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Bipolar, it's more than what you see

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Olivia has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder since she was three. One day she gets kidnapped, discovers a secret from six years ago, her best friend is killed in the process but she cannot remember any incident from the kidnap. She's forced to change school where she tries to be a normal student and endures being bullied until she can't anymore. Is she just bipolar or there's more to it? Find out..... (Trigger warnings) °Bipolar disorder, PTSD, anxiety, panic attackers °Strong languages, offensive behaviours °Alcoholism, violence, substance abuse, bullying.

Diana Ben'Etuk
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The day of horror

You're an asshole!"

That's me screaming, my name is Olivia and I tend to get into my head everytime. No, I am not crazy, it's just a feeling, I get easily irritated and screamed and throw things.

"Hey onion, calm down," Derek said with an obvious fake smile.

Oh my God, I felt like I was going to lose my mind. How does he manage to annoy me with a straight face?

"That's the last time you'll call me onion" I yelled and he scoffed. "Why are we even here and where is this place? I asked looking around.

The room we stood in looked like it had been abandoned for a while. I looked at my cell phone and groaned, there was no service.

My mom is gonna be so worried, we dismissed from school over 2 hours ago and I hadn't called to tell her I was going to run late.

"Derek, can we go home?" I asked looking around impatiently. I was starting to have a bad feeling about this and I really do not know how to keep my feelings in check. I looked at my supposed best friend and there was this hatred that suddenly appeared in his eyes. He walked towards me grabbed my arms and suddenly tossed me across the floor.

"You are not going anywhere Olivia, I've had enough of you and today is the day it all ends" He growled.

I picked up my phone and threw it at him angrily but he was smart enough to dodge. "You are despicable, let me go" I screamed.

"That is it" he slapped me and lifted me up. In the blink of an eye, he bound me with a rope. I had never seen him this aggressive before. Thinking about it, I felt the hair on my back stand.

"So, what now? I screamed again as he threw me across the hard floor. I bumped my head and cried in pain. This was unreal but I couldn't do anything because I was bound, hands and feet.

Time crawled but soon it was evening. I could feel the rope boring into my skin, my throat felt so dry, I felt weak.

"I want water______ please" I begged but he only stopped and slapped me again.

"Now you can beg?" He mocked me and laughed.

Derek looked like a demon and I couldn't understand the reason for his behaviour. This wasn't the person I knew, slowly I closed my eyes and wondered how my parents and siblings will be feeling. Poor mom, she'll probably be somewhere crying out her eyes. Then I thought of my little brother and tears filled my heart. I always hugged him to sleep every night, in fact, today I had promised to buy him food from his favourite diner. I didn't expect to be kidnapped by my best friend.

How did I end up from in school to being held hostage? Mind you, I didn't willingly leave the school with Derek, the idiot dragged me down here. After he injected me with propofol at my locker, everyone thought It was normal to see him lifting me towards his car, after all, we were best friends and I was sick.

I am just sixteen for Christ sake, I've always been obedient and loving. I cared about everyone and tried my best to be good and kind. This wasn't the kind of life I was expecting but somehow this experience will shape the rest of my life.

Derek Brooks has been my best friend for six years and I knew everything about him. At least that's what I thought until today. He's always been sweet, we often quarrelled because we enjoyed it, I loved to see him get red with rage and scream my name, then call me onion which I hated.

I've been in here for one week now and I looked a mess. Derek came in and went out how he pleased He barely said a word to me except he was bringing food and water and I hated it. I felt really drained, can I just pass out already?

My name is Olivia Donna Walters, the kind of girl you'll call petite. I am about 5ft, my long hair is a mixture of the different shades of brown which suits my tanned skin. No, I do not have light eyes. My eyeballs are big and dark brown, sometimes they turn black when I'm angry like right now.

"Derek why this, I am your best friend?" I asked but he only smirked. "You know we could have talked about whatsoever I did to make you this angry over ice cream, sitting in the park. You didn't have to take it this far".

"Olivia, I am sorry but you hurt me and I've kept it in for so long. Not any more".

I really didn't know what he was talking about. I will never hurt Derek, I will never hurt anybody because I couldn't bring myself to.

I didn't know who was standing before me but it wasn't the Derek I knew. Derek had helped me in a lot of ways, why was he hurting me now?

