Loving Felix

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Chapter fifteen

Debilitated, enervated! Drained! Wearied you name it! Richard was a different person all together during training hours, he was like this two-faced villain and I just didn't find it pleasing!

"10 seconds more! Up! Up! And done" I practically felt myself collapse on the tiled floor.

"You did good" I shot a deadly glare at him trying my possible best to steady my breaths.

"Oh c'mon, be professional" he said collapsing beside me.

"Yea right, such a meanie. I really can't believe I stuck around that long." He simply shook his head picking himself up

"That's what you say after every training section, you can stop being a big baby now Cleo. Are you coming or you want to finish bawling your eyes out"?

I stuck my tongue out at him before taking his hands for support. It had been two months already training with Richard and the most I learnt during these passing times were his professionalism. He practically knew no friend during training hours and was like this great friend after which off course made it too hard to even quit!

Another exhausting Wednesday had finally come to an end, at this rate I felt like superman except the little hallow part I tried to conceal. I had moved on from my past experiences paying much attention to myself and doing the most to be happy and content.

I had gotten to my room after passing through the library when I saw a text from Edwin. I knew leaving without saying Hi was a little rude but my sanity was just as important.

Edwin: Hey can I call you? Contemplating on it I finally replied a yes. A minute later my screen flashed his ID.

"Cleo, how are doing?"

"Great, hope you're good too?"

"Yea, so the other time I didn't hear from you again. What happened" I chewed on my lower lips searching for a reasonable excuse.

"You know, I'm trying over here to resume what we had, but you still keep falling off the hook Cleo"

My brain was in a fuzzy. I was in a clear state of thrown.

"What do you mean I keep falling off?" he kept silent for a while

"I want us to go back to what we had, stop making it hard for us" I could feel my face heating up so much my cheeks began to tingle. Every word stung only fueling the fire I thought had been quenched, burning rage hissed through my body demanding to erupt like a volcano

"Am I that much of an idiot-proof to you Edwin? By any chance to I strike you easy, dump or a play toy. In case you've not been updated, I have taken control of my life and you have no right to claim or own me! This should be the last bit of your controlling freak life you ever disrespect me again!" I hanged up catching myself before losing balance. God I was upset!

Did I look that desperate and vulnerable for their love? Did I really come out as despondent? My heart clenched as thoughts overwhelmed my head. I thought I was loving them, giving them my all, being everything they ever needed, loving them. But I guess we spoke different languages. Wiping a tear that seemed to have taken the wrong direction to my cheeks I plugged in my ear piece reminding myself once again of who I really am.


"Red or plain gloss?" I asked the shop attendance fishing through the piles of make-ups.

"Both suits you" she commented admiring the different shades I tried on.

"Thanks, I'll get both, can I get someone to help with the bags?"

"Yes dear" I nodded taking one look at my reflection before turning to leave.

I had survived my first semester and I knew my second was going to have a big turn. Maybe it was very dramatic of me to classify myself depressed after my first semester, I deactivated all my social media and the only form of communication was my new phone number mostly used by parents, sister and few of my friends.

I wore a black mid-length fitting office wear with my relaxed hair in a sleek bun paring it with a black and golden heels.

The buzz of arriving on the first day was very much alive. Mom off course was busy hence I went by myself, something I had grown accustomed to. The uber driver was kind enough to help convey my bags in my room.

Kira's beautiful long legs caught the corners of my eye the moment I entered and I was torn between ignoring or acknowledging her. Honestly I still bore a little grudge at the fact that she failed to scrub on our last week before vacation.

"Ah Cleo?" Vera's voice registered tuning my attention to her

"Vera!" we jumped into each other's arms

"God you look amazing!, your body and all, how did you do it? What size now?"

"A ten" I replied feeling great about myself.

She gasped taking a good look at me

"Are you-oh my gosh! You're wearing make-up? How- when did you learn how to do that, it looks so good!"

"let's just say I learnt something new during the vacation" a small frown crept on her small face

"You mean being unreachable? What happened to your phone it was like you evaporated from earth"?

"Changed my number, yes I'm sorry for not contacting you Vera but I needed to, hope you understand?" we stood silent for a while reminiscing on whatever inspired in the last five months and when I thought of it now, it was just a building stone.

"How are you now?" She asked looking concerned.


We headed straight to campus area after spending hours unpacking, I really hated unpacking. It felt like another chore. I objected to the idea of registering after unpacking but the mother of quick and simple Vera reasoned we should. Luckily for us less people were present cutting off long usual ques.

We entered the I.T lab at the Sociology Department building. Another plus for KNUST, easy accessible biometric. As Vera would put it. Quick and simple.

