Devil In A Red Dress

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My Life; Comics and Fiery Hispanics

Cincinnati, 16th October 2015

It still happens, I still snap awake in the middle of the night, my brow coated in a cold sweat as it all comes rushing back.

I know, I fully understand now that I will never escape the memory of that dark and gloomy night. I had come face to face with the Beast, I had faced my own mortality, and while physically I had survived, large chunks of my sanity hadn’t. The destruction, the chaos, the terror, the glowing red eyes …

Atheist’s mockingly say, There is no God, and I can’t prove or disprove the claim, but I do know that there is a Devil. I heard it said once that the Devil’s greatest achievement was making people believe that he doesn’t exist, but he’s not fooling me, because I had stood toe-to-toe with him … arhhhh, actually, I should have said that I stood toe-to-toe with Her, and gee, she’s a nasty little bitch.

So I’m a believer now, I believe in God because I know the Devil is real; and I brought a Bible, and I hung a crucifix in the hallway, and while I haven’t been motivated enough to go church yet, I’ll get there one day. So this is for all the non-believers, it’s for all the doubters and deniers; my story will make you believe.

My name is Trevor Randall, and I’m a twenty-four-year-old IT programmer from Cincinnati, and yeah, right at that this point, I can hear the doubters scoffing, Cincinnati? Out of every city in the world, the Devil landed in Cincinnati? It’s a reasonable point, I mean why didn’t the Devil choose a Biblical place like Jerusalem or Bethlehem, or maybe somewhere nice like Hawaii? And even stranger, while did the Devil choose to unleash his wrath on an IT programmer? Whoops … I meant unleash Her wrath on an IT programmer. Having met the Devil, I don’t think she’d give a toss if someone used the incorrect pronouns when referring to her; but just to make it clear; She is a Her, and Her is a She. I guess if I need to announce my pronouns, I would offer He or Him, or even guy or dude, and I mean I’d even answer to Nancy Boy or Dickhead. One time somebody referred to me as a Little Bitch, and I responded, because I didn’t really care what people called me. This is my story though, so maybe it makes sense to tell you who I am. I live in a second-storey apartment with my beautiful girlfriend Rosalee Cianzo, and my best friend Chad Smyth.

Rosalee and Chad don’t always get along, and sometimes it’s like a war in the apartment, although it’s never anything like the war we three were going to find ourselves involved in.

Rosalee is beautiful, and she knows it. If she’s standing upright and at attention, there is five feet five inches of Rosalee, and it is beautifully packaged. Rosalee isn’t slim, she’s womanly, her boobs eye-popping, her legs strong, and man, she has a spanking butt. I have never spanked her spanking butt though, and as you work through this story, I’m sure you’ll begin to understand why. People used to ask me, How come you got a hot chick like that?

I didn’t know, maybe it was because I suited her requirements. She was the Boss, and we did whatever she wanted to do. Occasionally she’d ask me, What do you want to do tonight Baby? I would suggest something, then she’d snort, Fuck off, we’ll do what I wanta do instead! Of Spanish heritage, Rosalee is beautiful, but she’s also loud and aggressive, and it was her volcanic personality that helped me understand my role in our relationship. I was the head-nodder; Yes Dear, whatever you say … Because of her fiery nature, Rosalee didn’t respond well to taking orders from anyone, and she’d been fired from five jobs in four months before she fell into her current occupation. Eighteen months ago, she’d set up her own erotic website, and at the start, I was uncomfortable about complete strangers looking at my beautiful girlfriend naked. I aired my grievances recently and said, Baby, I’d prefer it if you got a proper job. She blew up and roared, You fucking kidding me! I have more than eight thousand subscribers!

Rosalee had set the study up as her studio, and nobody was allowed to go in. She had a 65” flat-screen TV on the wall, and she had a collection of travel CD’s that she used to provide a background for her photo shoots. The CD’s were of exotic or famous places, and that gave the illusion that she was shooting in different locations. I went into her studio once, but after fifteen minutes of roaring abuse and snarling threats, I got the message that the studio was off limits.

She was making money, so she was happy, and if she was happy, I was happy … and safe.

I loved Rosalee, although when she exploded, I was scared of her; but that was okay, because Chad was scared of her most of the time.

Chad was five feet eleven, and trying to be kind to Chad, he was portly, although Rosalee referred to him as that fat prick! Chad was on welfare, as he was still trying to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. I suggested that he get a job, but no, not at moment, for he was a gamer, and he spent his life in front of the X-Box. Or watching porn.

