Loving Felix

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Chapter seventeen

"So this is why you've been acting that way towards me?" I nodded at him.

"I knew you wouldn't approve of it, so I thought to- to allow some tension"

"What are you going to do now?" what was I going to do? I didn't know. For a fact, I knew Felix's feelings for Lilly hadn't quenched yet.

"Do I have a preference to choose from?"

"Yes, A. you could move on with your life and B. You could still move on"

"Well looks like I'd go for both anyways. Blake, thank you" he stared at me for a moment, before entwining both our hands.

"What am I going to do with you? You know I'm always here for you right?" I nodded at him.

"Yes I do. and to be honest, I don't think I can stand their relationship any longer. The more I come to realize his feelings for her, I just want to see him suffer. But I know it's wrong- I can't help but feel that way towards them both. Am I evil to wish that upon them?"

"I won't blame you, but your actions will determine the sort of person you are. I know you are a lovely person Cleo. Don't let them get to you okay?" I briefly smiled at him before burying my head in his chest.



And that my friend, is how you make a perfect eyeliner"

"I think you were born for this, gosh it looks amazing" I smiled at her reflection in the mirror.

"Oh well what can I say, I'm good at everything I do"

"Confident much?" I stuck my tongue out at her before applying a balm to my lips.

"If you were not my friend, I'd be intimidated by you" Vera confessed looking up at me like some goddess.

"What are you talking about?" I asked almost dump folded at the new revelation.

"Yes. Even the way you draw your brows, is intimidating. Like this boss bitch look

"Looks could be deceptive"

"Exactly, you are just a softie that needs to be handled with care. But look, here you are scaring the hell out of me"

"We have exactly ten-minutes to get to the Lecture Theater" I announced taking a glance at my phone.

Fortunately for us the Lecture was ten-minutes late so we didn't have trouble making our way to the front row.

"All right we are going to divide you all into groups for this assignment. Take note, it would be recorded as part of your 30% for your continuous assessments!" Vera groaned beside me.

me too Vera, me too

"Your groups would be arranged according to your index numbers, contact the T.A for your various questions" the Lecture announced making his way out of the LT.

"Are you going to be fine?" Vera asked

"Do I have to alarmed?"

"You're going to end up with Felix in the same group!"

"Oh please, this isn't Bollywood" I retorted already packing up my bag

"Remember he sat beside you during the mid-semester and end of semester exams?"

"Now my life is a Bollywood movie!"

How could I forget! It was one of the most difficult task for me last semester having to sit beside him after the drama that sprouted between us.

I made my way to the notice board to confirm my suspicion. Half of my face began to ache after confirming the inevitable. I slowly made my way to bed upon arriving at my hostel. The gym had to wait.

"Are you okay?" Susan asked after my thirty-minutes nap. To be fair, I didn't know either. The weight of having to deal with Felix again was a knock out, come to think of the abandoned test books and research that needed to be done.

"I don't know; I feel weak" I answered making my way to mirror plastered on the wall. My nose felt stuffed, my eyes were dull and I looked bad.

"Yea, you don't look your normal self" oh please you didn't have to be that nice. I looked bad.

Taking my phone, I went through the piles of notifications and messages.

"No no no!"

"What happened?"

"My group members want to meet up today! I'm not well and I can't miss it too!" I groaned

"Then tell them"

"I don't know them; they would think I'm faking or something"

I took a quick shower before making my way to the library. After what seemed like hours Gina, one of my group members met me half-way to where we were supposed to prepare for the work. A total number of five members out of ten made it. Yes, including Felix.

"So I guess, we now know the number of people going to do the work" Gina voiced.

"Who has the question?" I asked fishing through my bag for my notepad.

"I did, sent it to the platform"

After thirty-minutes of discussing the question my body begun to give up, I suddenly felt cold and warm at the same time which made paying attention a bit difficult.

"Hey, are you okay?" Felix whispered beside me.

"I'm fine" I mumbled forcing a smile.

"I think we are exhausted, let's continue some other time" Felix said before concluding a point. We all agreed to end our meeting for another time.

"A'int you coming?"

"Err, I think I'll stay a bit" Felix's fingers brushed my forehead causing me to wince at his cold hands.

"Cleo you are burning up! You are not well"

"Thank you, Mr. Obvious. I think I'm catching a fever"

"Uh-huh, let's get you to your place then get you some antibiotics from the pharmacy shop"

"I'll be fine thanks. I just have to rest a little after I will be good to go"

"Yea right" his hand snaked my waist gently pulling me up to his side.

"Or I could carry you?"

"N-no I'm good" He smirked earning a good glare his way.

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