Loving Felix

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Chapter five

Alienation would come to an end when the contradiction between human consciousness and objective reality is resolved". And that was the last sentence I jotted down before the two hours' class came to an end.

"Should we go to the hostel or cafeteria?" I asked Naa trying my possible best not to stare in Felix's direction.

"Cafeteria, by the time we get to the hostel we would be thirty minutes deprived" she reasoned rising from her seat. I know I had to follow suite but Felix had not seen me yet! Spotting him take the back exist I immediately directed Naa to take the same route. He was standing with Christian, they looked like they were making fun of each other but it looked cute to me with the way he occasionally smiled, I knew I could spend all day watching him.

The back exist was directly opposite the cafeteria so at least it didn't make me look like I purposely took into seeing him because apparently Naa was aware of the crush I had on Felix.

Our eyes met making my lips part for a smile, I tried so hard not to smile too wide

"Hey Cleo" he called out as I made my way to him "Hi you, Christian Hi" I said averting my attention back to Felix

"So I guess I'll be seeing you this weekend, we will surprise you" he said directing his index finger from himself to Christian.

What the- and here I thought we had a date! I quickly masked my disappointment with a smile before taking turns with Naa to buy some snacks. So apparently I didn't get a compliment also. Great! Just great.

The last class was already in section when my eyes decided to take upon itself to feel drowsy, I wanted nothing more than to comply, my body parts were arching to feel the comfortable mattress in my room hence my vision was clouded with images of me sprawling my legs all over the bed hugging my soft pillows tightly. "how many minutes more" I asked Naa

"Fifteen minutes" she whispered back earning a groan from me. I discreetly pulled out my phone briefly tapping on candy crush.


Saturdays were stamped by me as being the best day for my campus life! Home would have treated me differently, sorely waking me before 6am to do chores. I guess that was some of the specks on living a life in the university. It was almost 11am and yes my body was not ready to rob itself of the comfort my bed was graciously giving. I slept in late yesterday because by mental timetable said movie night till 5am.

"Where to?" I asked Vera seeing she was already dressed in a white plain top mildly exposing her black inner with a black silver glitter mid-length skirt. She looked cute in it as she applied a balm to her thin lips.

"Going to see James" a small smile crept at the tip of her lips. James Ansah a fine gentleman who managed to win my friend's heart with persistence and a charming nature.

"Off course you are" I said wiggling my eyebrows at her, seriously those people in relationships!

"Will you stop that! We are just going to the library together" oh but the glint in her eyes said otherwise.

"Alright, have fun studying" I said showing off a smirk.

"But don't you have a cooking section with Felix today?" Vera asked momentarily freezing my very movement.

"Shit! Shit!" I quickly stormed off my bed to my locker scanning for something presentable. Jesus I can't believe I forgot!

"Oh my God! Don't tell me you forgot! Like how?" she asked as I rummaged through the heaps of clothes that were now on the tiled floor

"I don't know! Maybe because he invited Christian too, I was kind of disappointed" I huffed finding nothing to wear.

My breath hitched as my face grew pale when a knock sounded on the door. God I was a mess! I hadn't bathe, brushed! I was literally screwed. I turned to Vera with a horrified look and could feel I was on the verge of crying.

Vera slowly inched to the door tilting her head to the side to see from the small hole on the door. She turned to me with a smile "its James" I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding.

"Can he come in?" I nodded in response as she turned the knob open for him.

"Did you just wake up?" James asked giving vera a peck on the cheek.

"Yes I did and thanks to you I almost had a heart attack!" he briefly looked at his girlfriend before turning to me with raised brows

"She thought it was her crush" traitor! The smug look on his face made me want to vanish. Not long ago James seemed too interested in my love life and wanted to pair me with every species that had male hormones.


I felt fresh and looked it. I finally settled for a mid-length dim green with glimmers of gold slightly curved vertical strips in them. From the waist to the bottom was a balloon-like design detailing my famous curves. I put my hair in a ponytail applying a little amount of lip oil to give life to my lips. Susan was watching some K-drama series which I mentally made note to copy from her after my triad date.

The only thing that was stopping me from cancelling the cook fest was the one person I longed to see. I was anxious of what would take place, if I get clumsy or mistakenly do something crazy.

But his smile clouded my mind as I got lost in it, his well-structured face- The vibration of my phone pulled me from the imaginary lane. Collin's name flashed on the screen making my heart race than normal. instantly my hands begun to shake as the hair at my back stood up. Breath Cleo breath. Taking in one long breath I answered

Felix: Hey are you up for it?

Cleo: yea

Felix: oh great we are almost at your door step. My throat suddenly went dry at this

Cleo: g... great, umm waiting then

Felix: see you in a bit

Cleo: see you.

A soft knock sounded no later after we hanged up. Muttering a silent prayer, I asked Susan if it was okay for my date and his plus one to come in before turning the knob open for them.

Yes, that damn smile! I stood transfixed, God it was real! He was standing just some meters away. My Felix, my baby.

There he stood in a long sleeve grey t-shirt with the inscription Eat me! Paired with white shorts. And trust me I wanted nothing more than to devour him that very minute. My sinister mind did a 180 turn when I noticed Christian. He was in a green polo top and black pants.

"Um come in" I said making way for them both.

They exchanged pleasantries with Susan before making way to the seat I offered. Thanking my stars Kira was still not around when she left with her boyfriend yester-night. Each bed had a table and chair for studies and because I was in the middle of three beds mine was placed at tail of the bed. With Christian seated on my desk I motioned Felix to sit on my bed.

"So what should I get you guys?" I asked trying to ease my nerves. They exchanged a knowing look before agreeing on Champaign so to tease me then settling for nothing.

"Don't worry, we're fine" Felix answered showing off his perfect white teeth.

"Alight then! Let's get down to business boys! Up! up! up! the uncooked stuffs are crying for your attention" I said leading them to the kitchen. Our kitchen was not a whole modern kitchen it was wide but closed up, it had shelf on the opposite end where our cooking utensils were arranged and of course the mobile electrical stove.

"Here's much convenient than our hostel" Christian said adjusting himself.

"So Yam it is right?" I asked

"Yea and garden egg stew" Felix said smirking. He was too nice for his own good.

The next thirty-minutes were spent with Felix peeling off the yam and Christian making jokes and failing to chop onions. After peeling off the yam he cut it into perfect small pieces.

"Please rinse it for me and Christian you can leave the onions and rinse the garden eggs" Felix instructed. The toppings of eggs were added as we waited in the room.

"You have a nice place, so where are your other roommates?" Felix asked.

"Out, what's wrong with your hostel?"

"Our hostel is fine, just that yours seems nicer and safe, plus you enjoy the school's WIFI" Christian answered. Which earned a giggle from me. Honestly I opted for campus because of the WIFI and free transportation so yes campus was a big advantage.

"I know sorry; you could apply here next semester. So Christian what's Felix like and I don't buy the story he is single"

"Really? But he is"

"She doesn't believe me" Felix muttered.

"True, my friend here is single, why what's your catch. Do you like him?" my body tensed and it felt like my face gave me away. The defeating silence among as almost drowned me and I wanted to squirm under their waiting gaze.

"n-not that, it's just that I see him around Lilly a lot and I thought he liked her or something" the words rushed out making me flustered. The evident smirk of Christian's face made me uncomfortable. Damn he caught me!

"You noticed right?" Christian questioned boring into my eyes. God was he teasing me?

"Yes I- I did, or Felix?"

"Alright I admit I like her" he answered suddenly making my feet grow cold.

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