One night, the worlds of Rosalee and Chad collided.

Rosalee wanted Chad’s rent money, and she burst into his room. Rosalee wasn’t a knocker, she was a burster, and unfortunately, at that very moment, Chad was on the verge of doing a little bursting of his own.

“Ohh you fucking pig!” Rosalee hollered, “Trevor, the fat prick is wanking again!”

I wasn’t sure what she wanted me to do about it, and on a personal note, I didn’t want to do anything about it; so I slunk down in my chair and remained silent.

I heard Rosalee’s surprised voice, “What?” then shortly after she bellowed, “That’s my fucking site!”

I remained hunkered down, then I heard the scream, “Trevor, get in here!”

Chad was obviously in trouble, and if I didn’t go in, I’d be in trouble as well, and then all our neighbours would hear about it. The best way to keep the peace in our apartment was to do what the Boss told us to do; so apprehensive in every way, I skulked in.

Rosalee stood at attention, pointing at Chad as she roared, “This fucking pervert is looking at my site!”

Chad was busy adjusting his track pants, a large bulge indicating that he hadn’t quite finished whatever it was that he had been doing.

Rosalee grabbed my arm and led me over to his lap-top. “Look, he’s perving on your naked girlfriend; what are you going to do about it?”

Wow, it was a good shot, and I could fully understand why Chad was in his current situation; all the same, I had to defend my lady, so I mumbled bashfully, “Ohhh, come on man, stop it.”

“You’re a fucking pussy,” Rosalee scowled, “Beat him up!”

“Baby, he’s my best friend!”

Rosalee was fiery and impetuous, but she was also normally decisive, and she said, “Okay, get me a knife; I’m going to kill him!”

“Wait, wait,” Chad fretted, “I’m a subscriber!”

“Cut his fucking balls off and … huh, what?”

“I’m, I’m a subscriber.”

Rosalee pondered for a moment, then she clicked on the links to confirm what he was saying, and in a more civil frame of mind, she muttered, “Ohh, okay; what package you on?”

“Ummm, standard.”

She glared at him, “Standard? You cheap prick!”

“I’m on welfare!”

“The Premium package is only an extra twelve dollars a month!”

“Okay, yeah, so next welfare day I will upgrade.”

Rosalee leant forward and clicked a few of the photos. “What’s ya favourite? What do perverts like you get off on?”

Chad seemed pleasantly surprised that he wasn’t going to get stabbed, so he said brightly, “I’ll show you.”

Boy, this was a bit uncomfortable; my best friend who still had the subtle suggestion of a boner, flicking through photos of my naked girlfriend.

“Your school dress series was a ripper, and I know for a fact that the Naughty Nurse was very popular.”

“How often do you look at the site?”

“Well you update weekly, so …”

While flicking through the photos, Rosalee said reflectively, “I always wanted to think that the people who subscribed to my site would be young and good-looking guys, although deep down I kinda knew that it would be fat, slob perverts like you.”

“Well you know, you’re gorgeous.”

“I know,” she huffed, and with her capitalistic nature coming to the fore, she said, “Update now while I’m here!”

“Ummm, I haven’t got any money on my card; welfare comes in on Thursday.”

“Trev, use your card and update him, he can pay you back on Thursday.”

I never argued with my baby, so I upgraded my best friend, and while I was doing so, it occurred to me that I was upgrading him so that he could perve on my girlfriend.

“You wank every time?” she asked.

“Ummm, that’s a bit personal.” Chad muttered bashfully.

“Call it market research; do you or don’t you?”

“Gee Rose, you’re gorgeous, so …”

“Good, good, and ohhh, I’m working on a shy librarian thing, and it’s going to be hot!”



We were young, and we liked getting pissed, so every Thursday night the three of us would go down to our favourite bar, The Drinking Hole; and we’d kick our heels up and get, well, you know … pissed. We knew all the staff and most of the regulars, and indeed, there were a few regulars just like Chad.

‘Hey Rose, last week’s spread was fantastic!’

I normally drank and got wasted with a bunch of guys who were as familiar with my girlfriend’s body as I was. Rosalee loved the limelight though, ‘You jacked off?’

‘Of course!’


