Devil In A Red Dress

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Trevor Randall is an IT programmer who lives in an apartment with his sassy, uninhibited girlfriend Rosalee, and his best friend Chad. Rosalee has set up her own erotic website, while Chad is unemployed. Trevor is a comic book enthusiast, and when a little girl in a red dress drops a strange comic in front of him, little does he realise that his world is just about to be turned upside down. The comic is titled, The End Of The World, and its final scenes show a train de-railing, killing dozens. A week later, a train does de-rail, just like the comic book had predicted. Three months later, the little girl drops another comic in front of him, and a week later the ending of the comic occurs in real life. It becomes apparent that he is the main character in the comic, and when Rosalee appears in the next comic, and Chad appears in the next one, Trevor is bewildered. Four comics in all, all of them dropped in front of Trevor by the little girl, the end of the comics then happening in real life, including a woman falling from the sky. The woman, Alika, is gorgeous, although there is something mighty strange about her. Strange comic books, an eerie tunnel, a mysterious little girl, a woman who fell from the sky … A battle is looming, and Trevor is becoming increasingly anxious as he stares at the title of the comics; The End Of The World.

Humor / Fantasy
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