We both strode out laughing about silliest things that took place before vacation.

"Cleo?" I stilled in my tracks, I knew the voice all too well to mistaken it for someone else. The voice that gave me chills.

I turned smiling up at him, he didn't disappoint. He looked ravishing and I was pretty convinced he looks better each passing semester.

"Felix" he closed the gap between us standing arms reach. Vera excused herself shortly after.

"Wow, you look amazing" he said his eyes traveling across my body up my face.

"Thanks, you don't look bad yourself"

"Are you done with your biometric?"

"Yes, I'm guessing you just got here?"


"Aright I'll get going, later"

"Hope to see you soon"

"We'll see"


"Why did you seem chill with him?" Vera asked out of the blue as we shopped for something sweet.

"I thought you'd ask earlier"

"Well I can't seem to fathom"

"Why should I act any different? He's a mutual friend" I shrugged deciding to take the fresh yogurt instead.

"Mutual friend, really now? Cleo what is going on. Did you make peace with him already and you're not telling me?"

I turned to her direction smiling briefly at her

"What happened to valuing peace, you preach peace every time Vera, you should be happy"

"Fine. It just seems surreal seeing you act as if nothing happened. Oh and come to think of the big smile on his face when he realized you seemed chill and friendly"

I smirked at her comment

"Well we'll see about that"

We walked back to the hostel ready to marathon on our snacks and movie. Susan had arrived completing the empty space.

"Cleo you look good" Kira said smiling down at me. I muttered a thank you before jumping into the shower.

"Drink-up at Samuel's, will you rep?" Vera voiced out immediately I entered.

"I mean we're free for two days, I'm in!" she looked taken aback for a second before forming a smile.

"You've really changed, the old you would have binge sleep instead"

"Yea whatever"

I wore a cute white tube top and shorts complimenting it with a black sweater. My hair was still in a sleek bun leaving a little cute strands. Vera wore a black jean paired with a lazed white top with hair beautiful braids tied up. And for once, looking at my reflection I didn't feel like a shadow to Vera or any other person. I was my own self.

Samuel was the friend that introduced me to Felix, he was like this one person everyone knew and loved to be around. He was just a bundle of joy and excitement. We got to his hotel within five minutes.

"Hey you made it! Gosh you look gorgeous; can I introduce you as my girlfriend?" Samuel asked snaking his hands around my waist. I had grown immune to his regular act of friendliness so it was just of those things

"You wish! Be honored I even came"

"Right, enjoy yourself. Bills are on me sweetheart"

"yea whatever"

We made our way to one of the empty couches nodding our heads to the tune of the music. So this is what drink-ups looks like. Red cups, all sort of alcoholic beverages, barbecues and drug people!

"Hey truth or Dare!" Samuel yelled on top of his voice surprisingly conquering the music. At this point it was right to say he was drunk.

I turned to Vera who seemed too interested in the smoked sausages. "up for some fun?" she nodded as I dragged her to the circle.

As I stated earlier, Samuel was like a thread connecting everyone, he was like the mutual friend to every person, so it was not a big of a surprise to find most of my mates in the circle. There I saw him sitting exactly opposite to me with Lilly by his side, and the sight of both of them looked dry. No chemistry.

"Alright people! Let me start with- "Samuel paused, his eyes searching.

"Gina! Truth or-


"Did you sleep with Parker in a rented car?" she made awkward glances before nodding.

"In my defense, I didn't know the damned Ferrari was rented" I scoffed earning a good glare from her. She narrowed her eyes at me challenging me to break away from her gaze first.

"Okay Cleo, truth or dare?"

"Dare me Gina" I said looking her squarely.

"Well, let's see." A sinister smile made its way to her thin lips

"Kiss Felix"

The room became oddly silent. I smirked at her before turning to my prey. I could feel all eyes on me, everyone seated knew about our little fiasco. They just had to get ready for a show. I slowly crawled to him without breaking eye contact. He seemed uncertain slowly biting on his lower lips. I drew towards him smiling down at him before my eyes flickered to his lips. Slowly I nipped on his lower lips feeling him tensed up.

My hands traveled his face inclining it to mine as I laid his lips on mine. My tongue danced its way to his mouth, gentle but demanding. He groaned softly, low in his throat pulling me harder against him as his lips devoured mine. And just like that I broke off leaving him in a state of complete mischance.

Taking my previous position, I looked up a Lilly's teary face

"So, who's next, Truth or Dare?"


Holla everyone, I just want to apologise for slow updates and inform you there would be continuous slow updates. I'm currently caught up in a family business. But I'll try as much as possible to write and publish anytime I can.


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