Does Hair Have to Grow There?

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Do you need a laugh? A quick chuckle perhaps? Look no further. The details of my whacky life events will at least make you crack a smile. My mini adventures range from getting kidnapped in Chicago, running half naked through Urgent Care, almost punching a famous heavy weight boxer and more. Enjoy my mini adventures and get a few laughs along the way.

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This book has been writing itself for years. My beloved friends and family have been asking me to write this book for about the same amount of time. Until now, these chapters are a part of my daily journal writings for the last 20+ years, with The Creator as my only audience.

I am classifying this as “Fiction” only because I changed some of the names to protect their privacy. And because I didn’t want to get sued by the few celebrity mentions in the book. If somehow, those people get their hands on this, thanks for enriching my life. LOL

I hope you enjoy my crazy episodes. I lived all of this, so someone should at least get the opportunity to crack a smile while reading about it. Oh and there is some adult content in here so if you aren’t of age, stop reading now. I won’t be responsible for corrupting young minds. Uh. Anymore than I may have already.

If you don’t crack a smile after reading the entire book, check your pulse. You just might be dead.

Please leave a review and let me know what you think. All comments are welcome. I prefer the nice ones. I mean, haven’t I gone through enough??

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