Loving Felix

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Chapter seven

The feeling is mutual. Now that was the only melody stuck in my head, after we had both poured our hearts out, well me.we decided to take a stroll to nowhere in particular. I wanted to feel him whilst it lasted, maybe this was just another episode of the fairytale dream I used to have about him. But the gentle squeeze I randomly did with our intertwined hands told me otherwise. Felix Collin and Cleo Mensah was now a thing.

We walked back to the shuttle area, shortly after my shuttle arrived and I didn't want to leave. He tried to let my hand go but I held on to it like my life depended on it.

"it's your shuttle" he said giving me a gently squeeze. Ugh these hormones!

"yes, but I don't want to, what if I leave and you suddenly don't like me?" I pouted but his soft laugh brought a smile to my face.

"I don't think that would happen, you have two papers more to write, you should go learn" he reasoned and I hated that it was true. I ended up taking the second shuttle.

I was behind my timetable and I made a mental note to adjust it seeing I had a new priority. After spending 3hours at the library I finally made it to my room. Vera was still at the Library and so was Susan leaving Kira and yes her boyfriend. This time around I didn't feel the anger, it looked normal but a bit extreme for Christ sake it was 12am! I took a quick bath before going through my chats. I quickly tapped on Felix's message feeling the warmth of our earlier encounter spreading all over.

"hi to you too" I replied eagerly for his message. Shortly after he came online

"hey, can I call you?"

"yep" I quickly typed in going offline. A minute after the screen on my phone light up flashing his name boldly.

"hey" I said biting my lips to stop this unending smile that seems to be making its's way to my lips with every little opportunity.

"so, what's going on?"

"I just got back from the library, you?"

"my brilliant girl" at this my cheeks warmed up making me feel I might get exposed under the glimpse of Kira. Black is gold.

"c'mon you know I have to do this for my paper, you are let off seeing you are done"

"yep, why didn't you choose politics as your minor?" well I didn't do geography or history in the senior high school and I thought without the bases one could not entirely perform well in the university but I was not going to bore him with much details, besides I wanted to do the listening. This voice was like a drug now and I wanted nothing more than to hear it over and over again. Gosh I was intoxicated by him, his voice! Smile and that beautiful haircut!

"umm I wanted to serve people, I've always been passionate about helping the vulnerable and social work presents the opportunity to do so"

"wow that's nice of you, it's already late and you have a plus two to go, I'll see you when you're done okay?"

"y-yes, sure and thanks for calling "

"don't mention Cleo, I missed you and had to do something about it" a silly giggle escaped my lips. He was not with me but I felt shy already

"me too, sleep tight and dream about me, I'll ask you tomorrow"

"ha! okay, talk tomorrow. bye Cleo"

"bye Felix" and the line went dead. I wanted to talk for long, all night but my mind kept reminding me I'll have him for myself after the paper. Since Kira's boyfriend was lurking around I couldn't sleep forcing me to go back to my pdf's again.


The week flew by with consistent talking on phone and random text checkups from Felix. We had gotten close and Vera was taking the credit of us being a thing. I had just gotten to my room after the last paper and might I say I was extremely exhausted; my body could take no more pressure.

"where's my cake" Vera question immediately I entered. Apparently I owe her a cake or a special treat because according to her, if she had not convinced me I would have been wishing and not living it with Felix which was partly true.

"I'm tired, I'll buy it some other time" I let myself on my comfy bed and before I knew, my eyelids got heavier engulfing me in a world .

The sunlight radiating through the widows forced my eyes open. Shit! I involuntary muttered as realization dawned on me. It was already morning. Felix and I made plans to talk all night. I quickly scrolled through my phone to see notifications of two missed calls and some messages from him. I quickly dialed in his number and on the third ring he picked up.

"Good morning" his voice sounded hoarse which sent tingles to some parts of my body, I probably woke him from his sleep.

"did I wake you? Sorry let me call you later"

"I'm good. How're you?" he asked but my paranoia was not ready to put the matter to rest.

"I'm sorry about yesterday, I slept without even knowing, please let me make it up to you today"

"don't worry baby girl, it's fine. I understand you were tired."

"you sure you are not mad at me?"

"yes baby girl, I'm not a bit mad at you" he assured but his cute chuckle did the convincing.

"so now we are done with the paper and I want to spend some time with you, I want to come over"

I said thinking it was time to enter the next level. I had only been in one relationship and that was with Edwin. All my life I wanted to be sure of whatever decisions I made so not to regret later. And now that I think of it I thought I rushed with Edwin, we never actually were officially dating. He liked me and I did too then all of a sudden we were lovers. Something out of the blue I still hate.

But Felix didn't make me want to follow protocols, no he made me want to risk it all- throw away the safety belt and explore anyway I could with him. And that is why I was not scared or anxious to explore the next phase of our sudden feelings for each other unlike Edwin Brown.

"wow that would be nice, tell you what, I'll come for you okay? I want to see you so bad" the last bit was said as his voice grew hoarse messing with my head.

"me too" I found myself whispering.

"20 minutes ?"

"Up for it!"

I settled in a high waist black jean and a white off-shoulder top. I let my moove braids down and gently applied a little gloss to emphasize on my plumb lips. Looking at my reflection in the mirror I was convinced that I was beyond average considering the acne and all. Praise the Lord!

I met Felix at the hallway upon receiving his text , he wore a plain white short sleeve with brown shorts reveling is strong fit legs. My face immediately lit up seeing him.

"baby girl" he said pulling me to him. Our body touched immediately making my knees week, he nuzzled his nose in the crook of my neck compelling my eyelids to grow heavy slowly drinking in the feel of it which made the pit of my stomach gitty. My hands found its way to his waist involuntary tighten around them drawing him closer. We both pulled back breathing heavily. I tried to hide my face from him feeling nothing but embarrassed.

"you are so cute when you do that" he whispered into my ears, his breathe adding to my discomfort

"w-what?" I mumbled

"nothing, let's get going" he intertwined our hands as we made our way out. Thank God the hallways were empty!


Bruh, I'm exhausted. I'm torn between being single and in a relationship. What do you think?

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