Loving Felix

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Chapter six

We took turns in grinding the cooked garden eggs in the earthing-bowl, it was funny and cute watching both guys do it whilst they roosted each other's skills.

Felix could pass as a young chef.

his measurements, flavor and spice was surprisingly great like he was born to cook. I didn't doubt his own method or was afraid something might go wrong. He just knew every ingredient he needed and it turned out great. I really loved it when the yam was plastered against each other and that's exactly how he presented it. picture perfect.

slowly the shyness that overwhelmed me easily dissipated. Everything felt into place as we ate together and shared jokes, jumping into random things and how delicious the food turned out. I got to know Christian was just as nice and funny as Felix, I always thought he was unfriendly.

It was already 5pm and we were lost in a debate on why girls should propose to a guy. Apparently according to the boys' girls won't die if they did. I think the fear of rejection or critics from both genders fuels the retrieving character of the female to do so and the feminist in me was already on the battle field.

"thank you for coming and serving me a wonderful dish" I said to Felix.

"and you Christian, thanks for coming and helping" and I was truly thankful, who would have thought a plus one would make this date lively. I escorted them to the taxi rank wishing to slow every step we took. he was leaving me to his hostel, to Lilly. A girl he admitted he had feelings for. The little hope in my heart died at the thought of it and every step we took reminded me he just came for a visit.

"Alright Cleo thank you for receiving us, we will take it from here okay?" I nodded feeling a bit down before turning to leave. Well at least he cooked for me.


The weekend evaporated dumping the world again to face the weekdays ugh! The clock screamed 8am on my phone. Scrolling through the messages I saw Felix's name pop up.

"why are you smiling like that? Did daddy send you money or something?" Vera asked emerging from the bathroom with her towel wrapped firmly around her body.

"nope! Collin he texted me" I said grinning.

"just tell him already!"

"yea like it's that easy, he admitted he liked Lilly yesterday during our date!" I said frowning at the thought of it.

"but I thought Lilly didn't like him?"

"yes, but he does!"

"then tell him how you feel, maybe he will come around. Besides he cooked for you! That's an improvement." Vera reasoned. He was worth it, worth taking the shot, that I didn't doubt but I was not sure of his heart.

The next few weeks got by with few days to the mid-semester. I had spent almost every second at the library.

Even though I had gone through my notes like dozen times I still was not satisfied. it was almost 6pm and I was headed to the library with a new friend I just made a few days ago through a friend. She was in the lower level and needed assistance on statistics.

We had successfully gone through two topics which she understood very well this time. I gave her a similar question to solve whilst I went through my pdf's.

The discussion room was not a place for personal quite studies- like it was scripted on the walls Discussion area.

The sound of a phone crashing the wooden floors pulled me from the screen only to end up on a perfectly built young man. My Felix Collin.

I had not seen nor texted him these few weeks and I thought I was gradually wearing off the crush I had for him. now that I saw him my inner self screamed clown. I was a damned clown to even imaging moving on.

"Felix?" the words registered before he could disappear any further. He turned, a brief second before our eyes met. He was in a white cotton blouse that made his beautiful chocolate skin shine. My heart did a quick flip at the sight of his beautiful smile. Ugh stupid hormones!

"Cleo" he said with a twinkle in his deep brown eyes. I waved at Christian briefly before going back to the staring competision we both seems to loose ourselves in.

"let's talk later" he said walking down the stairs.

The next 2hours was spent with my heart doing a little flips every minute as his smile wallpapered my brain.


We walked in line to the exam hall, the halls were divided into majors. I made my way to the 3rd row column seat as directed by the invigilator. I silently muttered a short prayer before focusing on my paper. A minute later we were asked to start with 2hours on the clock.

"Thirty-minutes more" the invigilator announced as audible groans were heard. I momently raised my head to the side to relax my cranked neck.


It was like the universe was either against me or was trying to give me a sign. I quickly tore my eyes away before the invigilator could catch on. The last thing I needed was to get caught cheating! Off course they won't believe I was just staring at the beautiful homo sapien.

"how was the paper" I asked Vera once we were all out of the hall

"it was okay" she answered grinning. Oh then it went perfectly well.

"how was it?" she asked.

"good" I answered sharing the smile. Life was good when everything falls in place. At the corner of my eyes I saw Felix chatting up a few of our friends.

"guess what happened!" I asked excitedly

"Felix sat at your side" she answered with a chuckle "when he sat down I saw him, I wanted to draw your attention but you didn't look my way"

"ha! I froze seeing him, I was like what? I think I'll tell him exactly how I feel today" her eyes widened at this.

"face-to-face, don't text so you would can read his expression" she advised. Well that was true.

"I'm going to speak to him" I told Vera.

My palms felt cold, my breath ragged and my heart kept beating like I run a marathon. I was nervous but I didn't want to chicken out now. Taking a deep breath, I made my way to him.

"Felix Hi"

"hey you, how was the paper?"

"good! yours?"

"it's okay" ugh his smile

"can I speak to you?" I asked with ragged breath. It was hard, I had never done this before. Here I was the fat girl going to confess my feelings to one of the handsome guys on this planet earth. The nerve! With a quick nod I held unto his hands a I pulled him away from the crowd.

Our hands were still intertwined when we got to a quiet place, the realization sent electric shocks from my palms to all parts of my body.

"I err- I want to tell you something" I breath out looking everywhere but his face for strength to come clean.

"what's it?" his smoothing voice inquired

"Felix I like you. You don't have to feel wired or awkward, I just thought you should know and I really want to get it off my chest. It's been tormenting me for months and it seems the more I see you or convince myself I'm over this silly crush it just aggravates! And-

"Cleo!" the tips of his fingers slowly brushed my skin giving me goosebumps all over.

"look at me" the conviction in his voice forced me to, I felt stripped under his mercy. His eyes bore into mine making my legs jelly

"I'm glad you do, guess what Cleo? The feeling is mutual.


....dear reader, how's you?

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