Loving Felix

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Chapter one

It was in my first semester, year one in Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, preferably known as KNUST when I laid eyes on Felix Collin. it was never a love at first sight for me, yes I was a little stunned when I was introduced by a friend to him. black and handsome, Felix was about 6ft tall with the most beautiful dark complexion a guy was not allowed to have. his lips were full with this power smile that could hold captive any heart in a second, and honestly I was victimized.

I didn’t think much of it because I had my high school sweetheart with me. Edwin Brown. Edwin and I had been dating in high school, he was everything I wanted. sweet, caring, smart and attentive. I felt on top of my world and peers because he was already majoring medicine in the university of Cape Coast, one of the reputable universities in Ghana. Everything went down the drain in my second semester level 100. our communication begun to break, a lot began to happen, love grew dim till hearts went broken.

My first heart break.

But like they all say, you would find someone better deserving of you in the university. maybe I was expecting that but reality was a far cry from fantasy.

Nothing! not even a pen.

fast forward in my second year, I met Felix Collin again, this time around we had a short conversation, more like what we thought of the lecture notes and how we would want to pass the exam. Felix didn’t look like he used to, even better, one could tell he spent time at the gym and yes it was paying off. the guy looked fit.

“wake up it is almost 8” Vera said dressing up, I was not and will never be a morning person but fortunately for me Vera was. my human alarm. honestly I was awake but I didn’t find the strength in me to get up, I always loved to stay in bed a little more before doing whatever the day required of me. I reluctantly dragged myself out of bed wishing it was a weekend.

At 9:30, we were done heading to the bus stop and my prayer was to meet less people at the station. Monday mornings were always busy especially with the business students dressed in their blue and black uniforms flooding the whole place, they practically owned the shuttle every time and I found it irritating.

And who was I kidding? There was a crowd as always, but that didn’t stop us from going to class 30 minutes earlier. I knew if I truly wanted to comfortably get in a shuttle I had to be ready at least an hour earlier for class but what’s the fun in all that?

The shuttle arrived 2 minutes after, Vera and I maneuvered our way in luckily finding a comfortable place to stand. Unfortunately, our victory was short lived as a lot of people trouped in sandwiching us in the process and now my lugs had to fight for fresh air. The 3 minutes’ drive from my hostel to the lecture hall took more than that, the shuttle was slower than usual and I wanted nothing more than to push everyone out!

I appreciated the space and fresh air the 7 minutes ride robbed of me once we alighted. KNUST is one of the best universities in the country- rephrase that, it is the best. From the architectural designs to technologies, and currently we were leading at as the institution with best developed technology.

It was almost 10am and the thought of going through a 2-hour class left me exhausted, if I could have it my way I would sleep it off. But who was I kidding? Each semester mom and dad expected more from me. I was a good student and was not ready to lose that reputation even though I wanted nothing more than to lazy around.

Trying to put down some notes and balancing the thought of what I would eat after class was all that happened in the space of two hours.

“Cleo!” I turned searching the crowd for the voice, everyone seems to mind their business making me wonder if I mistook hearing my name, probably all in my head. I felt a hand snake my waist taking me by surprise. I didn’t like it when people touched me, especially when I was not close to them, even with Edwin maybe due to our long distance relationship.

I quickly turned coming face to face with Blake. Blake Amoah my first ever university best friend. Blake and I were paired together with three others on a group assignment, apparently we were the only two to take the work seriously and in time grew a wonderful friendship. We started to visit each other in our hostels to calling ourselves when something went wrong.

“hey, what’s up with you?” I said slowly slipping out from his gentle grip, but he noticed it and quickly his smile died. I didn’t want It to look like I’m being full of myself, I just was not comfortable.

“you don’t like me touching you?” he asked, quickly my mind wondered for an excuse but it looked like I had nothing to say

“don’t worry, I won’t touch you again”

Really now?

"really Blake? I didn’t say that, just that there are too many people here, you know I’m a shy person” I reasoned with him.

“how is me putting my hand around your waist a bad thing? Just admit it, you don’t like me touching you” I wanted nothing more than to admit it, yes! I didn’t like it when anyone touched me, especially in that manner but his demeanor didn’t permit me. He seemed hurt and I didn’t want to be rude.

“why do you always want to pick a fight with me? C’mon Blake I really didn’t mean for you to think that way okay?”

“hm! I hear, let’s go” for a second I panicked, was he going with me to the hostel? Because I didn’t want him to! I was too tired to handle a bickering.