Academically, I was a failure; my mathematics sucked, my grades were poor because I could never communicate with anybody, teacher or student. He fixed that and brought out the hidden genius in me. Mentally, I was a mess but he was there for me. He knew about my fear of water, apart from taking my bath, drinking water and doing other chores with water I never wanted to see water. I remember the day some girls played a prank and poured me a bucket of water I went crazy and didn't step out but Derek was my support system. In fact, he taught me to swim in the pool again and now I am a pro. No more aqua phobia.

Do you know how you wish you could die instead of being in a particular situation? That's how I feel right now. What devil had gotten into my best friend? I felt my chest suddenly rising, and I knew that was the anger in me exploding.

Derek saw it too and laughed. "You can't do anything fuming like that. Just relax so I don't get angrier".

If I didn't get this anger out, I was going to die. I bit my lips until I tasted my blood and I couldn't take it anymore.

"I hope I never get to see you again" I screamed loudly.

"And how do you intend to make that happen? By murdering me as you did her?" Derek said in a voice that made me flinch.

Believe me, he's mistaken. I could never kill anyone, I really do not know what he was talking about. I am innocent.

"Derek, I do not understand you. Why would you call me a murderer?" My voice was hoarse even talking was taking a toll on me.

I raised my eyes to study Derek and his face looked like he was in a daze, the copper bronze hair I always admired was tousled like he had run his fingers through it a couple of thousand times. Slowly he came out of his daze and looked me in the eyes, his jawline hardened and he closed his eyes.

Okay, he was angry. I didn't need anyone to tell me. His hand was drawn into a fist and I knew his teeth were clenched underneath that jawline.

Derek was handsome in an annoying way, I couldn't explain but I know that apart from his good heart that's why we've been friends for this long.

Just as I was about to call his name, he opened his eyes and sat beside me on the floor.

"Olivia, you killed her"

"Is this one of your joke?" I asked laughing but he slapped me again. This was probably one out of the ten thousand slaps Derek had given me since my abduction. My mouth kept betraying me; saying foolish things that worked him up. The other day I said he was acting like Dwayne Johnson with Camilla Cabello's attitude and voice. I don't even know what that means but I said it and he went crazy and even crazier when I asked if he could sing senõrita.

"Six years ago Olivia, she was just two____" Derek's voice betrayed him and he started crying. I swear, I've never seen him cry like this.

I remember six years ago, I know what I did but I was ten and It wasn't my fault, I was having a manic episode. It was my mom's fault, I told her I wanted to stay at home alone but she refused. I struggled to overcome that memory and that's why I've always tried to be good and kind to people. I couldn't control my emotions and my entire body started trembling.

"Can you tell me what happened? Why did you do it? I was there, I left for two minutes, just two minutes Olivia and you killed her."

I do not know why I started laughing but I laughed really hard and it scared Derek. The memory suddenly filled my head, the one I had locked away for so long. Tears stream down my eyes but more than that I felt anger and pain.

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when I was three, living wasn't easy, my mood swings were crazy. All that changed after the event that happened six years ago. I was happier and healthier but right now I was going back to that sad phase.

Six years ago, I was standing by the pool. I didn't want to swim but my uncle forced me, I was crying angrily and I found a little girl holding my legs, she was playing but my mood wasn't in order. I quickly brushed her away and she fell into the pool before I realized what was happening I heard my mom screaming and looked into the water to see that the place the girl had fallen into turned red. She had hit her head hard against the tiled floor. How did she fall that deep? I didn't even push her, I just moved my feet. I could never bring my self to swim again, I hated being around water. Now you know how my aquaphobia started.

I spent days in the hospital, attended therapy and all but it didn't get better so I decided to pretend and lie to everyone that I was fine. Dealing with being bipolar and suffering from PTSD was a lot but when Derek came into my life he helped me heal.

I couldn't help but wonder. If that little girl was Derek's sister, why then did he come into my life? Why did he help me heal just to break me again? We had a pretty good relationship, he was my big brother, we even planned on going to the same college.

"Since you knew about this, why did you come into my life?" I finally asked voicing out my thoughts. Why didn't you just kill me then, why wait for six years and suddenly kidnap me?

"When I met you, I wanted to kill you but you were suffering already and I couldn't bring myself to hurt someone who was as pitiful as that. I even thought of hurting your brother but he wasn't the one that offended me. You are really sweet and I find it almost impossible to believe that there's such darkness in your heart"

This was where I lost my mind. I started screaming angrily at Derek, he reminded me of my worst nightmare.

"I never want to see you again". I screamed and bit his hand.

Derek's anger matched mine, he picked me up and locked me in a cupboard.

"You're crazy, murderer!" That was the last thing I heard him say.

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