Loving Felix

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Chapter fourteen

"Cleo please!" he called out almost catching up with me. God I couldn't even run!

"Cleo" he pulled me to him burning my skin with his touch.

"What the hell! Don't touch me" I yanked my arms from his grip

"Sorry I-"


"Cleo, I'm really sorry for everything that's been going on, trust me I didn't wish or plan for any of this"

"Are you done Felix? Please let me be, I think I've had enough" he looked defeated that I wanted nothing more than to make things right with him.

"What they said, it's never true. You are beautiful and-

"Powerless, a slave to my feelings! I know Felix, it's so unfortunate it had to be you just so I could realize it. I always wondered how it would feel to love you, and as it stands Felix. It's nothing but pain." I turned to leave a second after halting in my tracks.

"Oh and these tears you are seeing is just a reminder of how much more I deserve!"


I had somehow managed my way to my hostel and honestly I didn't know how. Fortunately, no one was present. I laid flat on my bed without a care in the world, I thought I could sleep the aching pain away just until the door swung open.

"God Cleo! we've been looking all over campus for you! At least answer your phone"

"I'm alive Vera. I'm okay don't stress"

"How can I not! When you got Felix running after you, what happened?" she asked, concern lazed in her voice

"Nothing magical, he just wanted to apologize" I sighed almost getting tired of talking about him.

"Are you okay? Should I call Blake"

"No, I don't want him to be the bearer of all my misfortunes. Let him live"

"All right, let me know if you need anything okay?"

I nodded at her before pulling the covers up my head.

The sports complex seemed a little quite today, it looked like a lot of it's members had simply boycotted the gym. Deciding on doing a strength training I dashed into the changing room. I spent almost ten-minutes on the dumbbells arms and squat training before moving on to the leg workout.

The gym had turned out to be my second favorite place. Surprise, surprise. the Library was and is my first. It seems I could do all the thinking and pour out my frustration without a care in the world or feel weird about it. A male figure caught the corners of my eyes and I mentally scowled myself for thinking he was sexy.

"Hey you" a deep voice sounded behind me, again making me self-conscious. I turned only to realize it was the guy from the other day. So he was the sexy dude!

"Hi" I forced a small smile reminding myself not to get caught up with another ravishing, masculine sexy human again.

"I'm Richard" he said hands stretched out. I gently shook it.

"Cleo" and might I add he had a beautiful smile. At this point I was convinced all masculine guys had a beautiful smile.

"Nice name, which hostel do you reside?" he asked taking a 20kg dumbbell like it weight nothing.

"I'm on campus"

"I see" I mentally scolded myself not to be rude forcing a smile in his direction.

"What about you?" I asked.

"I'm not a student, I am a basketball coach and a trainer" oh well that tells the packs and all.

"Nice! So you literally pay for walk in every time?"

"I guess"

"Wow, so you train people to live healthy or?"

"Something of that sort, I just help my client reach their goals" and now I was interested.

"So, I can be your client?" he took a good look at me

"I can help you" he simply stated.

"Help me? As in I'll be your client or-

"Or friend" I simply smiled almost forgetting my depressing situation.

"Well, you have yourself a deal"

I had made all the necessary shopping for Bella and at this rate, the girl was just pampered by me. I knew I had to plan for an uber, sis was not ready to board a commercial vehicle with all those shopping bags!

Taking one last stop at KFC I made my way to her school. Kumasi Wesley Girls' was my Alma mater. Gosh I had a lot happily-painful memories there. But for the purpose of academic and good training, it was just an easy guess my sister would walk my shoes.

We agreed to meet in front of the dining hall so as to make it easy to identify each other. I knew too well the crowd I was against.

"Cleo!" Bella called out waving her hands in the air too eagerly. A broad smile crept my face as we endeluged in the comfort of each other's arms.

"I know this may sound random, but I missed you" she confessed softening a fraction of my heart.

"I missed you too! Gosh you've grown tall and big! And there I thought the bedbugs were feeding from you!"

"Funny" she helped me with the bags as we made our way inside the hall.

"It seems the school got bigger, your mistress is really doing good. I see the bungalows she's constructing for the tutors"

"Yea, she's really developing the school. Don't tell me you forgot the food" she said rummaging through the bags.

"Nope! One plate of Jollof rice from Golden Beam restaurant, your special Mr. Robert chips and an extra KFC"

"You Cleo Mensah are simply the best!"

"Yea, yea, I know." She took a long look at me accessing me inch by inch.


"Nothing, you changed a little. You look pretty and all" she confessed

"Well thank you. I'm growing beautiful each passing day" I said showing off my fading black spots.

"Is it me or you just got confident?" I snorted at this

"Confident my ass, I almost died this week!" her eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"I got involved with a guy and let's say he left me for someone worthy." She shook her head disapprovingly.

"I thought you would have gotten through this already, Cleo after what happened with Edwin- you don't have to be this vulnerable to guys!"

"I don't think that's the case! He's in-love with her" I defended.

"Yes so what was he doing with you when he loved someone else?" she asked taking me aback. If he knew from start how he felt why did he lead me on?

"I don't know, but I kind of knew he liked someone else"

"And you stoop that level? Don't tell me you thought he would forget the girl and love you, boys are not that clever! they can't see the good in you no matter how you try, putting in such efforts and being vulnerable just apace them for a while before they get bored and go after their real deal."

I could have easily sum it up and throw her words in the ocean but it made a lot of sense. Unlike me, Bella was a size six, confident and had a lot of experience when it came to boys. She was the definition of beautiful, classy queen B. She practically had boys at the tip of her fingers.

"So what do you suggest" I sighed dejectedly.

"Be you, but not entirely you. Just a little extra"

The remaining two-hours were spent laughing off old memories and family matters, if mom were here she would have been happier. Being the last baby Bella was so attached to mom, she was like her handbag hence the nickname mommy's pet.

"I hope you're happy, even though mom couldn't make it" she nodded picking on the sweets I got her.

"I have you".

"Cleo?" Hanna called out waving at us. When Edwin informed me her Cousin Hanna Asare got an admission to my Alma matter I was absolutely trilled she'd not only meet my sister but also share something in common with me. And now I just wished that hadn't happened.

"Hanna, hey how are you doing?" I asked as she stood in front of me.

"Good thank you, Bella hi" Bella nodded at her in acknowledgement frowning a little.

"Was mommy able to make it?"

"No, uncle Edwin came, you should come sit with us, it's really been long" I didn't know how to respond, didn't he inform her of your fall out?

"Okay, we would join soon" Bella answered in a dismissive manner forcing her to leave.

"I bet he sent her here" Bella muttered boring holes at Hanna's retrieving figure.

"I really don't want to go"

"Who said you would? When we're done, you will go your way and I'll make sure of that. Ain't nobody seeing you"

"Is that jealousy I sense?"

"Hell yea!" we both burst out laughing walking hand in hand as she escorted me to the gates.

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