When Similar Worlds Collide

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Well known bad girl, Marissa moves to New York unexcitedly with her mom. However upon into a new school, she meets her match. They say opposites attract but they were the same. Chase, a popular guy at school but not the typical jock. though his curly hair seems to draw every girl to his feet. He has taken an interest in this English Latina girl. Lots of humor and possibly romance awaits as Marissa learns how to cope with living in New York. What can we expect When Similar Worlds Collide?

Humor / Romance
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Chapter 1

“Marissa!” My mom called out. Shit I forgot it’s moving day. We are moving to New York for my mom’s new job. My name is Marissa Jonah Johnson. Why Jonah? My mom thought she was having a boy so she decided to keep the name.

I’m 5′6 with fierce blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. My mom, Jemma is English but my sperm donor is Cuban so I’m half Latina. We lived in Cuba for 13 years but my ‘dad’ left us when I was 5 and we decided to move to England to start over. So much for that cause we’re moving again.

I hate labels but I was the ‘bad girl’ as I had been expelled from 4 schools, the last because I wrecked the school’s computer system. I never had friends because everyone was so afraid of getting in trouble that they stayed away from me so I had no one to miss and that was perfectly fine.

“Coming mama!” I shouted as I flew out of bed and packed as much clothes as I could. After 10 minutes I was jumping on the suitcase to close it and after a few curse words I did. I went down to eat breakfast.

“Estoy aqui, quiero la comida” I said to my mom and she handed me the plate of scrambled eggs and sausage and I chomped it down like a starved man.

“I don’t know when you gonna learn Rissa” my mom shook her head as she watched me eat in the most unladylike way possible. I shot her a full grin and she smiled back.

I took a bath and changed into ripped jeans, a T-shirt and some Jordans and grabbed my suitcases wishing the house good bye.....this is not how I planned my school year.


“Hey we’re finally in New York, yippee for the Statue of Liberty”, I shouted sarcastically as I stuck my head out the window. My mom muttered something about nowadays children and shook her head.

We arrived at a huge house with trimmed flowers adorning the front and a small waterfall. Well I guess it paid off that my dad owns his own company, he offered to pay for the house and my mother declined. He agreed on paying half of the price. I took my suitcases and went inside. Granted, am not the most expressive person but the interior of the house was stunning. I found my room and opened the door to look and that’s when my life ended.

“MOM, what the actual fu.....” I trailed off and I heard footsteps approaching.

“Rissa honey are you okay?” She asked .

“¿Por qué es mi dormitorio rosado?” I questioned and she rolled her eyes.

“Child whatever, you want your room a certain way, you can fix it” she said and I looked at her in shock and shook my head.

“And they ask where I got my attitude from” I said and she rolled her eyes once more and descended the stairs.

“I guess am doing this on my own”, I sighed.

I approached my Chevy Impala which I am very proud of and drove around searching for a store that sells paint and stuff. After 15 minutes I found one where I bought blue and white paint since those were the least cringy colours present.

I went to the cashier and saw a guy about 5′11 with brown eyes around the counter, seeming to be paying more attention to my boobs than my purchase.

“Stop staring creep” I said and his eyebrows rose questionably. Guess he’s never had a girl stand up to him. Some of these boys need that so they can take the stick from out their asses.

“You free on Friday sweet cheeks?” He smirked. Another cliche guy.

“No perv I’m never free, you can’t put a price on me and if I decided to, an asswipe like you couldn’t buy me”, I answered and rolled my eyes as I saw the idiot’s mouth fell open from shock.

“Lock your mouth, we don’t want the remaining flees to get out”, I said dismissively and left the store.

I drove back home way above speed level, blasting Demi Lovato’s Sorry not Sorry which is my favorite song.

I can tell New York is going to be a royal pain in the ass but I better get used to it.

When I reached home I spent the evening repainting my room.

A few hours later when I settled down and was thinking of some places to go check out tomorrow, mother decided that it would be the perfect timing to tell me that I start school tomorrow.

“What! Mama really don’t do this to me” I pleaded. She only laughed in my face.

“Girl get ya lousy ass in bed” she imitated an American accent to which I pretended to gag.

