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Funny & Inspirational ( a little ) story about A girl, her mother & Enemy of most of parents in this era ( Mobile phone ) ....📱 This is an original story .. Hope you guys will like it!!

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So, we all know that the biggest enemy of our parents in current era is "Mobilephone", sometimes I think that if our mobile phones can understand how it is being despised by our parents, it will be like "Come on shameless person keep me down, how much more you want me to be abused".

So, It all started when I requested for a new phone from my mom, We all were eating breakfast at the dining table, with my whole family and I asked my mother to buy me a new phone as my old one keeps hanging .

After my statement there was pin drop silent on the breakfast table and my siblings were looking at me like "Girl, Why do you have to poke at sleeping volcano? and most amusing thing was that was my father was smirking and looking at me like he is saying " ha-ha, now it will be my revenge for all the arguments that I have lost with you.

"Your old phone is still working, why do you need a new phone"? Asked my Mother.

"It's keep hanging and creates problem if I want to save something or do some study related activity" I replied.

"Like children study from mobile phone, I know you just want it to watch movies and chat with your friends" replied my mom.

"Yes, Dear, You are right," added my father. I looked at my father and said " Papa, Were you at sweet shop yesterday??

"What? No!" You know I have diabetes " shouted my father

"Oh! I thought I saw you there" I said smirking. And there I won again!!!

One thing that can never change is that you can't explain to your mom that you are right and win the conversation, with Father there is a chance to win but with mom, not possible (not in million years). But me being a stubborn child, I keep arguing with her.

"But mom, I really need a new mobile phone for study" I argued.

"Nowadays children have no manner to talk to their parents, when I was in graduation, at that time internet was also available, but I never demanded my mother that 'Mom, I need internet to complete work" replied my mom.

"Mom, your time and my time are different, Nowadays most of assignment and project are submitted online and this wasn't case when you were in college" I again argued.

"Still, you are not getting a new phone, even with this old one you are busy whole day and you don't even help with house chores. Just suppose if I buy your new mobile then what about your sisters, they will also demand new things and I can't, so no new mobile phone and that's the end of the conversation" she replied.

"But mooommm" I cried and she gave me that stare which means keep arguing and you will lose your pocket money this month.

I think every parents have that one deadly stare. Yeah, I know you guys should be thinking, why didn't I saved my pocket money and buy new mobile phone myself? Well, here is the case I am very weak when it comes to food, if I go to market I have buy some junk food. So my money goes into junk food .

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