Loving Felix

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Chapter eighteen

"You didn't have to, but thanks anyway"

"You don't have to thank me Cleo, I care about you." Yea, you do.

I nodded trying to steady the key on the lock.

"Let me help" his hands engulfed mine guiding the way to unlock the door. He gently laid me down on my bed covering me up with a blanket.

"Seriously, you don't have to do this"

"I know, I want to. I'll go get the drugs. You need anything?" I shook my head at him before he made his way out. I snuggled deeper into the soft pillows hoping to subdue the throbbing pain in my head. A soft knock sounded minutes after almost relived at the thought of getting better after taking a medication.

"Come in"

"So you need to take one of this now, before taking the vitamins" I sat up taking the medicine and water he handed.

"How much did it cost?" I asked pulling out my purse.

"Really now?"

"How much Felix"

"Let's say I'm returning the favor, please keep the money"

"Okay. Um I think you should get going, it's getting late. I can take it from here"

"Aright. Take care" he turned to leave halting at the door.

"I just can't leave you alone, the possibility that your fever might go high with no one to assist you- can I at least wait until someone comes in?"

"I'm fine, seriously I am good now, and I'm sure someone would walk in any minute from now. I tried to reason but the stubborn being made his way to my bedside insisting to leave after my roommate shows up.

"Can't argue with you now Felix"

"Just rest okay, I'll leave as soon as any of them walks in. then I'll be at ease"

"Fine" I mumbled before slowly drifting to sleep. The thought of drooling or farting in my sleep crawled my mind but I was too drugged to care. The slight pressure on my hands was the last thing I registered before getting lost in a different lane of memories.


"Can't believe we're almost through, this time I landed myself in a very good group" we all chuckled at this. I could relate with Dennis on that. My social work group got only Blake and I working our ass off.

"At our last meeting please allow me to treat you all"

"Off course Dennis! You may" Gina replied too excited eyeing him discretely. Someone was crushing.

We bid our goodbyes before going our separate ways. I slowly tagged on Felix's arms in a way to get his attention before letting go. A smile tagged his lips once his eyes met mine.

"Vera said you stayed up late, you really didn't have to. Considering recent incidents of robbery taking place outside campus. What if something bad happened to you?"

"I can take care of myself"

"So did I yester-night"

"As you are seeing today. I am hale Cleo. How are you feeling today?" I sighed audibly realizing how stubborn he could be.

"I'm okay. It's my turn to take a different route, thank you again" I said smiling briefly at him before turning to leave.

It was a Friday night. A day for carbs and junk! I dialed in Blake's number almost getting impatient.

"Hello Blake! Where on mother earth are you at!"

"Almost there!"

"That's what you said an hour ago!" I accused contemplating whether to start without him.

"If you're not here in the next five minutes. I'm popping the corn!"

"Oh c'mon!"

"Don't say I didn't warn you"

"Cleo, have you noticed Kira's boyfriend hasn't been coming here off late?" Vera asked already dressed up for her date.

"Yes! About that, what do you think?"

"Maybe he's changed" Vera shrugged adding a final touch of her famous balm to her lips.

"Oh please, more like they broke up! Or they're having a minor fight. Ha! any other way it may be, I love it!"

"Gosh! You're such a meanie"

"Oh well, I can't help it" seconds after a knock was heard.

"It must be Blake. Please make your way in!" Blake entered with two bottles of soda.

"Going on a date?" he asked directing his gaze at Vera.

"N-nothing really, just going out"

"That is a yes" I voiced. Vera quickly bide as goodbye before flying her way out. My attention drifted to Blake once reality sunk in.

"So where were you?"

"I- um I was-"

"You know the last time you fumbled like this-"

"You caught me on the phone confessing my feelings for you to a friend and denied it right in your face. Yes, I remember" he said cutting me off.

"Okay, so?"

"I had company" he confessed looking anywhere but my face making me suspicious.

"Oh my gosh, are you cheating on me? Cause if you were, I can't forgive you Blake" he simply rolled his eyes at me like it was not a big deal.

"Don't be dramatic, I'm not cheating"

"Who's the most important woman in your life apart from Mom?"

"You are one of the most important women in my Life" he answered.

"Oh my God Blake! You never say that! Who's she?"

"Who?" he questioned putting on the innocent look.


"Fine! You- you might not be in the first position anymore" he finally confessed.

"Wow, so why didn't you tell me?"

"Um, I planned to, you didn't have to find out like this"

I stared at him for the longest time. I was glad he finally met someone yet the thought of losing him was uncomfortable, our movie nights and late night calls were going to be shun away. He deserved to be happy, loved and appreciated. I was simply happy for my best friend.

Arms opened wide, I pulled him into a tight hug, like it was our last.

"I'm glad. She better be good" I whispered.

"I'm sure you'd like her"

I know.

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