Loving Felix

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Chapter two

“so what happened?”

Vera asked immediately I entered the room, God i was exhausted, I had to wait almost an hour before I could make the shuttle cut! A lot of people were at the bus stop and the sun was too hot to walk. I practically had to fight my way in and to think I was even scared my dress would be ripped!

Why did people like free things? ah.

“well, he had already sent me a text on my birthday, you remember I told you my old phone was messing up?”

“the Samsung?”

“yeah, not knowing he wished me and I didn’t see it! I’m mad. maybe if I had replied at that time, we would have been in the middle of our relationship” I said the two of us bursting into laughter, if only that were true.

“see you, well now you have the number, try and see”

“off course I would, I can’t wait to be dating Felix! That would be like a blessing! a dream come true Vera, I would be very happy!”

“I’ll pray that it happens” she said, a glimmer of hope sparking up. God I hope so!

I settled for rice and tomato stew, what else could I prepare on an electric stove? at times like this I missed my mother’s cooking. Light soup, groundnut soup! I even wanted to eat mashed yam and mommy’s jollof! I could prepare the soup and rice but I just didn’t get the time to, my time table was packed- library and lectures flooded it and the times I could do the cooking. the sun was too hot to go to town, besides I had to rest.

I had an hour to spend and I needed to rest before going to the library, but no, just no! my roommate’s boyfriend decided it was the right time to come trooping in. I didn’t like him period!

I never felt comfortable with him around and I knew it was due to Kira’s attitude towards the rest of us. Four in a room is never an easy thing, I didn’t expect all four of us to get along from scratch but this was different. Kira was a great representation of me and I hated it! She didn’t like people in her business, she didn’t bother to build friendship with us, it annoyed me especially when Vera was trying too hard. So when her boyfriend overstayed, that was it for me! We all could play the b*tch role.

Unfortunately for me Kira’s bed was at my right, I always slept facing the right side of my bed and with her boyfriend present I felt so uncomfortable. if I ever have to share a room with four girls, trust me I would never take the middle bed again and I guess they knew the disadvantage it came along with. That was the reason they opted for the other beds. I groaned reluctantly turning to the left side. They just ruined my sleep.

My time was up, and it turned out I didn’t have a bit of sleep thanks to them. My mind could just not permit me to sleep comfortably with a guy around. Especially when I know I could go naked unconsciously when sleeping, or fart, or drool or even open my mouth. Well I knew I did none of that but my mind just couldn’t risk it. I took my bath and dressed in the bathroom because her adorable boyfriend didn’t have the decency to excuse himself! See? And when I didn’t respond to his greetings I’m the bad person! This was part of the long list I didn’t like him.

Because my hostel was on campus, the library was twenty minutes’ walk, I plugged in my earphones picked up my books and left the two. 7pm on campus was buzzing, a whole lot of people laughing and talking in groups, beautiful young ladies and gentlemen. Most of them looked rich and a small part of me wanted to enjoy their luxury. As usual I climbed up the last floor breathing heavily, God these steps! the Humanities department was half empty as I expected it to be, the librarian was happy to see me as always. We had become friends overtime due to my recent visits, let’s just say I was a regular.

Three hours thirty minutes later I found myself in front of my room debating whether to go in or visit Naa in her room.

So it turned out Kira’s boyfriend was still in the room, his head was rested comfortably on her lap whilst they both smiled lovely at each other and if I were to be cool with them I would have been happy for them, but at this point all I could feel was anger. Anger that he still had his noodle ass in my room! For Pete sake it was almost 11pm, girls needed some privacy and also they made me feel I was the hindrance. As far as I could analyze the situation I seems to be the only one making my displeasure known to them, I in no way tried to hide to them my displeasure at any given opportunity.

This time around I signed audibly at the site of them both muttering few upleasant curses like how late it was! Vera and Susan were not in the room, I quickly went to take my bath silently hoping he would be gone by the time I return, trust me I took longer than necessary only to be disappointed.

I wore my pajamas and made ready for bed, it was almost midnight but I decided to watch a movie on my laptop to pass time, hopefully he would be gone by then. Thirty minutes into the movie my fourth roommate Susan walked in. First taking in her surroundings before her eyes met mine. We smiled at each other secretly sending a message why the hell is he still here!

The only thing I remembered was Kira sending her gentleman off and I, finally placing my head comfortably on the pillow before sleep overwhelmed me.

Naa= An African native name. specifically, among Ga’s in Ghana.

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