The Player's Playmate

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Chapter 8: The gooey cafeteria food

“I have practice today, guys.” Damien said as he came and sat next to me at our table at the school cafeteria. “I am sorry. I can’t hang out with you all today.” He added.

“That’s what you said yesterday, Damien.” Mason whined. “Why can’t you just tell your coach that you need a break?” Mason questioned.

“A match is coming up and I have to prepare. I know that you all are annoyed but I can’t do anything. I am sorry, guys.” Damien said with an apologetic smile.

“Fine! Don’t hang out with us. We will forget all about you and then we won’t be your friends.” Jason stated as he pouted. I giggled at his expression.

“Guys! It’s okay. We all want him to win. And for that to happen, he needs to practice.” I told them. “Damien, don’t mind these idiots. You should focus on your training.” I told him as I placed a hand on his shoulder. He smiled at that.

“Thanks, Ellie. I think that you are the only one who gets me.” Damien said. I flipped my hair at that with a smirk making him chuckle.

“Ellie, you are the only one who gets him. You guys should get together!” Mason cooed. I gave him a flat look making him shut up and focus back on his lunch.

“So, Damien’s out. What are we doing today?” Liam questioned as he looked at me. I frowned.

“Why are you looking at me? What did I do?” I questioned him.

“You are the one who usually makes the plans. So, what is the plan for today?” Liam asked.

“We can hang out at the mall.” Jason suggested with a shrug. Mason nodded at the suggestion, showing his approval.

“That will be okay. Liam, you can come with Kara. Mason and Jason will come together and Me and Ellie will come together. We will meet at the mall at 3?” Xander spoke up. Everyone nodded. I pursed my lips as I didn’t know how to tell the guys. Xander saw my uneasiness. “Spit it out, E. What is it?” he asked.

“I won’t be joining you all. I am going out on a date.” I told them with an apologetic smile.

“What? With whom?” Xander questioned.

“Gavin. The guy from the football team.” I answered.

“That’s great! Do you need help in getting ready for your date?” Kara spoke up with a huge grin on her face.

“No. I’ll be fine on my own. But thanks for asking.” I told her politely, returning her smile.

“But E, we were supposed to hang out today. You can’t just ditch me!” Xander said. I sighed.

“Xander, you won’t be alone. You will have the guys with you. If you get bored, you can call your girlfriend, Bella.” I assured him.

“Bella and I broke up.” Xander answered.

“What? When? Didn’t you guys start dating just yesterday?” I asked.

“We did but Bella was being Bella and she annoyed me. So I broke up with her.” Xander replied. I sighed.

“I thought that you said that you were dating her to end the rumors about Leah. What will you do now?” Liam asked.

“I will find someone else to help me with that. Besides, something or the other can happen to take people’s attention away.” Xander replied with a shrug.

“But I heard that Leah has been going around and telling people how you apologized to her and begged her to take you back. She is even saying that she rejected you.” Sarah, Kara’s best friend informed us. I gasped at that.

I think she just wants to be on my hitlist!

“No worries. Xander can always find a new girl for himself. That has never been a problem for him. It will end those useless rumours.” Damien shrugged.

“Ellie will help me. Won’t you, E?” Xander smirked in my direction. I rolled my eyes at him.

“Xander, remember what we talked about yesterday before the twins and Damien arrived? Please think about that. I hope that your next girlfriend will last for at least a few weeks.” I insisted. Xander nodded his head.

“Leah!” Mason called out to Leah out of the blues. I turned around in my seat to find Leah and a few other girls standing a few feet away, searching for a place to sit.

“Mace, why are you calling her?” I hissed at Mason who was not standing and waving his arms to get Leah’s attention. Leah turned to look at Mason. She eyed him suspiciously before walking up to our table.

“Yes?” Leah asked cautiously as she looked around our table, avoiding Xander’s eyes.

I could see how she had made sure that she was standing away from me, scared of what I might do. It made me a little happy that at least now she knew not to mess with me. I gave her a mean glare before turning my attention to my plate of food. The food today was crap and I just wanted to throw it away. It wasn’t edible. It was dirty white gooey stuff with an apple.

“The food at the cafeteria is horrible today. I hate to even look at it. And I thought that it was so horrible that I couldn’t even look at it.” Mason told her.

Leah frowned at him before glancing down at her tray. By now, I could see that Jason caught onto what Mason was about to do. I had a pretty good idea about where this all was headed too. I smirked as my green eyes connected with Mason’s blue ones. He smirked back at me.

“What my brother is trying to say is that he feels that today’s cafeteria food is so bad that no one should even look at it.” Jason spoke up. He stood up besides his brother, Mason.

“Umm… So?” Leah questioned in confusion. I smirked as I got up from my seat. Leah flinched slightly as she stared at me with a frightened expression.

“What my friends are trying to say is that the food might have been so horrible that we couldn’t bear to even look at it without feeling sick. But your face is much worse!” I explained, smirking at the end. Leah was still slightly confused but her friends caught up on what was going to happen. They backed away slowly.

“Let me elaborate on what Ellie just said.” Xander said before he got up and picked up the plate with the gooey stuff. He poured it on her head making her gasp loudly. By now, everyone in the cafeteria was looking at us. They laughed as the gooey stuff dripped from her hair and onto her clothes.

“I think I would love to further elaborate that.” I said before I poured the contents of my plate onto her head too. Everyone in the cafeteria laughed louder at that. Leah was still a little too shocked to reply. Soon, everyone on our table started throwing their lunch on Leah’s head.

I hope she learns her lesson this time....

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