After work on the following Wednesday, I dropped into my favourite comic shop. Comics were my vice. Anything Marvel, any Graphics, me always on the look-out for something new. I selected four comics and began to make my way towards the counter, when suddenly, unexpectedly, a comic was dropped on the shelf in front of me. The comic didn’t have a cover, but it did have an eye-catching title; THE END OF THE WORLD

I picked it up and looked at it, then I turned to the person who had dropped it in front of me. It was a little girl, maybe seven or eight years old, her hair brown, her eyes dark, the little girl wearing an above the knee red dress.

“Hi.” I said.

Without saying a word, she turned and walked down the aisle and disappeared out of view.

Slightly bemused, I fronted Jimmy with my selections. Jimmy had been running the store for five years, and I was his best customer.

“Hey Trev, how ya doing?”

“Good thanks; you baby-sitting the girl?”


“The girl, is she a relative or something?”

“What girl?”

“The girl in the red dress.”

Jimmy flicked on the security camera. “Arrhh, we’re the only ones in here man.”

“Hmmm, strange.” I mumbled.

Jimmy looked at one of the comics, then asked, “The End of the World; where’d ya get this?”

“The girl in the red dress dropped it in front of me.”

Puzzled, he asked, “The girl who isn’t here dropped this in front of you?”

“Ummm yeah, well I think so.”

Rosalee was in the study when I got home, and Chad was doing whatever he was doing, (probably enjoying the upgrade) so I sat down and read the new comic. Like most new ones, it started off slowly as it set the scene and introduced the principal character, although right from the start, it gave you a sense of impending doom. I figured that if the comic was titled The End Of The World, splashing a bit of doom and gloom around would be a good idea. The comic finished with a tragic accident, and I made a mental note to keep my eye out for the next issue.


The next week, I arrived home from work to see Rosalee and Chad sitting on the couch, their focus on the TV. It was my couch, and it was unusual for Rosalee to let Chad sit on it, so I assumed it must be something important.

“What’s happening guys?”

“A train came off the bridge!” Rosalee exclaimed.

“And there’s dozens dead and hundreds injured!” Chad added.

I sat down and watched with them, disturbed by the horrific images. A train had indeed come off the bridge, and the first two carriages had smashed to the ground, squashing cars underneath them. A few of the twisted carriages dangled in mid-air, the train looking like a big, mangled centipede.

The entire city of Cincinnati was rocked by the catastrophe, and I didn’t make the connection until the next day when I was at work.

After work, I raced home and picked up the comic, and then my jaw dropped.

In the comic THE END OF THE WORLD, its last page showed a train de-railing and carriages crashing to the ground, the final drawing of the dangling train being eerily close to that of the actual scene which had been featured on the front page of every newspaper.

I showed the comic to Rosalee and Chad, and Rosalee snorted, “Ohh the sick fucks! It’s a bit early to be cashing in on a tragedy!”

“No, no; I got this last week!”


“I got it last week, and then you know, yesterday …”

Rosalee raised her eyebrows then muttered, “Fuck me.”

Intrigued, Rosalee read the whole comic, then in a typical Boss-to-Head-Nodder kind of way, she asked curiously, “This is what you waste your money on?”

Chad read the comic, and then he muttered, “Fuck me.” and I didn’t want to be the third person who muttered Fuck me, so I turned to the last page of the comic and declared, “This is unbelievable!”

Chad muttered, “Fucking unbelievable.” and Rosalee added thoughtfully, “It could just be a coincidence, although it is a huge fucking coincidence!”

“Fucking bizarre man!” Chad concluded.

The comic didn’t have a glossy cover, and on investigation, I noted that it didn’t mention an author or a publisher; it was simply sixteen pages of story and illustrations.

The next afternoon, armed with the comic, I went and saw Jimmy.

He was blown away. “Whooo, the comic world has its own Nostradamus!”

“Jimmy, have you seen that little girl?”

“Which little girl?”

“The little girl who dropped this comic in front of me.”

“Trev, I can tell ya man, I’ve been running this place for five years, and I could the count the number of little girls who come in here on one hand.”

“She was about seven or eight, and she has brown hair and she had a red dress on.”

“Again man, I swear I haven’t seen a little girl in here for months.”

“Well if she does come in again, ring me will you, because I want to know what happened to the cover.”

“Ohh yeah, no cover.”

“I want to find out who the creator is and who the company is.”

“I can do that on the computer.” Jimmy said, then he tapped in and searched. After a few minutes he shook his head and muttered, “Nahh, nothing coming up.”

“Jeez, arrhh listen, when you get the next issue in, save one for me.”

“I’ll keep an eye out.”


