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Iris is what you would call a typical teenager. She loves animals, aesthetics, rainbows (not just because of her namesake. Well maybe a little, but who doesn’t like rainbows?), food, music, no homework, etc. Like every teenager, she too has secrets. One secret however is extremely juicy and painful for her to tell. No one except her grandparents knows the truth. Her best friend, Coco, knows bits and pieces, but that isn’t enough for anyone to understand why Iris cries in the middle of the night or hates herself. Secrets aside, her life is pretty boring, until one day, she receives a note from a β€˜secret admirer’. What happens when she and Coco start playing detective to find out who has been clicking beautiful pictures of Iris while admiring her from afar? **Standalone. Book 1 of the Secret Admirer series*** Β© 2020, Lifelight. All rights reserved.

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