The Mona Lisa Sisters

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Chapter 7

“Emily you must accompany me to Paris. It was your idea after all.”
“I would love to travel to Paris with you Lura, but that is impossible. You are the reason.
Once father accepted your offer and gave me the mercantile, I’ve had no time for anything but
the store.”
“Must you blame me for everything?” We both laugh. “I may be running away, but you
have the opportunity to prove that women can succeed in business. You’ll have several stores
operating by the turn of the century. I know you will flourish.”
“I know Lura. It is a great opportunity. Father and I both appreciate what you’re doing for
“Don’t look at it that way. Your father and Mr. Brandies have taken a great load from my
shoulders. I can travel without worrying about operating or divesting myself of these holdings.
The man I trust most, is working with the attorney we trust to protect my holdings and me. They
will insure that I retain my wealth and see to it that it continues to grow.”
Emily nods, “Father would die before dishonoring your trust in him.”
“It doesn’t need to be said.” Smiling at Emily, I continue. “You are making his decision
that much easier. He knows, as do I, that with you now owning the mercantile, he has the biggest
load off his mind. As he works with Mr. Brandies, I’ll be free to see Paris. My only regret is that
it will be without Walter at my side.” I lie.
Walter is not my only regret. That I will never give birth to another child torments me.
I can’t help myself, my heart aches, and I begin to cry. Emily hugs me. She doesn’t
speak, nor do I. There is nothing to say.

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