I called in every two weeks anyway, although no follow-up comic came, and after two months, I’d forgotten about it.

In November of 2014, Rosalee got her nine thousandth subscriber, and we had a big celebration down at the Hole.

There were now eleven of my drinking companions who were subscribers, and to thank them, Rosalee danced on a table and flashed her boobs. I loved the fact that I was the man in her life, although I was uncomfortable that there were nine thousand other men in her life, including my upgraded best friend, and eleven of my drinking buddies.


My business-minded girlfriend started to expand her website, and occasionally I would come home to find a strange girl in the apartment.

“Who’s that?” I would whisper.

“Her name’s Shelley, and I’m paying her to do some lezzo stuff with me.”

Fleetingly, I wondered whether I should sneakily subscribe on the Premium Package, but no, safety first.


The following week, Chad was obviously impressed, familiar yet disconcerting sounds coming from his room.

Rosalee was snuggled into me on the couch, although when she sat up and cocked her head, I thought, Uhh ohh. She muted the TV and listened for a moment, then she pushed off the couch and marched down the hallway. Banging on his door, she yelled, “Are you wanking pervert?”

“Ummm, ummm, I’m not sure how to answer that.” came the timid reply.

“Is it my site?”

Nervously, he squeaked out, “Am I in trouble if it is?”

“No Dickhead, you’re in trouble if it isn’t!”

Relieved, he mumbled, “Yeah, well it is.”

Rosalee barged in and Chad hastily flung the towel over his groin as he moaned, “Jeez Rose, you can’t just charge into my room!”

She ignored him as she looked at the monitor and asked, “My ass is better than hers, huh?”

I went down to see what all the commotion was, and I found Rosalee shoulder to shoulder with him, flicking through the photos. Chad had his shorts around his ankles, and the towel over his groin housed a prominent bulge. I was very uncomfortable, although Rosalee obviously wasn’t as she declared, “I specifically chose her because my ass is better than hers!”

When she was talking about herself, Rosalee wasn’t a question-asker, she was a declaration-maker, and Chad knew her well enough to know that he needed to support any of her vain declarations, so he nodded and said, “Yeah, well that’s true enough.”

I gazed at the photos, becoming interested quickly. I’d never seen much of her work because I wasn’t allowed to view her website. Right at the beginning of this business venture she had warned me, If you look at my site, I’ll kill you. I don’t come down to your work and spy on you, so respect my privacy.

She glanced over her shoulder and saw me staring at the screen, then she asked curiously, “What are you doing?”

“Huh, nothing.”

“Fuck off Trevor, this is private!” she yelled.

Strange yeah; she was uncomfortable about me seeing the photos, although she was comfortable discussing them with my nearly naked and obviously aroused best friend.


After work the next Wednesday, I dropped into the comic shop, cruising around and making my selections. I was flicking through a comic, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement, and then a comic was dropped in front of me. I stared at the title; THE END OF THE WORLD. I turned, and there she was; the little girl in the red dress. Intrigued, I said, “Hello.”

For a moment she stared at me, then she began walking away.

“Hey little girl, wait!”

She walked down the aisle and turned the corner, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to be seen chasing a little girl, but I needed to see her. I scooted around the corner, but she wasn’t in the next aisle, or the next one.

“Hello, hello!” I called out.

“Arrhh, I already said hello Trev.” Jimmy replied.

I raced up to him and said, “Get the cameras up!”


“The little girl’s here!”

Jimmy brought the cameras up then shook his head, “Nobody here but you and me.”

I was a bit rattled, and Jimmy gazed at me suspiciously as he asked, “You okay man?”

“Jeez, she was here!”

I strode down and picked up the comic, then showed it to him. “She dropped this in front of me!”

“Okay, well there’s no cover and no price on it, so I guess it’s yours.”

I was going to read it as soon as I got home, although I kinda got side-tracked as Rosalee and another girl were standing at the kitchen counter having a drink, both of them dressed in towels.

“Hey Trev, this is Davina!”

“Hello.” I nodded.

Rosalee got straight back to business, instructing Davina, “So while you’re sucking my tits, I’ll skim my hand over your puss, okay?”

Davina skulled her drink, then nodded, “Yeah, you’re the boss.”

The three of us knew that what Davina had said was true, and then the two young ladies dressed in towels sauntered off to the study.

