved act strange towards me?" it was meant to be a joke but his expression seemed sad, his eyes spoke volumes of guilt I couldn't comprehend. I was no pro in reading people's eyes but his emotions looked raw and I just hope whatever it was he could share.

"I –I have something to tell you"

"so do I" I responded feeling giddy.

"Alright then it's a date, 7pm at the ice cream shop you promised" then again the sound of his laughter was the assurance I needed. Nothing was wrong with my baby.

"Sure, see you soon" he bent a little placing a soft lingering kiss on my cheek close to my lips. That mere action got me excited for our date and I was ready to dive deep into whatever was ahead of us, no buts- just him and I.


"what time are you going to the library?" Vera asked sipping on some fresh yogurt

"why do you ask?"

"so can't you just answer the question? I want to go with you"

"why? What happened with James?" I asked.

"nothing, am I supposed to go with him every day?"

"well just asking. I have a date to go in two hours' time" she pouted giving me the silly face

"yeah whatever, I'm going to confess my undying love, now can you stop with the face?"

"have fun!" she called out as she took her bag to leave.

I settled in the pink layer dress my dad got for me two months ago, it was a shade plain pink cotton dress. Beautiful and simple. I paired with my black heels and a little touch of pink gloss and for the first time in my life I applied mascara and a little powder to my face. The small effort did a dramatically change to my face and I felt on top.

Susan walked in some minutes after settling on her bed before taking in my appearance

"whoever is responsible for this will trip after seeing you" she said making me blush.

I took an uber to our meeting point just near the ayeduasi gate. He stood in his blank long sleeves. Less efforts more beauty. His hands snaked around my waist and the mere contact made my body tingle making me want more. Self-control sis! Self-control.

We took another uber to a place unknown to me seeing I had no idea what off campus entailed. The ice-cream shop was a big one designed with different bright colors with a big ice-cream cone statue and the word welcome boldly scripted on it.

"wow this place is ice-cream amazing!"

"trust me I bet you taste better than all the flavors in here" he plainly stated as we made our way to the table close to the side glass door. Let's just say I was too embarrassed to reply.

"so how did you find this place?" I asked

"before that did I tell you how gorgeous you looking tonight? I feel all the other guys in here are undressing you with their eyes now" my eyes grew wide looking around.

"well I can say same for you, you look good in anything, like how do you do that?"

"yeah right, so what would you like?" I looked around for a clue, honestly I had never been to an ice-cream shop. That was something we mostly saw in western movies.

"I don't know, surprise me" I shrugged. He walked up to the counter and less than 5 minutes he came with two medium bowls of frozen pink yogurt with strawberry toppings.

"pink berry's own pomegranate" he said taking his seat.

"well this looks good" I scoped a spoon full feeling the refreshing taste melt on my taste bud. "I'm going to be fat" I confessed.

"one time won't hurt" he said filling his mouth.

"speaking of which, I joined the gym! We could go together" I said showing off my ice-cream decorated teeth.

"wow congratulations, you are incredibly beautiful the way you are and if you want to live a healthier life than I'm happy for you".

We silently enjoyed our dessert randomly catching each other's eyes and laughing it off, no we didn't try to feed each other like the movies did. I was too shy for my own good.

We were now seated on a bench in the outskirt of the town.

Outside campus was a different world compared to campus area. it seemed the city never slept. Felix turned to me slowly taking my hands

"Thank you for coming today, Cleo I'm very lucky to have you by my side, you are a special girl. Smart, beautiful, thoughtful- you name it" he let out a sigh.

He took a deep breath looking me straight in the eye and my heart did the flip again. He was nervous, he was going to propose to me!

"Cleo I think we should end this, I'm sorry".

Nothing made sense, our surroundings suddenly faded, the throbbing pain in my chest made it hard to breath. Maybe my vision blurred for a brief moment but his words kept echoing in my head till I lost my balance.

"what do you mean?" my eyes were blurred by the tears threatening to fall but I could see through the guilty face vividly.

"Cleo, please- "

"please what?"

"you are amazing, you deserved so much more than I can offer and-"

I was convinced my hand had the mind of its own when it landed on his cheek. His eyes clouded with surprise that instant and for a split second I wanted to apologize.

"What's the reason behind this?" I asked growing bitter

"You deserve better"

"The real reason damn it!" he let his hands brush his hair in a frustrating manner

"Lilly likes me! Okay? Cleo not to be rude or inconsiderate but it had been Lilly the day I set eyes on her, the instant connection and-"

"And you thought it wise to lie to me! To fill the void? Felix I have feelings for you! Maybe even more than you feel for her, you didn't think this would hurt me too?"

"I truly liked you Cleo, these few weeks with you were special, every bit and second and trust me when I say I thought you were the one"

"Then what happened! If you claimed to like me that much Felix, don't do this" he closed the distance between us, his hands slide the way to my back smoothing me.

"I'm sorry, but I love her Cleo, please give me this chance to be with her, please".

Everything was lost, and the only smoothing thing was my heavy sobs on his shoulders.

Lend me your shoulders to cry on.

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