Loving Felix

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Chapter four

The birds were chirping, the sky was beautiful and- nope! Not here in Ghana, there was exactly no way any of that could catch my attention. Reality check!

Oh God Thursdays were the best! I had no class and that meant I got to sleep as long as I see befitting. It was 10am already and I needed to do a bit of washing. Vera was of course already in motion as she was nowhere to be found

I laid in bed for almost 30 minutes, I had to wash but the sun was already showing off its amazing bright yellowish light aside the heat it came along with. I could send my clothes to the laundry but it would cost, besides I could save the bill for something else. Aside the criticism of a groomed Ghanaian girl not doing her own laundry , I would have opted for it.

It took me a lot of self-discipline and pep talk to get my ass off the bed and get productive. The sun had already done justice to my skin and health so I knew it would do a great job on my washed clothes also. It was almost twelve-noon and I was famished.

"Vera I don't know what to say to him, if I go with the normal flow we might get stuck at after the pleasantries" my fingers hovered on his chat.

"create something, like twenty questions or something, just make it fun to keep the conversation going"

Okay, here goes nothing!

He was online and I didn't know if that was a good or bad thing, I was so nervous I felt my heart race

Cleo: Holla Collin. I quickly typed before throwing my phone away

"smash the poor thing okay, just smash it" Vera said teasing my predicament. I slowly picked my phone up, he still had not replied. My cooked rice was ready, I proportioned with my boiled egg before checking for his reply.

Felix: Hey Cleo, how are you? Well better now!

Cleo: oh great, you good?

Felix: yeah

I sucked my teeth audibly to show my displeasure, why did this have to be hard! Being socially capable of making friends or fun was one of my short comings. My vibe was down, dead and rotten.

"I can't" I whined

"ask him any question, like what he likes or something"

Cleo: Great! So tell me, what do you do best?

Felix: well, cooking, trading- I don't know, maybe there is more I'm yet to figure out

Cleo: cool, I would like to examine your cooking skills sometime

Felix: oh really? Don't worry you will

Cleo: so, when will that be?

Felix: whenever you want me to

Cleo: I don't know your schedules, so you tell me

Felix: okay is this weekend good for you? Wait a minute! Wait a damn minute!!

Cleo: sure yes!

Felix: your place or mine?

God yours!!

Cleo: wherever you would feel comfy

Felix: okay, then yours.

"Vera!!!" I screamed on top of my voice forgetting Kira was still in bed. I muttered an awkward sorry in her direction before I leapt out dancing.

"what?" Vera emerged out of the kitchen holding a wooden spoon


I whisper screamed hugging her. the next minute we were both hugging and jumping around even though she still didn't know what exactly

"Collin! Vera it's Felix Collin!" I whisper screamed again. God I was happy, I felt lucky! It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would, like the pieces were coming together. Lilly didn't like him, and now we have a cooking date! And all my life I thought there would never be a day I would feel this way, giddy, childish.

"why? What did he say!? I took a deep breath to steady my breathing patterns

"okay, so I was like what did he like doing and all- he was like cooking and blah blah so I told him I wanted a taste of it and he said he would come cook for me!" I said squealing. Gosh I liked him so much.

"aww, I'm so happy for you, I see the way you like him. I pray everything works out for you both" the conviction in her eyes made my heart flatter. I think I was lucky to have her in my life. I was an introvert and mostly because of my low self-esteem I thought nobody really liked me or wanted to associate themselves with me. Vera actually seemed to play the role of a stand-in-sister and I thanked God for her.

I suddenly paled at the thought of him coming over, Kira.

"Vera what about straight face" I asked signaling to her about Kira. Apparently straight face was the nick name some of our friends and I used to refer to Kira, like I said she was not the friendly easy to approach type, more content with her cycle and personal life. I didn't have anything against that but she drove our friends away with the infamous straight face she gave anytime someone was trying to be nice.

Well I was a little mean to her boyfriend and I was not comfortable to have Felix experience her rude demeanor.

"ah what about her? He's coming to see you not her"

"I know but you know her, she won't even respond to his greetings or try to smile when he does in a friendly manner"

"yes but who cares, you guys would be in the kitchen or in your own space just forget about her" she shrugged like it was the normal thing to do, not if karma was approaching at your door step. I had done same to her boyfriend I guess it was time for mine!

The few hours were spent at the library and also trying as much as possible to be cool with Kira's boyfriend parading our room.


Friday classes were comprised with sociology only for me, Felix had his minor lurking in between both sociology classes. Tragic.

I wore a floral sea blue dress that hung my curves beautifully, the dress was pretty and so was I in it. Naa, Vera and I strode in the LT taking our usual seats, this time I managed to persuade Naa to sit with us. I was excited to see him again, it felt like years and I had to see him. My ray of sunshine.

though I smiled a few times muttering thanks to the many compliments I was receiving. But I just anticipated one person. He was the reason and I needed him to complete the purpose for my clothing choice today. He came in almost when the lecture entered making me frown a little, reluctantly taking my attention off him I turned focusing on the lecture.

My phone vibrated slightly making me lose focus.

Felix: I see you *wink*

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