Sometimes, no, no; I mean most times, I wished that Rosalee would let me become a subscriber, and this indeed was one of those times. Rosalee was now occupied though, and I could hear the rattle of machine guns coming from Chad’s room, so I assumed that he was occupied as well; so I sat down and opened THE END OF THE WORLD.

The comic began with the aftermath of the tragic train derailment, and it dawned on me quickly, that this could actually be set in Cincinnati, as the emergency vehicles displayed CPD or CFB emblems. It also emerged that the principal male character’s name was Trevor.

I read with interest, becoming absorbed, then the final two pages were intriguing.

An old abandoned apartment block was due to be demolished, although mother nature stepped in. A huge lightning bolt hit the building and destroyed it. In the final scene, Trevor is seen to be thinking, Hell, there is something mighty strange going on here …

Later that night, I showed Rosalee and Chad the comic, and Rosalee said in bemusement, “This dudes name is Trevor?”

Chad nodded appreciatively and said, “This isn’t a bad comic.”

“Yeah, but Trevor is a stupid name for the main character.” Rosalee stated.

“Baby, my name’s Trevor!”

“Yeah, and it kinda suits you, but at the end of the day, it’s a stupid name!”

Not even a week later, Chad rang me at work, which was most unusual. “Trev, Trev, you hear the news?” he gushed.

“What news?”

“A building, a building got destroyed by lightning!” he exclaimed.

“You’re kidding me!”

“True Bro, completely flattened!”

“Ummm, I didn’t see any lightning today.”

“Ohh yeah, on the news report they said it was a freak of nature, you know, unexpected and unexplained, and Bro, that comic you got, right at the end it showed a building getting destroyed by lightning.”


“So Trev, when you get home, we’ll go and have a look.”

“Okay, sure.”

The three of us jumped in the car and headed for the address, although Rosalee was sceptical. “Okay so a building gets destroyed by lightning which is strange, but again, it could just be another coincidence.”

All doubts were erased as we walked up to the crowded, hastily erected barriers and stared at the rubble. The area was alive with activity, dozens of police and fire brigade personnel scurrying around, while hundreds of on-lookers milled around the barriers.

“I don’t believe it!” Chad panted.

Rosalee ripped the comic off him, looked at the final scene in the comic, then she stared at the flattened building. “Fuck, the comic is actually saying that this is the building, this is the exact building that was going to be hit!”

I stared at her and asked, “The exact one?”

“Yes, look!” she stated as she pointed at the comic, “The buildings on either side, they’re identical!”

I shook my head in disbelief. Dazed, I looked up, and then I gasped, because for a fleeting moment, the activity being played out in front of us resembled the scene in the comic, almost as if it were a photograph.

“Hell, there is something mighty strange going on here …” I muttered.

Rosalee glared at me then whacked me.


“Don’t be a Dickhead!”

“What did I do?”

“Ohhh God, what did you do?” she asked as she rolled her eyes, “You said the line, smart-ass!”

“What line?”

“The final line of the comic!”

“Did I?”

Chad was staring at me, and he asked hesitantly, “You said it on purpose yeah, to razz us?”

“Ummm, I’m not sure.”

“Fuck off Trevor! It was on purpose!” Rosalee blurted.

Ohhhh shit…

We were all still dazed on the way home, and as Rosalee flicked through the comic, she asked, “So when did you buy it?”

“Last Wednesday, but I didn’t buy it. It hasn’t got a cover and it didn’t have a price, so Jimmy just let me have it.”

“So last Wednesday, and then six days later the same thing happens in real life as happened in the comic.” she mused.

“Just like the train one!” Chad added.

“Ohh yeah, shit; I forgot about that!” Rosalee stated, then she tapped me on the knee, “Trevor …”


“What the fucks going on?”

“I’m not sure.”

It kind of blew over, although I started calling into the comic shop every Wednesday. “Hi Jimmy, you seen that little girl?”

“Trev, if I see a little girl in here, I’ll ring you okay.”

“Sure; you haven’t got any more of those strange comics?”

“I’ll ring you if I see one.”



Rosalee lezzing it up on her web-site was paying big dividends, and when she hit the big ten thousand, we celebrated at the Hole.

Rosalee was almost like a celebrity at the Hole now, and a topless photo of her was proudly displayed behind the bar. She was big on market research too, asking the guys, “So you see the photo of me and the blond chick; whose puss do you look at first?”

“Yours baby!” they replied.

“And who would you rather slam?”

“You baby!”

Yeah, it was uncomfortable, although if Rosalee was happy, everybody was happy.

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