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This is a short story. McKeyla was asked to be the "special someone" of a special someone. For all the wrong reasons. What's gonna happen to her? Read on to find out!

Humor / Romance
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Chapter 1

I closed the white, old-fashioned blinds that let the sunlight spill in. Then, I pushed my chair out and it banged into the wall for the millionth time. It’s so cramped. I looked at my desk, papers and books on top of each other making a huge mess because half of them fell over. I should probably clean it up but I don’t want to. I could smell the avocados that I ate for breakfast, the bowls laying there, enjoying cluttering up my desk. I should pick em up but, they smell so good.

After class it was time for homework. How awesome. After 2 hours, I was finally done with all the homework for the weekend. Finally. I’m free! I shot off a text to my best friends and went downstairs to watch some TV. Around 10ish minutes later, I heard someone at the door and went to go get it.

“Jayden? What’re you doing here?” What is the most popular guy in school doing at my doorstep?! I’m wearing unicorn pajamas and the MOST POPULAR GUY IN SCHOOL IS AT MY FRONT DOOR! I really wish my big brother was here right now to make him go away. Can’t believe he’s on a date with one of my friends though. Out of all the times he had to go somewhere, it had to be now? All these thoughts were going through my head as Jayden looked at me with a look I couldn’t identify. I was snapped back to reality when I heard Jayden calling my name. “McKeyla? Are you ok?” The concern on his face was evident. “Oh um yeah. Sorry I just blanked out for a second. Come on in. What did you need?” He stepped inside, his long legs making long strides.

“Umm this is awkward but before I ask, I need you to know that once you’re in, you can’t back out.” He confessed.

Hmm I wonder what he needs... “Okay? Why don’t you start telling me everything?”

“I need you to be my fake girlfriend...”

My eyes widened in shock and my jaw dropped.

“Let me finish. I have a psycho ex girlfriend but she hates cheating so if she sees me with you, she’ll leave me alone. And the other reason I’m not ready to share yet.” Totally understandable.

“I can wait till you’re ready to hear the second reason. Let’s make a plan!” He was shocked and I laughed quietly. No. I’m not out of my mind. Something makes this seem genuine and I feel he doesn’t ask for favors often and if I don’t do this, it might end up killing him. So…. I’m doing this.

“Ok so we need to have a backstory… Any ideas?” He is completely clueless. I got this.

“We met at the park and realized that we were in the same class since kindergarten, which isn’t really a lie, confessed to each other that we had crushes on each other when we were little, started dating in secret to see where it would go and here we are now. ” Lol he looks so shocked. It’s kinda cute…Wait what? “I read a lot of books.”

“Wait, we were in kindergarten together?” He knows we were in kindergarten together. Eyeroll. “Oh your eye roll says it’s true. Sorry about that. Your backstory is perfect! Let’s put our numbers into each other’s phones. Oh oh oh we also need to have ridiculous nicknames for each other.” We exchanged numbers and made nicknames for each other.

“Thanks again for helping me, McKeyla. It really means a lot.”

“Of course! No problem. That’s what I'm here for, right?”

He nodded.

“I’ll pick you up before school starts tomorrow. ”

“Can’t wait.”

I closed the door behind him and immediately started freaking out. OMG what just happened?! I just said yes to being Jayden’s fake girlfriend. Everyone’s gonna be hating on me now... I wonder how my 2 best friends are going to react to that. I mean, everyone likes how he looks but we all know that the most popular people have the worst personality. I don’t know why but it’s a thing. For some strange reason, many of the girls in our school like him based on his looks and not personality which is weird. Why? Because it’s not called love if it’s based on looks. It’s just really stupid. Well, if you disagree with me, too bad, so sad.

“Hey, ready to go?” Jayden smiled at me. It’s supposed to be the smile that makes girls... melt?

“Yup. Let’s get on with it, sweetie.”

“Is your seatbelt on, baby?” We looked at each other and we both burst out laughing.

“Oh my god! We sound like an old married couple,” I said between laughs.

“Let’s never do that again.” He said after he finally stopped laughing.

We arrived at school and he opened the car door for me like a perfect gentleman. Everyone saw us and immediately started whispering. He noticed that I started feeling uncomfortable so he grabbed my hand and bended down to whisper in my ear. “Hey it’s ok. I’m right here.” I couldn’t really speak with all eyes on us so I just nodded.

He’s laying this whole fake girlfriend thing pretty thick. Or maybe he’s just a good actor. Wait. He doesn’t take any kind of theatre class. Maybe he does some kind of class in private? Or maybe he’s just insanely talented. Yeah that could be it. Maybe I’ll ask him later. Because SO’s are supposed to know everything about each other. Wait we aren’t actually together. But we have to get to know each other so that we can pull off whatever we need to pull off. Aren’t they supposed to have deep conversations about the randomest things like why the main color of jeans are blue? Or why butterflies are called butterflies? Or trying to figure out why so many different kinds of index card holders? Okay nerd alert. Wait a sec... Why am I even thinking about this? Oookay, I’m just going to stop now.

“I’ll walk you to your first class.”

My response was barely a whisper. “Okay.”

We walked to my first class, which was Biology. People were still whispering and staring. He started glaring at them. He looked down at me and smiled to himself. No doubt, thinking odd things like guys do sometimes. “Later, McKeyla. This is for you.”

Then, he leaned down and kissed me.

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