The Gods at Number 23

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Zeus looked down on the Parthenon, a scowl on his face. The view hadn’t changed in hundreds of years, plenty of tourists but not a single bloody worshipper. Something had to be done. Lots were drawn and the five losers, Pan, Hades, Hebe, Vesta and Janus ended up in a 3 bedroom semi in Brighton, tasked with overturning religious beliefs that had existed for millennia. Needless to say, the five gods and goddesses faced a steep learning curve, but they soon realised that humans were far more entertaining than they had imagined. Once they’d adjusted, they embarked on their mission to rekindle belief in the ancient gods. They used the power of the media, home-made pharmaceuticals and questionable charm to divert the human race from their everyday worries, working on the premise that an uncluttered mind is a receptive mind. They were so successful that even Zeus, their boss, was impressedDuring their sojourn on Earth they realised that their immortal life, debauched and luxurious as it was, was hollow and empty. Among the humans, they found fame and fortune, freedom to laugh and love. Pan and Hades, one a fickle sex addict, the other the brooding lord of the Underworld, discovered a passion so deep that it transcended worlds,,,,,,

Humor / Fantasy
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The Gods at Number 23

Lisa Keeble. Copyright 2020

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