Look at Me Now

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Saige Kent's life is turning for the better. She is becoming popular throughout the world. Now she is a rising star. Saige loves the life she has created for herself. But nothing has been the same since the two most important people walked out on her. Take Zack McClement. Him and his two older brothers rule their high school in central Ohio. There, he's pitcher for the baseball team, has girls wanting to date him and guys wanting to be him. His life is the definition of "Perfect". Well, it would he is he could just get 'her' out of his mind. If onky Zack knew what was about to present itself in Knoxville, Tennessee. Something that will have him questioning all his decisions about everything he ever thought he knew.

Humor / Romance
Pedrose K.
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: No Goodbyes


Sleep had been hard to find the last couple of nights. I just couldn't turn my mind off. Things ranging from my baseball season to school to one of the hot girls at school who kept flirting with me every day keeps flashing before my eyes.

But mostly, I couldn't stop thinking about her.

The one person who I spent everyday after school with; who was always there, and who was my best friend.

And the person I left without saying goodbye.



Gosh, I was so excited! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy doing many things, so anything between sleeping to running in a marathon.

However, boating and wakeboarding were by far my all time favorite.

School had just ended a week ago. I finished my first year at Olentangy High, but it would be my last.

With only a few weeks left of the school year, about to transition into summer vacation, my parents broke the news to my two older brothers and I that we were moving. As in across school districts. Like away from everything and everyone I've ever known.

Really, who does that to their sophomore daughter who's had a dough go with life already and their two sons who are seniors? Oh wait! My parents did!!

Then, to try to make it up to me (mostly because I did NOT take that news well) drove us all out to Norris Lake ,Tennessee to spend the summer on the water and having a good time, before whisking up back to Ohio to start the new school year. I can already tell this is going to be a great year! Yippee. (Sarcasm)


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