“sure”. The shuttle for Blake’s hostel arrived and I hoped he will get on it.

“Alright, I guess I’ll see you later?” I nodded at him as he got in.

Thank God! I sighed before taking my shuttle.

I was always enthused about sociology, the concepts, theories and relation it brought about was something I love and appreciated, so every time I had a sociology class, I was hyped besides I got to see Felix. My baby.

The issue of Collin had been haunting me for days now, I had a crush on him but it seems to grow every single day! And I was a little scared. What if I loved him! Gosh that would be bad! Bad.

First of all, Felix was handsome, very handsome even Vera agreed on that with me, I always had a thing for muscular guys and now that he had developed his muscles it was killing me! How dare he! he had this aura around him that made people notice him everywhere. He was like the famous, hot captain of the football team everyone loved and admired. It was not new to me and a few of my close friends I had a huge crush on him, even Blake knew, he just didn’t know him, only his name. I told him in case he planned on having feelings for me.

And secondly, I didn’t think he would ever look at me, people said I was pretty and yes I knew I was. But I was not skinny. Society had a qualification of beautiful and unfortunately I didn’t fit in, weighing 172 pounds and being 5′2 didn’t actually boost my confidence, come to talk of the acne dancing all over my face, well now you have a clear picture of what I looked like. And oh don’t forget the black spots too! But I guess my curves made up for that. They said Ghanaian men were crazy about curves, big ass and a had full boobs, a couple of girls confessed to me how they would kill for my curves but I was never comfortable. I secretly envied how others purposefully flaunt their curves, I was too shy to even show my legs.

Honestly that was the reason I kept turning down Edwin’s request to meet up, as embarrassed as I am to open up about this- Edwin and I cyber dated. We talked on the phone till dawn, he was such a caring person, more importantly he gave me something I always logged for, attention. He treated me like a gem, something no guy had, and slowly I fell for him, but my insecurities were not ready to accept him fully yet. We had exchanged pictures and talked on video a couple of times and that was because he practically begged me. I really wanted nothing but to see him every day but my fat ass didn’t let me.

As usual I took the 2nd row seat, I could take the first, just didn’t feel like it. Vera sat beside me taking out her phone already ready to use the Wi-Fi, another plus in KNUST. I did so too trying to find something on YouTube but I could not seem to concentrate from the endless announcements are Senior courses mate had to give. My eyes wondered around as it graciously landed on him. He didn’t even have to try, he looked good effortlessly in a zebra box shaped loose shirt and black pants. Only that but he seemed to stand out. Felix was with his best friend Christian. Christian was a good looking guy; he just didn’t strike me as Felix did. They both sat at the upper left.

“quit staring, your neck will break” Vera said laughing.

“can’t, Vera I’m nervous, I really want to talk to him, be close to him, get to know him and tell him about my crush.”

“then do it err, just ask for his number, then you try to get to know him. Maybe it would work out” she reasoned.

“I know, but I can’t, it’s easier said than done”

“3mom(true), but you got to try else nothing will happen and you still would be sitting here cranking your neck for him”

The lecturer walked in signaling for class to begin. I took a last glance at him before focusing on the lectures. After the lecture my mind was made up; I was going to take the first step. I waited patiently in my seat as people strode outside the Lecture theatre, I didn’t bother to look around as I expected him to take the front row out. It was minute but no sign of him, Vera was talking to a couple of friends aware of my decision. Seconds later I stood from my seat, I didn’t want to make it obvious by cranking my neck. Deciding to go up to him, I turned coming in face with him. Good heavens he was gorgeous!

He smiled at me and it instantly became infectious, “Cleo”

“Felix Collin! How are you doing? It’s been long, and you don’t even look for me”

“I sent you a text on your birthday, you didn’t reply” wait a damn minute

“are you serious?” I was surprised, simply surprised.

“yea, check your WhatsApp” I took my phone out scrolling through my messages, but my birthday was last month may when I turned twenty, a very proud Taurus.

“I can’t Identify your number” I shyly said.

“you mean you don’t have it, wow Cleo such a great friend you are”

“come on Felix, if it wasn’t for my birthday, you wouldn’t have my number and come to think of texting me” my phone buzzed, a new message on WhatsApp.


saw his birthday wish and a “hi”, “I’m sorry, my phone was messing up at that moment, I’ll save it now”

“I’ve heard”

“Alright take care, bye” I smiled one last time at him before retracing my steps.

God I hope this works.

Author’s Note.

How was the first chapter? Long much?.
Next update very soon!

Love Meg.

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