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This story is about four friends They spends three years together and they are stupid, funny and hardworking when in problems. But the most important thing is that they have is an infinite friendship which keeps them close.

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High school I'm coming

Today is the first day of High school. I’m very excited as a new life is going to start from today.

This is what my expectations were, but there is nothing like that. In the morning instead of using toothpaste, I used hand wash. Ugh! So disgusting I still remember that taste.

And I’m late on the first day because:

First, my tire punctured, then a dog chased me and at last when I entered the class everyone was laughing at me because my hair was messed up and my face was black because I fell in front of a motorbike which suddenly started.

And as a result, all the fume was on me. Yes, but someone was not laughing at me. He was busy in his own world. And without any hesitation was continuously staring at his books. He never paid attention to anyone.


His name is Evan. He is always stuck to books and has probably done nothing fun instead of studying since his childhood. He is not only a bookworm but is also a topper in the entire grade.

I wonder if he has ever left his book. It seems as if someone has glued the book to his hand. You can see it whenever you see him. Books are just like a body part of him which he never leaves at any cost.

Just after me, one more boy arrived. His name is Kevin. He is always last in the entire grade and is very lazy. But at the same time, he is fortunate too, as his family is very rich and has a big business in Russia.

So that can clearly explain his laziness and also why he isn’t affected even a bit after being scolded thousands of times not only in front of other classes but also the whole school.

During the lunch break, I saw a girl getting bullied by a bunch of senior girls. At that time I ran to her and said that the teacher was calling us.

But the bullies didn’t let her go and asked me what my relationship was with her. As I had no idea at that time, I declared her my friend. And since then my declaration isn’t just a declaration. It is a truth.

Her name is Maria. Maria is extremely good at mathematics and environmental photography. And on top of that, she is very kind and sweet.

So, though we became friends in a critical moment and had to face many more hard times, it didn’t affect our friendship. And instead, our friendship grew stronger and deeper.

So now let me introduce myself. I am Emily. I am extremely good at biology and chemistry, but physics is a subject in which I always lag.

And the reason why is it so is that it contains math. Ughh... I hate this subject. It freaks my mind. In short, it’s unpredictably boring. I am also good at French, but when it comes to giving the test, because of some reasons, I don’t get nice marks.

<<Time Skip>>

Today I’m moving my house because my mom wanted me to stay at home instead of school dormitory with friends. She thinks of me lowly and says that she would have let me stayed in the dormitory only if I was capable enough to keep the place clean and hygienic.

Let me tell you about Kevin. He is extremely good at sports and that to mainly basketball. He is selected for the basketball team and I think he will soon play with other countries.

We all wanted to choose clubs so that we can get extra points. I thought of taking science club, but as there was no place so I thought of choosing something different. That’s why, I and Maria chose radio broadcasting club. But unfortunately, she was not selected, instead Evan was selected.

I know you all might be thinking about how. Evan in the radio broadcasting club!?

This is because he needs to take part in at least one club activity to get admitted into the university.

<<Time Skip>>

On the weekend my parents came to pick me up and even Maria’s parents came to pick her up, but Kevin said he will be staying at school because his parents are in Russia for business.

When we reached home, at that time my mom told me that the people who were living above us were very rude.

I’ll tell you the whole incident.

When my parents arrived, at that time there was a lot of stuff, so they kept it outside. When the lady who was living above came down, she started screaming and kept on banging our door like a crazy person. She kept asking every passerby and our neighbours about whose stuff it was.

I don't really like her as it feels as if she has realized her youth during her old age cause she wears heels everyday and keep walking here and there showing her legs below the thighs. Dad even told that he heard her singing and that she sings very nice. He also said "It is so nice to able to meet a woman with both a good face and good knowledge."

On this mom even beated the flesh out of dad's body.And now I am pretty sure that he won't even dare to look at some other girl.

<<Time Skip>>

On Sunday, my mom made momos and asked me to give some to the ones who were living above me. And guess what happened. I was shocked!

It was unexpected that Evan was living above us. And when I told him that I have brought momos for you, he slammed the door right in my face. I was so angry that time that I went downstairs and gave all the momos to the street dog.

So now I’m full of anger and now I feel like exploding their house with RDX

Hahaha! It will be great if they turn into ashes.

<<Time Skip>>

The next day Evan went to the library and his mother was cutting vegetables and got cut, so she came to our house and said if we could give her a bandage and let her make a call because her house got locked when she came out for the bandage and left the keys inside by mistake.

Till the time my mother dressed her wound, I went to the library and said Evan to give me the keys. Though he said a clear no, it wasn't in my habit to accept my defeat. So I had to drag him by pulling his shirt as there was no time to explain.

Then after he saw his mother at our home with a bandage on her hand, he slowly started to understand everything. How can he be a topper with such a slow brain? He is literally a scum bag. But that doesn't matter as one extremely good thing happened to me. He thanked me and said that he will complete my maths and physics homework for 1 year.

Who knew a small cut can make a person do my homework for a year. Anyway, looks like I’m gonna get full marks in the notebook and a lots of free time too. Omg!! can’t believe myself!!

<<Time Skip>>

The next day when I was feeding the puppies I saw a group of boys bullying a small kid. They took his balloons and popped them one by one. The poor small kid was unable to do anything. So I went to them and said:

" Hi! I’ve just shifted here so will you help me to go to your moms and tell them how strong and courageous kids you are? I should tell them that you have grown up so much that now you even have the guts to bully someone weaker than you."

Soon after I said this to them, they ran away. "HUH! bullying other kids!! What is even their age to do all this stuff!?" I was busy imagining myself as a heroin in my own world when someone knocked me off.

Ugh!I turned around to take a look and found Evan. He answered abruptly and said "You’re coming in my way." and went with a small and devilish smile on his face. That’s when I realized that he did it purposely. I screamed "Evan you’re dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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