“Ma stick to English, it works for you” I said already feeling tired and went to bed, already dreading what tomorrow brings.


I groaned and got up as the song Gang Related by Logic started to play. It was my alarm. I love that song but now it was like school bells ringing in my ear as I remembered the reason I had to set the alarm in the first place. Six Crappiest Hours of Our Lives: School.

I went to the bathroom and had a long bath, then I dried off and brushed my teeth and went back to my room to pick an outfit. I left my hair in it’s normal wavy curls. I chose light blue ripped jeans and a hooded crop top with my white J’s. I put on mascara and rose lipstick as well as a little concealer and went downstairs. I grabbed a granola bar and an apple before I headed out. (Outfit at the top)


I parked my new black motorcycle in the school’s parking lot and took off my helmet looking around. A lot of people were already staring which was not surprising. As usual I get the lusty look from guys and the nastiest looks from girls.

“Hey cool bike,” I turned to the fresh man.

“Yea I know”, I smirked and walked off. I walked to the front office to get my schedule. There was a tall woman with a smug on her face looking like it’s the last of the world. I ignored the pleasantries of greeting her and told her my name, took my schedule and walked off.

“Okay so Math , P.E., Chemistry, then lunch and Music and History this evening.....how fun”, I said to myself. The only part of that schedule that I liked was P.E. and Music/Dance. Math disturbs the absolute fuck out of me and so does Chemistry. I wouldn’t even begin with History.

I looked around following the schedule until I found the class I’m supposed to be in. I swung the door open and looked around as about 30 pairs of eyes stared at me.

“You must be the new student, tell us your name”, the man which I guess was Mr. Owens according to my schedule said.

“Shouldn’t that be in your register already it’s Marissa Johnson”, I said and made my way to an available seat.

“Marissa do you mind telling us a little about yourself?” He asked and I rolled my eyes as I had to go through the damn routine all over again.

“I just moved from England but I’m half Cuban, I’m a risk taker and my favourite colour is blue, anything else”, I said unenthusiastically and this blonde kid raised his hand so I raised a brow in question.

" What do you want to become?” He asked.

“An athlete”, I answered bored already and his eyes opened up in shock.

“Most girls want to be doctors or teachers you know”, he said.

“Well then I guess it’s a good thing that I’m not most girls”, I quipped back and he nodded.

“Are you really coming from England?” I heard the most cringy voice and turned to a brunette with a skirt/ belt because everything was showing and a barely there top.

" No France, one would think you’d get that simply because it was the first thing I said about myself, are you deaf or just plain dumb?” I asked and her mouth fell open as she flipped her hair and sneered at me.

“I’m not answering anything else”, I said and sat down I took my earphones out and started playing music from my iPad in the corner of the class. The teacher looked like he wanted to say something but decided against it. That was a smart thing to do. I already hate it here.

The bell rung and I sighed in happiness and exit the class first. Looking down for a second I bumped into someone and looked at a blonde with green eyes almost as tall as me.

“Sorry, hi my name is Kody and you must be the new girl Marissa, I was the new girl last year don’t worry it gets better”, she rambled and I held my hand up for her to stop talking.

“Nice meeting you,” I said and walked off, trying to find my P.E class.


Well P.E class was okay to say the least. We only did a couple laps around the court and a few other exercises, nothing vigorous like I expected. I skipped Chemistry and sat at the back of the school for a while until I heard the lunch bell ring.

I walked to the cafeteria and pushed the doors open and walked up to the line.

This cute brunette fella came up to me.

“My friends dared me to talk to you-u”, he smiled nervously and I kissed him on the cheeks and smiled at him, looking over to his friends whose mouths were wide open. He blushed profusely and said thanks as he walked back to his group of friends.

I walked to the front of the line, standing and felt a finger touch my shoulder. I was gonna give that person a piece of my mind and then I heard the voice.

“You know that’s not how it works babe,” he said with a deep voice and that’s when I knew trouble was coming.

Estoy aqui, quiero la comida- I’m here, I want food

¿Por qué es mi dormitorio rosado?- Why is my room pink?


This is my first time publishing a book on Wattpad.

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